“On The Verge” Coming Soon on Netflix

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When it comes to Comedy combined with Drama, Netflix has never disappointed us in any means. A long list of Comedy-Drama Series and Movies trades down on Netflix with the most finely curated movies, Series, TV shows, etc.

Moving from the Series of “Friends” to “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” to “The Big-Bang Theory” to “Emily in Paris,” and the list goes on forever. Now in the list, one more Comedy-Drama Television Series has been added named “On The Verge.”

The Series is precisely woven around the lives of four women who are currently in their 40s and are still dealing with relationship problems, parenthood crisis, basically, the problems associated with mid-life.

The Comedy Drama television show looks like a good to feel Series reminiscent of the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias and the Netflix movie Otherhood. Sweet Magnolias has also been renewed for a second season, and On the Verge shares a comparable outline if we think of the story, which should help you assume whether you should or should not watch or skip the upcoming comedy-drama.

Written and Created by one of the co-stars Julie Delpy who has lent her talented and majestic hands into Writing and Directing the Series.

Produced by Lauraine Heftler and Michael Gentile, the Series endured delays of almost a hiatus of 3 months, and the Production was done from August 2021 up until Thanksgiving. The Series would stream at The Film TV for France’s Canal Plus and Netflix, and it would have 12-episode Series.

Let’s Discuss the Theme of the Series 

The Showrunners and Makers have chosen a significant and discoverable theme on MotherhoodMotherhood. Embracing MotherhoodMotherhood is one of the proudest yet challenging moments. Feminism hasn’t been accomplished in incorporating the concept and notion of MotherhoodMotherhood.

Particularly in America, most women have to choose between MotherhoodMotherhood and Career. Of course, things are harder as women feel the discomfort and difficulty raising their kids during their work.

On the other hand, for French Women, the scope gets even wider as they have a vast support system which makes them advantageous and reliable when it comes to Career Options and going ahead in their Career.

One of the characters in the Series faces similar guilt and dilemma regarding Career and Motherhood. Though she hasn’t sacrificed her Career, her husband makes her feel guilty constantly. It is the support that has been talked about. If the husband himself would not take responsibility for the infant and let his wife work, what’s the point of being in such a marriage.

Even though it is not logical and humane to leave the kid alone, being a mother also comes with a bundle of responsibilities. What is more reliable and durable is to divide responsibilities.

Apart from the theme of MotherhoodMotherhood, the Comedy Drama Series “On The Verge” is about religion, politics, education, and race. Talking about the tone of the Series, it is a culmination of Comedy, Sacrifice, Guilt, Drama, Emotional, and sometimes more focused on the characters. One of the Cast members even mentioned that each episode would show us our different perspectives towards any character.

Synopsis of the Series “On The Verge”

"On The Verge" Coming Soon on Netflix
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On the Verge pursues the lives of four female friends who are in their 40s, played by Delpy, Shue, Jones, and Landeau playing the role as a French Chef, a single Mother, a Job-seeker, and an heiress, in no common order, who preferred to make the best usage of their midlife as the opportunity for rejuvenation and reinvention and not as a time of mourning their youth days.

They are with full zeal, and there is a ray of hope that constantly gives them confidence that they can live their respective lives that exemplify their values and beliefs. Yet, on the Verge of making their life better, they face constant hurdles and criticisms from their family, friends, and acquaintances.

Through this Series, the creator wants to know all the women worldwide that life doesn’t stop at fifty years. There’s so much to do and explore even after the 50s. Breaking Taboos is their mission, and one of the gigantic taboos in Hollywood today is ageism. The Series will show how the cast in their 40s have fun, enjoy their lives, use their opportunity in the best possible way to reinvent their lives which would surely be an example to all humans.

Julie Delpy Speaks about her Character in On The Ve

"On The Verge" Coming Soon on Netflix
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Julie Delpy, who made her debut in the TV show playing a French Chef, the writer, creator, and director, speaks few lines on her role. She’s playing the role of a French chef. Julie has always wondered if she wasn’t a filmmaker, then what would she have preferred to do in her Career and, then Julie realizes that she loves cooking most in the whole world. Cooking serves her as an escape. She has always been captivated and fascinated by chefs because of their creativity. In the series “On the Verge,” Julie Delpy is married to Mathieu Demy, and she speaks about their rocky relationships.

Who all are the Part of the TV Show “On the Verge” as the Cast?

Apart from Julie Delpy, who made her debut with this TV show and is currently the writer, creator, and director, she stays in the forefront, which is the surest news. Besides Julie, there are other characters: Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Jones, Alexia Landeau, Mathieu Demy, Troy Garity, Timm Sharp, and Giovanni Ribisi. Julie Delpy, Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Jones, and Alexia Landeau are the lead women of the show. And the rest of the cast is playing as the supporting cast. Mathieu Demy plays the role of Julie’s husband. Rest all roles of the characters are neither confirmed nor revealed.

When is Netflix planning to release “On The Verge” TV show? 

"On The Verge" Coming Soon on Netflix
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On The Verge, the Series will release on Netflix on 7th September 2021 (Tuesday), and it would stream on Netflix. The Series would have 12 episodes. Also, you should expect On the Verge to release on Netflix at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time, which is corresponding to 3:01 a.m. Eastern Time. We know that this is quite early but never mind, whenever you feel free to watch the show, you may because it would remain.

Official Trailer of the series “On the Verge” Released

"On The Verge" Coming Soon on Netflix
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Netflix released a quirky trailer for the comedy-drama, which shows the four women navigating through their life, keeping aside all their rocky relationship and somewhat maintaining it too. Make sure you go and watch the show on September 7, 2021 (Tuesday).

Here was Everything We Know About “On the Verge,” which is soon releasing on Netflix. If in case we missed something, do let us know in the comments section below.