Mohit Kumar

CEO | Founder

Mohit is a passionate blogger, gamer, movies, tv shows and comic book lover, He is a tech freak guy who spends most of his time exploring new things in the world of technology. He writes blogs about the information on tech, product reviews and How giant tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook changing our world and love to share everything here at Pop Culture Times.

Omkar Sai Niranjan Turlapati

Senior Editor | HR Manager

Omkar is dynamic and creative writer, sketch artist, public speaker, gamer, rider comics, movies, automobiles and Marvel lover. He's very creative and innovative tried to explore things all the time.

Binita Kumari

Senior Editor

Binita spends most of her day in front of a screen or with a book in her hand. She combines her love of comics, books, movies and TV series with her editing skills to publish articles for our website.

Vineet Kumar Singh

Senior Editor | Writer

Vineet is a poet after midnight. When he isn't sleeping, one can find him looking for books to buy online. He hardly ever gets to read them. He loves to watch TV shows and movies and writes about them. Binge-watching, binge-eating and binge-reading are three words that'd define him. Also, he can play the Piano and Ukulele. He's a football fan and before I forget, he can also solve the Rubik's cube in a minute.

Sudhashruti Nandy


Love for literature, guitar and cosplay makeup makes what Sudha is. She combines literature and music. Creates poetry straight from the heart. Sucker for Jane Austen and Emily Brontë. Lives for Netflix.

Lokesh Bhardwaj

Senior Writer

Lokesh is a creative tech-guy with a deep love for physics. He is an Engineer by profession and writer by choice. He loves to watch TV shows, movies and a vivid reader. One can easily find romance in his poetries and depth in his stories. “A quite person who loves conversation” can easily define him. He is a football fan and he can predict your future with Vedic Astrology.

Zaheen Gill


Zaheen is an avid reader who loves to express her thoughts through words. Zaheen’s readership identifies her writing style quite quickly as she’s not only an articulate writer but also an impactful one.

Anushka Srivastava


An ambivert who's a sucker for animated movies. Writing is like an escape from the world. From doodling to sketching, she loves trying new things. Her creativity reflects in her write-ups and being spontaneous adds an edge to her personality.

Rajiv Dadke


I am a movie geek. I enjoy watching superhero,sci-fi and a lot of other genres of Hollywood movies. I'm a technology geek too. I love watching videos on YouTube of vloggers, tech enthusiasts and chefs cooking.

Praywin Prakash S


Praywin is passionate writer who loves to write articles and stories. His hobby is reading books. He is currently doing MBA at IIT Roorkee and works as Content Writer at Pop Culture Times.