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How to Send a Message on Instagram?


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Are you new to Instagram? Do you want to send a message to the Instagram fellow but unable to understand that where to send the message? Then no need to worry there are two simple ways to start the messaging with your followers and stay connected. Let’s learn the method to send private messages on Instagram inbox.

Click on the paper flag icon

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No matter what activity you have to do on Instagram you have to first log in. otherwise, it will not possible to send a message to your friends. To send a message first click on the paper flag icon present on the top right corner on the Instagram page. Click on it. when you will open the page, you will find the list of Instagram followers over it. in case, to whom you want to message is not present on that list then the solution is here. for this purpose, click on the search option and write the name of the follower. Type the name, the follower icon will appear. Click on it and click on the message bar to start to chat with the follower.

You can not only send the text message rather it provides an option to share the photo or videos with the follower in private message.

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Start message directly from follower page

The other simple way to message to the particular follower is to directly visit his profile page and message him. Hit on the search icon present on the below side. Type the username of the particular follower and jump to his page. Now it’s time to hit the message button. Click on it and start communicating with your fellow. Share videos, photos or emotions and stay connected.

What to do if you accidentally message to the follower?

Sometimes it happens you send a message to the wrong window; you don’t want to share particular photos with the follower then it’s easy to remove. You will get the “unsend” option. Click on it, it will delete the content from the message box and other followers will not able to do that.

What to do if the message is not sent?

If you get the problem in sending the message or photos to your fellows then there may be following reason behind it,

You may not have fast speed internet connection or your connection is getting slow due to which you find trouble ins ending message.

Or the follower may have blocked you. First, confirm that is the follower still in your list or he has added you. In such situation, it is not possible to send the message to a particular user.

The last but not the least factor is that that you have the old version of the Instagram or non-updated version. If you find trouble, visit the play store, open Instagram and click on update. After updating and getting a new version you will send messages easily.

These are some common issues that may occur while sending a message you must check these and retry to send messages successfully.

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