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Realistic Graphics Game poster

Top 10 Realistic Graphics Games in 2020

This article is trying to enlist the best games for gamers who enjoy realistic graphics. In this case, guiding the players to upscale their...
Solar Ash game poster

Solar Ash Gameplay, Release Date, and Latest Updates

Game developer Heart Machine is coming back with yet another iconic game. After the award-winning 2016 game Hyper Light Drifter, the creators are now...
Stray game poster

Stray Gameplay, Release Date, and Latest Updates

Developer Blue Twelve is working on the upcoming PlayStation 5 cat simulation game, Stray. The official reveals that it will take place on June...
Rogue Lords game poster

Rogue Lords Gameplay, Release Date, and Latest Updates

In February 2020, the publishers have announced the game Rogue Lord. However, Nacon is the publishers, and Leikir Studio and Cyanide Studio are the...
Minimal Affect game poster

Minimal Affect Gameplay, and All Updates

The video game is one of the most famous competition nowadays. However, Swedish studio Toadman Interactive have announced the arrival of Minimal Affect. Minimal...
Pigeon Simulator Game poster

Pigeon Simulator Gameplay, Release Date, and Latest Updates

The developers of the two popular games, such as Rag Doll and Goat Simulator, are coming up with Pigeon Simulator. However, Bossa Studios Limited...
Pragmata Game poster

Pragmata Game Trailer, Gameplay, Release Date & Latest News

The new Capcom sci-fi gameplay, Pragmata, will make its debut soon. The game revealed during the PlayStation 5 game showcase looks quite mysterious. And,...
Avatar Game scene poster

James Cameron’s Avatar Game Release Date, Gameplay & Latest Updates

The iconic ‘James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game' is a video game adaptation of Cameron's blockbuster movie, Avatar. The simultaneous release of the movie and...
Magic: Legends game poster

Magic: Legends Trailer, Gameplay, Release Date & Latest Updates

Magic: Legends is a free-to-player-to-play MMO Action RPG based on the iconic strategy card game, Magic: The Gathering. However, we are pretty sure that...
Kenshi 2 game poster

Kenshi 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Camera Angle and All Updates

Kenshi, the sandbox, squad-based RPG game is getting a sequel. This RPG/RTS amalgamation from Lo-Fi Games is in the very early stages of development...