Is Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Already Happening?

Fans were hopeful that the second anime version of “Hunter x Hunter” completed its run with Season 6 in 2014, with the “Election Arc,” would be more to come. After all, from 2014 to 2018, series creator Yoshihiro Togashi continued to publish content for the acclaimed manga of the same name in small increments.

Even diehard “Hunter x Hunter” fans on Reddit have begun to lose hope now that more than half a decade has gone with no real news. Many believe that Togashi’s health difficulties have finally caught up with him and that their favourite anime characters will never see their storylines concluded.

Is Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Already Happening?
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At least, that’s how the community felt before two mystery social media posts from voice actresses who worked on the original Japanese version of “Hunter x Hunter” surfaced. A post was posted on Megumi Han’s Instagram account, which voiced Gon Freecss, while another post was posted on Mariya Ise’s Twitter account, which voiced Killua Zoldyck.

Unfortunately, both of those signs are difficult to decipher for those who do not speak Japanese, so let’s dive into everything we know about “Hunter x Hunter” Season 7’s release date, cast, and plot.

Is there going to be the seventh season of Hunter x Hunter?

The anime has been on hiatus since 2014, with no new episodes since the conclusion of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc in the sixth season on Netflix.

Is Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Already Happening?

Source: GoogleThe seventh (and possibly eighth) season would comprise the Dark Continent Expedition and the Succession Contest arcs. However, given the Succession Contest arc in the manga has yet to be completed, it’s unlikely that we’ll get season 7 until after that, which brings us to our second reason why another season of Hunter x Hunter is quite unlikely.

In addition to the anime’s hiatus, the manga series has been on hold for even longer, with a new chapter of the popular manga not being released in over 1,000 days.

Yoshihiro Togashi, the manga’s creator, has been battling health issues for some time, and fans worldwide would want him to take his time to relax and recover rather than finish the manga. We, too, can’t help but feel the same way.

After being attached to them, we understand how irritating it is not to know what happens next with Gon, Killua, Leorio, and Kurapika. Thankfully, you will always have the option of watching the anime series from the beginning so that you can smile once more.

Hunter x Hunter season 7 premiere date

The release date for Hunter x Hunter Season 7 will be announced in September 2021. Season 6 of ‘Hunter x Hunter’ debuted on July 8, 2014, and ran for 12 episodes before ending on September 24, 2014. It’s based on the original manga series’ arc titled “13th Hunter Chairman Election.”

Is Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Already Happening?
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The series was created by Studio Madhouse, with Hiroshi Koujina in charge of the directorial crew. ‘Hunter x Hunter Movie 1: Phantom Rouge’ (2013) and ‘Hunter x Hunter Movie 2: The Last Mission (2014) are two films based on the same characters created by Madhouse (2013). Here is what you need to know about the seventh season of ‘Hunter x Hunter.’

Season 7 has yet to get an official announcement confirming its progress. However, Megumi Han and Mariya Ise, who play Gon and Killua, respectively, began teasing fans about a future ‘Hunter x Hunter’ collaboration in February 2021.

While fans hoped for a new season of the ‘Hunter x Hunter’ series, a fresh new series, or a third ‘Hunter x Hunter’ film, this was most likely for the ‘Escape From the Shape-Shifting Labyrinth,’ an escape room challenge in the web-based ‘Hunter x Hunter’ game series developed by SCRAP. From March 25, 2021, through June 27, 2021, it was available.


Gon finally meets his father at the end of Season 6 as he climbs the World Tree. One of the anime’s main plot points has been Gon’s search for his father. However, other characters take centre stage in the manga’s subsequent arcs. Therefore the conclusion of the ’13th Hunter Chairman Election arc was a good spot for the anime to end.

Is Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Already Happening?
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If there are more anime seasons, they will include a different cast of characters. Furthermore, ‘Hunter x Hunter’ is infamous for taking long hiatuses, the most recent of which lasted more than three years. Togashi’s health concerns, particularly his acute debilitating back pain, have prevented him from working regularly.

As a result, the manga hasn’t made much progress since the arc titled “13th Hunter Chairman Election.” Given all of this, we should expect the anime’s next season to be delayed for quite some time. Season 7 of ‘Hunter x Hunter’ is set to premiere in 2023.

Who will appear in Season 7 of Hunter × Hunter?

All fans have to go on right now regarding who to expect in the voice cast are Mariya Ise and Megumi Han’s social media statements. Thankfully, Funimation has translated these messages so that English-speaking fans can understand what they might indicate for the series’ future.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - Everything you need to know
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Megumi Han, who voiced the main character Gon Freecss, tweeted a snapshot of a microphone on Instagram with the remark “is delighted to return to her starting place’ and was recorded alongside her ‘partner,'” as translated by Funimation.

According to IMDb, Han’s most notable early role was “Hunter x Hunter,” Apart from a few lesser roles. Meanwhile, Mariya Ise, Killua Zoldyck’s voice actress, posted on Twitter that she was “recording for a project, and was thrilled to catch up with her ‘partner,'” according to Funimation. If these messages are about “Hunter x Hunter,” two major cast members will reprise their roles as the protagonists.

If the Japanese production tries to keep the same voice cast, there’s no reason why the English version wouldn’t do the same. It means Erica Mendez might reprise her role as Gon Freecss, Cristina Valenzuela could reprise her role as Killua Zoldyck, and Michael McConnohie could reprise his role as narrator Season 7.

What is the plot of Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter?

The incomplete source material, the “Hunter x Hunter” manga, is the largest hold-up for the upcoming season of “Hunter x Hunter,” as previously stated. The comic has a history of being delayed. Still, the most current hiatus, which began in late 2018, is reportedly due to Yoshihiro Togashi’s severe health concerns and, according to CBR, a probable obsession with the video game series “Dragon Quest”.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - Everything you need to know
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If Season 7 of “Hunter x Hunter” is ever released, it will almost certainly be the final chapter in the narrative of Gon Freecss and the Hunters. According to Comic Book, Togashi told Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018, just before the manga’s most prolonged hiatus, “‘Hunter x Hunter’ needs to be completed. It’s gotten to a point where either the story must end first, or I must die first. But I aim to complete it.”

While fans may find it difficult to say goodbye to a series as vast and detailed as “Hunter x Hunter,” they should be prepared to do so regardless of whether Season 7 is ever released.