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Humankind Gameplay scene

Humankind Gameplay, Characters & All Updates

Amplitude is coming back again with a fantastic game after blockbusters like Endless Legend and Endless Space. They are making a historical game that...
Psychonauts 2 game poster

Psychonauts 2 Gameplay, Characters & All Updates

The first release of Psychonauts was on April 19, 2005. Xbox Game studios are the developers of psychonauts, along with Double Fine as the...
Hogwarts Legacy Game Poster

What Hogwarts Legacy is Bringing for Harry Potter Fans?

The showcase of Play Station 5 was exciting, but the part that was even more thrilling was the announcement of Hogwarts Legacy. Portkey Games...
Haunting Ground Game Poster

Top 10 Games to Play If You Liked Haunting Ground

Haunting Ground is a survival horror game from Capcom which came out in 2005. The game provides a chilling and fantastic experience, which is...
King's Bounty II game poster

King’s Bounty II Release Date, Gameplay & Every Update

King's Bounty is a classic game that every gamer in the world is familiar with. Created by New World Computing the fantasy game made...
Monster Hunter Rise gameplay scene

Monster Hunter Rise Release Date, Gameplay & Every Update

Monster Hunter Rise is an upcoming action RPG video game, the next part of the Monster Hunter series. The game is the successor of...
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake game poster

Every Update on Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time was released back in 2003. The game became a massive success, and many consider it as one...
The Pedestrian PS4 game poster

The Pedestrian PS4 Release Date & Latest News

The Pedestrian is a player guild game. In this case, a simplistic, Ted Bellingham-style figure through a variety of "real-world" environments. At the same...
Guilty Gear Strive game poster

Guilty Gear Strive Release Date, Gameplay & Every Update

The action game franchise of Guilty Gear, is one of the best places to start from. Created by Arc Systems, the first game of...
New World game poster

New World Release Date, Gameplay & Every Update

A new video game is ready for its debut to walk into the world of video games. However, this time Amazon is coming up...