Chicago Med Season 7: Release Date, Cast & Plotline

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The Recent Two Years have been about a deadly virus hitting every country, continent, and nation. The healthcare workers have shielded us in these tough times, where the doctors and nurses play the most crucial role. From finding a cure for this virus to aiding patients, they haven’t been away from hospitals and workplaces. Away from their home, their family, they are constantly performing their duty. A Big Salute to all of them.

You all must be wondering why I have been talking about doctors and hospitals. It’s because Chicago Med Television Series is a Medical Drama based on the lives of the medical professionals, doctors, and nurses who struggle to save the lives of the patients admitted to the fictitious hospital Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. They strive in between their professional, personal, and interpersonal lives.

The Medical Drama Television Series is created by the duo Matt Olmstead and Dick Wolf. Derek Haas and Michael Brandt develop the third instalment of the Chicago franchise. The series is a compilation of 6 Seasons and 119 episodes each of Running Time 45 minutes.

The Medical Drama Series Chicago Med was initially released on 17th November 2015 and had an IMDB rating of 7.6/10. The Season airs on the popular Network NBC.

Nick Gehlfuss, Yaya DaCosta, Torrey DeVitto, Rachel DiPillo, Colin Donnell, Brian Tee, S. Epatha Merkerson, Oliver Platt, Marlyne Barrett, Norma Kuhling, Dominic Rains, Steven Weber, Guy Lockard, and Kristen Hager in their respective lead roles.

Sneak Peek Into Chicago Med & Special Crossovers

Chicago Med Season 7
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The Series is set in Chicago. It focuses on the Emergency Department of the fictitious hospital Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and the doctors and nurses as they struggle to save the lives of the patients admitted in the hospital and deal with their issues.

Well, in some episodes, we’ve seen the great crossovers with Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire. Let’s start with the first one. The Very First Crossover was called the “Beating Heart.” In continuance with the Malignant, a fellow of Firehouse 51 rushes to the hospital to stab; however, a suicide attempt reveals the overdosage of Chemo. An investigation is carried out where it proves subjective for Voight.

The Second Crossover that happened was called the “Going to War.” Fire and P.D., in continuance with the “When to Let Go,” the casualties of an apartment complex that was set on fire are rushed into Chicago Med, and Intelligence pours their blood and sweat to find the culprit.

The Third Crossover was called “Infection,” which can be related to the present scenario. In the Crossover with Fire and P.D., the Series went like this: a bioterrorist dissipates a fatal and harmful virus throughout Chicago.

After completing Season 6 on May 26, 2021, the Series is all set to premiere it’s Seventh Installment next month in September.

When Would Chicago Med Season 7 Get Released? 

It hasn’t been too long since the last season went off the air. Chicago Med Season 6 aired on November 11, 2020, and went off the air on May 26, 2021. But the fan following is constantly looking forward to the Seventh Edition after the season finale of Season 6. Well, the wait is finally over. We will get to see Chicago Med Season 7 premiere on September 22, 2021, at 8/7C on NBC. On February 27, 2020, when the fifth season was still streaming, the original network NBC renewed the show till the eighth season. Therefore, we may expect lesser halts between the seasons.

Has any Official Teaser Trailer been Released? 

Up until now, there has been no release of any official teaser trailer. Well, we all know that Season 7 has been scheduled to premiere on September 22, 2021, and if this is the final date, we may expect a trailer very soon, by the first week or second week of September 2021.

Who all would be Returning in Chicago Med Season 7? 

Chicago Med Season 7
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Although maximum cast members will make a comeback for the seventh season, there might be some changes in the casting outfit. Among the main cast members, we shall see Nick Gehlfuss (as Dr Will Halstead), S. Epatha Merkerson (as Sharon Goodwin), Brian Tee (as LCDR Dr Ethan Choi), Oliver Platt (as Dr Daniel Charles), Marlyne Barrett (as Maggie Lockwood), and Dominic Rains (as Dr Crockett Marcel). In addition, there will take place some major additions to the cast. Steven Weber is promoted to lead actor as his character Dr Dean Archer will play a crucial role in the next story.

Among other cast members, Guy Lockard will play the role of Dr Dylan Scott, alongside Kristen Hager, who will play the role of Dr Stevie Hammer. In other developments, Yaya DaCosta (as of April Sexton) and Torrey DeVitto (as Dr Natalie Manning) will not be returning to the series, as their characters exited the track of the sixth instalment.

Expected Plot For Chicago Med Season 7 

Chicago Med Season 7
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In the Season Finale of Chicago Med Season 6, Carol, who is Natalie’s mother, required a heart transplant. Natalie and Will rush to attain control over the situation. Amidst all this crisis, news arrived that a new heart is available. However, the organ was not perfect; the operation was still a massive success. Due to the successful process, Carol gets some more fine days to add to her lifespan. Natalie apologises to Crockett for not being solely and truly honest with him, but Crockett promises to be forever thankful and pleased to Natalie.

Will faces the concomitant of giving Carol the pills, and a trial was arranged to supervise the case. Meanwhile, Natalie confesses to Goodwin about her hand in the crime, persuading her to let Will be discharged from the charges. On the other hand, April enrols into the nurse practitioners’ program and is confronted with the emergency of Ethan. Ethan and Dean meet a menacing and infuriated old patient in the parking area. Ethan accidentally gets the gunshot, but he survives the operation. As a result, Dean becomes the interim chief of the ED. April finally confesses her love for Ethan and proposes to him.

The Chicago Med Season 7 will kick start from where it was left in Season 6 and answer many fans’ questions. Some major changes in the season, as some favourite characters will not come back in the seventh season. Both April Sexton and Natalie Manning have departed from the series in the sixth season finale, and the series might not see them returning. However, we may see the characters in the farewell in the early quick moments of the Seventh Season.

We will also see the course of Will’s character after his termination from the department. We will also see how Ethan will recover from the injury. On the other hand, kudos to the decision taken by Goodwin to make Dean the interim chief of the ED, which may make him ready for an ultimate confrontation with Will. We have already seen a few contrasting shades of Dean, and the upcoming season will perhaps show us the rest 50 shades of Dean. Nonetheless, the season would be fun, adventurous, and dramatic.

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