Lost in Space Season 3: Did Netflix Decide When to Release it?

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Lost in Space is just playing around with fans after its Second Season went off the air in December 2019. Showrunners and Netflix had officially renewed their third segment back in March 2020, and the producer of the Series spoke that the Third Season would be out by the end of 2020. But, hell, No, even 2021 will end in just three months, and we’ve got no news regarding the Release Date of Lost In Space Season 3.

Created by Irwin Allen and Developed by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, Lost in Space is an American Scientific-Fiction Family Drama that is a package of Adventure. The Series is an adaptation of The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss and the late 1965 series Lost in Space by Irwin Allen.

The Series was initially released on 13th April 2018 and had an IMDB rating of 7.3/10, receiving 76% of Rotten Tomatoes. The series follows the adventures of a family of space colonists/forerunners whose spaceship drifts off course.

Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins, Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall, Ignacio Serricchio, Parker Posey, and Brian Steele were lead roles. So with this, let’s unfold if the Season 3 of Lost in Space is cancelled or coming soon? If it’s releasing soon, who is in the cast, and what’s the plot, not to forget the Release Date as well. But before that, let’s take a sneak peek into the Premise of the Series.

Overview of Lost in Space Series 

Lost in Space Season 3: Did Netflix Decide When to Release it?
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Set in the future in 2046, the aftermath of an impactful incident in the year 2044 threatened humanity’s survival. During all this, the Robinson family is selected for the 24th mission of the Resolute (24th Colonist Group), an interstellar spacecraft that carries chosen families to colonise the Alpha Centauri star system. The Robinson Family was the Chosen One.

Before reaching their destination, an alien robot breaches the Resolute’s hull. Unavoidable circumstances led to Forcibly evacuating the mothership in a short-range Jupiter spacecraft, scoring off colonists; among them, the Robinson Family was one, crashing on a nearby habitable and occupiable planet. There they must adapt and contend with a strange environment and battle their demons as they look their way back to the Resolute.

When Would Lost in Space Season 3 Get Released?

Lost in Space Season 3: Did Netflix Decide When to Release it?
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In March 2020, the showrunners and Netflix renewed Lost in Space Season 3, which is the last and final season. They also announced that Season 3 would be released by the end of 2020, but that, unfortunately, didn’t happen. However, executive producer Zack Estrin has been posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos on his social media handle. Thus, it is partially transparent that the third segment of Lost in Space is coming soon. In January 2021, Zack posted a picture displaying Maxwell Jenkins, playing the role of Will, and a robot.

However, there are no such confirmations, but we speculate that Lost in Space Season 3 would release somewhere around September to October 2021. So stay tuned because there may drop a bomb anytime in the next two months. For sure, Season 3 wouldn’t disappoint any viewers and fasten your seat belt to witness the most adventurous voyage.

Official Teaser Trailer Released 

As of now, neither the release date nor any official teaser trailer has been shown up. But we expect to consider the speculated Release Date and predict the official Teaser Trailer Release Schedule. The Official Teaser Trailer might release somewhere around September 2021.

Who all would Return in Lost In Space Season 3?

Lost in Space Season 3: Did Netflix Decide When to Release it?
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As of now, there has not been any official press release or any form of announcement regarding the cast change. Therefore, the same cast members would be expected to be seen in the third segment of Lost In Space. Here is the list of cast members and the characters played by them.

John Robinson- played by Toby Stephens

Maureen Robinson- played by Molly Parker

Will Robinson- played by Maxwell Jenkins

Judy Robinson- played by Taylor Russell

Penny Robinson- played by Mina Sundwall

The Robot- played by Brian Steele

June Harris/Dr Smith- played by Parker Posey

Don West- played by Ignacio Serricchio

Will there be any character that would not return in the Third Season? Most probably, a Yes. Ben Alder, played by JJ Feild, was assassinated by a group of robots, as shown in Season 2. Furthermore, Parker Posey, playing the role of Dr Smith, was displayed sacrificing her life to save Maureen. But, later, Dr Smith’s scarf was found, which left the viewers sceptical about her death, and her comeback in the Third Season is also expected. It is also anticipated that a new face would be seen in the third season playing Judy’s long-lost father, Grant Kelly.

Expected Plot of Lost in Space Season 3

Lost in Space Season 3: Did Netflix Decide When to Release it?
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The second season was finalised and ended with children being put in a smaller and portable spaceship named Jupiter. Judy Robinson was in charge of the spacecraft in which the kids were kept. Later, they arrive across a long-lost spacecraft named Fortuna. Judy discovers that her biological father was at the Rudder. Now, Judy and the kids are lost in another part of the Space, while John and Maureen are unknown. With this nail-biting cliffhanger, the series ended it’s Season 2.

There are a lot of things that are going to unravel in season 3 of Lost In Space. The return of Dr Smith is still ambiguous because of her scarf. Will the Robinson Family make it safe and find each other and reunite? And the most crucial and mysterious thing to be explained is the origin and lineage of the robotic aliens. All these theories make one thing for sure: we are getting the best of all seasons. Season 3 is going to be the best and the biggest indeed.

Here was Everything We Know About Lost in Space Season 3. However, if in case we missed something, do let us know in the comments section below.