The Dragon Prince Season 4: Is it Renewed or Canceled?

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The Culmination of Action, Adventure, Fantasy, and a diaphanous Comedy-Drama is the deadliest combination ever. The way The Dragon Prince has handled the amalgamation is noteworthy and worth appreciation.

The 2-D Computer Animated American Fantasy series “The Dragon Prince” is created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond only to stream on Netflix. The Series is written by the most talented and skilled writers, including Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond, Devon Giehl, Iain Hendry, and Neil Mukhopadhyay.

Directed by Villads Spangsberg and Giancarlo Volpe, the Series has an IMDB rating of 8.4/10 and has received 100% of Rotten Tomatoes, which shows a positive response from the critics and audiences. The Series was initially released on September 14, 2018. The Series is a compilation of 3 Seasons and 27 episodes.

The Voice-over artists playing their respective characters are Jack Serena, Paula Burrows, Sasha Rojen, Racquel Belmonte, Jesse Inocalla, and Jason Simpson.

The Overview of the Series The Dragon Prince 

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Is it Renewed or Canceled?
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Outline in a fantasy world on the continent of Nadia, known for its richness in magic derived from six primal crude elements: the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Sky, and the Ocean. Centuries ago, the dragons, elves, and humans of the continent Xadia lived in peace and harmony.

However, humans were incapable of utilizing magic naturally, and because of which they began to use dark magic, which is fueled by the life essence of magical creatures. Consequently, they have driven away to the west, and the continent was divided into two parts by a massive river of lava.

One Thousand years later, King Harrow of Katolis, a human, and his advisor, the dark mage Viren, assassinated the dragon king, Avizandum, and eradicated the Dragon King heir’s egg. In retaliation, elf assassins strive to murder King Harrow and his son, Ezran. However, Ezran, young elf assassin Rayla, and Ezran’s half-brother Callum found out the egg was not destroyed; they embark on a dangerous mission to return the egg to the continent Xadia to its real emperor.


Viren confiscates power after Harrow’s assassination and sends his children Soren and Claudia to kill prince Ezran and recover the egg. At the end of the first season finale, the egg hatches, and from the egg, we get the Dragon Prince, Azymodias, who is nicknamed Zym.

The second Season shows Viren attempting to mobilize and rallying the other human kingdoms to war against Xadia; he also makes a secret pact with the mysterious, imprisoned elf mage Aaravos, with whom he communicates through a caterpillar-like creature and a magic mirror.

Meanwhile, Callum comes to be the first human to access primal magic, connecting the Sky Arcanum directly. By the end of Season 2, Viren is sent to jail and is detained for betrayal for having utilized Harrow’s seal and for abusing his powers of dark magic. Finally, Ezran learns of his father’s death and returns to Katolis to claim the throne and declare himself the King of Katolis.

The third Season shows how Ezran is falsified and exploited to abdicate the throne amid apprehension and pressure for war and rejoins Callum and Rayla to return Zym (Dragon Prince, Azymodias) to her dying mother home, the Storm Spire. Viren redeemed and regained his power and governed the human battalions against Xadia, accumulating and building up even more dark magic with the help of Aaravos.

Soren abandons his father’s evil goals because he couldn’t withstand the evil motives. The elves and their allies overthrow Viren’s army. Rayla throws Viren along with her from the summit of the Spire, and Callum, who has mastered the Sky Arcanum, uses Sky magic to save Rayla. Zym, the Dragon Prince, is returned to his mother. Claudia revives Viren using dark magic, making him alive, and Aaravos’s caterpillar enters metamorphosis.

When Would The Dragon Prince Season 4 Get Released?

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Is it Renewed or Canceled?
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There is Good News regarding the renewal status of the fourth segment of the Dragon Prince as the showrunners and creators renewed Season 4 back then in 2020 in a Comic-Con Event. They have renewed a whole bunch of Seven Seasons all at once. However, we have no confirmation regarding the Release Date.

The Show usually takes a year for production, editing, finalizing, and other stuff. Undoubtedly, animated Series take some more time when it comes to editing, but it’s been nearly one year since the Series hasn’t had any seasons. First of all, the makers put it on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, a month ago, Aaron Ehasz said they are in the middle of production and soon finish it. But not for too long; according to fans and many fan theories, the Series might release its Season 4 somewhere between March to August 2022. But for now, nothing is confirmed.

Official Teaser Trailer Released 

As of now, the Series is only renewed, and nothing else is confirmed. But we speculate that the Series would release somewhere around March 2022 to August 2022. So we can expect an official teaser trailer to be released around March to July 2022, basically between the first and second quarters.

Who would all Return as the Voice-over Actors and Actresses for the Characters? 

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Is it Renewed or Canceled?
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We expect everyone in the series representing their characters to return, and for the time being, there is no such news of any new entry in the segment. So pretty much the cast and the voice-over characters would remain the same: Jack DeSena (as Prince Callum), Paula Burrows (as Rayla), Sasha Rojen (as Ezran), Racquel Belmonte (as Claudia), Jesse Inocalla (as Soren), and Jason Simpson (as Viren).

Expected Plot for Dragon Prince Season 4

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Is it Renewed or Canceled?
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Some sources gossip that The Dragon Prince Season 4 will partially focus on the Aaravos, and Aaravos would play a pivotal role in the fourth segment. Who are Aaravos? Where did they originate from? The fourth Season might deal with such questions. Besides that, Ezran and Callum will proceed with their duty of protecting Azymodias (Zym), the new dragon prince. However, nothing is confirmed yet, including the storyline of the fourth Season. But some sources reveal Rayla’s and Callum’s romance is a fundamental and exciting (to be looked forward to) element in the fourth segment. We are even looking forward to it. If you haven’t watched the previous seasons of Dragon Prince, you may binge-watch them all on Netflix.

Here was Everything We Know About the Dragon Prince Season 4. If in case we missed something, do let us know in the comments section below. Also, do reach out to for more related updates.