Different Version of Sex Education Season 3 will be streamed as Premiere: Announces Netflix

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Sex Education has emerged as Netflix’s one of the prime blockbuster comedy series in due course of time. Isn’t it Surprising that people who hesitate to talk about Sex, Sex Therapy, Sex Education eagerly watched the Series and maintained its viewership? With its diaphanous dark-comedy and humour, the Series has made the viewers realise the understanding of Sex and its proper education. Unfortunately, adolescents don’t take this topic seriously because of awkward situations created, and sometimes hormones do their job. Therefore, every parent must make their kid aware of Sex, the after-effects, the precautions, and how to control their urge.

There is one Series named “Masters of Sex“. It is somewhat similar to that of ” Sex Education”. However, in Masters of Sex, the prime focus was on Female Body and its Orgasm, but if you all have watched the Series, you must have known some vital facts about Sex that are indeed important. Similarly, Sex Education is a series if observed with the utmost concentration beyond getting excited during the obscene scenes; then there is a possibility to grasp a lot of knowledge.


The Series focuses on “Sexual Intimacy” in the lives of teenage students, staff, and parents of a fictional high school named Moordale Secondary School. The main reason behind shifting the focus towards Sexual Intimacy, Sex Therapy, and its Basic Education is the dilemma faced by the category mentioned above of people. Honestly, people may misrepresent and get mislead by seeing the title. Still, in today’s world, basic and essential knowledge about Sex is important in everyone’s life to lead a happy and peaceful life.

The British Comedy Drama subjected to a sensitive topic is created by the highly talented showrunner Laurie Nunn and has been completed 2 Seasons successfully. The Series has managed to index with an IMDB rating of 8.3/10 while received 94% of Rotten Tomatoes and is loved by 95% of viewers. The very first episode out of 16 episodes was aired on 11th January 2019.

Starring Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, Connor Swindells, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Alistair Petrie, Mimi Keene, Aimee Lou Wood, Channel Kular, Simone Ashley, James Purefoy, Tanya Reynolds, Patricia Allison, Mikael Persbrandt, and Anne-Marie Duff in their respective lead roles.

Overview of the Series 

Sex Education Season 3
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The series revolves around the life of a socially awkward high school teenager Otis Milburn and has more than expected knowledge about Sex as his mother Jean is a sex therapist and a divorcee who very often has relationships with her male suitors. Jean tends to maintain a good sexual relationship but cannot indulge in emotional and romantic affairs. Otis’s best friend Eric Effiong is the gay son of Ghanaian-Nigerian immigrants.

Exposed to myriad sex tapes, sex conversations, pictures, and much more related stuff made Otis is reluctant yet confident about his knowledge regarding Sex and therapy. So, he and his confident, highly intellectual yet badass friend Maeve Wiley start their underground Sex Therapy clinic to solve the complications of their fellow friends and students, which might improve their status at the school. However, with continuous analysis of the teenage sexual complications and giving them therapies, Otis realised that he too needs sex therapy and unavoidable attraction towards Maeve.

After the massive success of their Sex Clinic, there arises a problem when Otis is hit with the reality, pressures, and difficulties of a high school romance after Ola becomes his girlfriend. Their romance is further examined by introducing a new bunch of students who challenge the state of affairs at Moordale and an outbreak of chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease that certainly doesn’t have any symptoms, that prompts students to question struggle with topical issues. Chlamydia can be found in every age group of people, but mostly it’s common in young girls and women.

When would Sex Education Season 3 Get Released? 

This Monday(23.08.2021), Netflix India, through its Instagram account, posted some pictures showing the lead cast of the show, and the pictures were complemented by a humorous caption which read “Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya,” which in literal sense means becoming very happy that our heart gets blossomed like a garden. This wasn’t only the caption; it also contained that Netflix has announced to release the third instalment of Sex Education, and the first episode is going to premiere on 17th September 2021.

Official Trailer Released 

A two-minute sneak-peek of Sex Education Season 2 was given through an official trailer that Netflix recently released. The Trailer showed students of Moordale Secondary will now have a new headmistress, named Mrs Haddon, who has sworn to change the whole education system at Moordale. The students will also have a new student body, new uniforms, and a new attitude. The new rules at the school will primarily focus on extracurricular activities. All the changes and addition of new rules and regulations are made to have a bright future and choose their career in their desired field.

Who would all return in Sex Education Season 3? 

Sex Education Season 3
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Sex Education season 3 will see several familiar and lead actors and actresses on screen that fans know and admire. Asa Butterfield, who plays the role of Otis on the show, will make a comeback as the lead character. Otis’s mother, Jean, played by Gillian Anderson, will also make a comeback in season 3. Otis’ best friend Eric Effiong will also be seen in the upcoming third season, and Ncuti Gatwa plays his character. Emma Mackey, who plays the role of Maeve and the partner of Otis in his sex clinic, will also return. Other characters such as Connor Swindells, who plays Adam. Adam’s father, Mr Groff, who has now been ousted as the headmaster, will also appear on the show.

There will be some new faces seen in Season 3, and the confirmed ones are Jemima Kirke, who played her role in Girls, will take on the role of the new headmistress of the school, Hope Haddon. Apart from her, Jason Isaacs will also emerge in the show and play Mr Groff’s brother, who is more successful than him. He is famous for his roles in Harry Potter and Star Trek: Discovery.

Expected Plot of Season 3

Sex Education Season 3
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The Sex Education Second Installment went off the air with a nail-biting cliffhanger where none of us can stop thinking about. However, you may look forward to finally getting an explanation of what comes next for the main character Otis. After Otis left a voicemail for Maeve confessing his feelings, Isaac deleted it behind her back. Well, will Maeve ever know about Otis’s feelings for her? Let’s hope she knows in Season 3.

Students of Moordale Secondary School will now have a new headmistress, named Mrs Hope Haddon, who has sworn to change the whole education system at Moordale. The students will also have a new student body, new uniforms, and a new attitude. The new rules at the school will primarily focus on extracurricular activities. All the changes and addition of new rules and regulations are made to have a bright future and choose their career in their desired field.

Well, Sex Education Season 3 will surely have some exciting stuff for the audience. So let’s hope for the best.