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Best Spotify Playlist Downloader – TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter


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Many people like to enjoy songs with Spotify, either Spotify Free or Spotify Premium, because of Spotify’s playlist functions. People can use the “Browse” feature to discover some new-released and melodious music and add them to their own Spotify playlists. People can also locate favorite songs easily and quickly instead of looking for it from the music library.

Spotify also provides many official recommended playlists for users, users can always find some wonderful songs from those playlists based on listening history. Downloading a Spotify playlist is quite easy if you have a Premium account. However, if you are using Spoitfy Free, or you want to enjoy your favorite songs in the playlists on your MP3 player like iPod and Sony Walkman, you will find that even Spotify Premium is not feasible because of the encryption in the downloaded Ogg files. However, with a professional Spotify Playlist Downloader named TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter, downloading Spotify playlists as MP3 with free or paid plan is just as easy as a breeze.

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Spotify Playlist Downloader

As a user of TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter, I can tell that it is the truth. Users don’t need a Spotify premium account to download their Spotify playlists now with the help of TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter. If you are a music lover who created your own Spotify playlists or collected Spotify’s official playlists and you want to download them, if you are an audio CD lover and you are seeking for a way to burn your Spotify playlists to CDs, if you are a video producer who needs to add songs from your Spotify playlists to your video projects, or if you are a DJ who wants to edit and perform your songs from the Spotify playlists, you should really take a look at this amazing Spotify playlist downloader.

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Features & Advantages of TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter

  • Download various Spotify playlists with free or paid account
  • Reserve high audio quality as the original tracks in output MP3/M4A files
  • Retain ID3 tags like title, album, artist, genre, etc. in output files
  • Intuitive user interface and smooth conversion process
  • 5X faster speed to download your favorite Spotify playlists
  • Compatible with the latest Windows 10 and macOS 10.15
  • Organize output files in “artist”, “album” and “artist/album”

System Requirements

Windows: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Mac: macOS 10.9.5 (Mavericks) – macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

  • CPU: 1G Hz processor, or above
  • Monitor resolution: 1024×768 pixels or higher
  • RAM: 512MB or higher
  • Required: Spotify Application installed


Lifetime license (1 PC or 1 Mac): $39.95, free lifetime upgrade                                                                                                                                                                  

Why Trust TunKeep Spotify Music Converter?

  • SSL Protected Transition
  • 24*7 Technical Support via Email
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Free Upgrade

How to Download Spotify Playlists with TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter?

Below is a simple guide to help you learn how to download Spotify playlists with TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter. Please note that the free trial version will only convert 3 minutes of each song.

Step 1: Launch TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter

After download and install TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter, you can launch it just like you launch other programs on your computer. Please note that Spotify will be launched with the converter simultaneously and Spotify is required for downloading, so please keep Spotify running before the conversion is done.

Spotify Playlist Downloader

Step 2: Add Spotify Playlists to Converter

There are two ways to add Spotify playlist to the converter. The easier one is to display both Spotify and the converter in the same screen and drag a playlist from Spotify and drop it to the converter.

Drag Spotify Playlist to Spotify Music Converter

The second way is to go to Spotify, right-click on a playlist, go to menu “Share” and click “Copy Playlist Link”. Then click “Add” button in the main interface and paste the copied link in the blank bar in the bottom left.

Copy and paste Spotify Playlist URL

Step 3: Choose the Songs

All the songs in the playlist will be added to the program in checked status by default. If necessary, you can untick any songs you don’t want to download. Then click Add button to add the songs of the playlist into conversion list.

Choose Spotify Songs

Step 4: Choose Output Format

After adding playlists, you can choose an output format for all the tracks in your Spotify playlists. TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter provides MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC as output format and MP3 is the default one. If necessary, you can click Options button to change output format and adjust the parameters like bitrate.

Spotify Conversion List

Step 5: Start Downloading Spotify Playlists

When you have set up everything, simply click the “Convert” button to start downloading your Spotify playlists at will. With up to 5X faster speed, the whole process will not take long. Click History button to locate and manage the output songs.

Converting Spotify Playlist


We can now worry no more about downloading Spotify playlists, with the help of TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter, our Spotify playlists can be more than just music playlists, they can be gifts, music shows, and anything that you can imagine. From now on, I think we can finally enjoy Spotify playlists without restrictions. No matter you are Spotify premium user or not, this Spotify playlist downloader can help you to obtain a better music experience than you can get now.

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