Will Manifest Season 4 Return to Netflix?

Netflix decided not to renew NBC drama Manifest for a fourth season less than two weeks after it began streaming the first two seasons of the soapy, extremely compelling drama about the passengers of a flight that vanishes in 2013 and arrives in New York five years later.

This didn’t stop Manifest from getting a new lease on life and a whole new audience thanks to Netflix: Manifest was Netflix’s most-watched show for 27 days, nearly breaking the milestones set by Tiger King in 2020 and Ginny and Georgia this spring. In August, Nielson revealed that Manifest had surpassed its streaming-ratings records for six weeks in a row, with more than a billion views per week.

Most Netflix dramas that reach the top place and stay there are immediately renewed for a second season: Bridgerton, Virgin River, Ginny and Georgia, for example, have all been renewed for at least one more season.

Manifest, on the other hand, is an outlier, partly due to the circumstances: Manifest, like past Netflix hits that weren’t created for the streaming service but found a second life on the platform (think: You, Dirty John), witnessed a significant increase in its fan base once it arrived on the platform, which now has 200 million subscribers worldwide. However, because NBC had already cancelled Manifest, Netflix had to choose whether or not to follow suit quickly. In addition, Manifest had only been on the scene for a few months at the time.

A Recent Triumph

Manifest’s first two seasons were only released on Netflix in June 2021, and it’ll be a while before season three is added, but the show’s success was nearly instantaneous.

Will Manifest Season 4 Return to Netflix?
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Those who enjoyed the show quickly finished the first two seasons and looked for the third and fourth seasons. In terms of the latter, it appears like they have struck gold.

Is it true that Manifest has been cancelled?

Yes, it was technically correct. However, on June 14, 2021, NBC cancelled the show. The network decided at the last minute because the cast contracts were slated to expire the next day. It was particularly shocking to some newer fans because the show was at the top of Netflix’s Top 10 at the moment, as more people binge-watched the series for the first time.

Will Manifest Season 4 Return to Netflix?
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Because of the outpouring of support, Netflix is eager to produce a fourth season, even if an agreement with NBC cannot be reached. It just goes to prove that the #SaveManifest fan effort was ultimately successful. Jeff Rake, the show’s creator, also had a message for Manifest fans.

“There’s a lot of speculation [about the show’s revival]. There will be no further comment. “The text of Rake’s tweet was as follows:

“Otherwise, if the unthinkable occurs and the dead rise again, it will be due to YOU.”

Expectations for the premiere of Manifest Season 4

If Netflix picks up Manifest season 4 this year (as soon as Aug. 28 in honour of the 828th day, as fans have speculated), the show might return to pre-production before the end of the year, which would entail scripting and other preparations for a new season.

Will Manifest Season 4 Return to Netflix?
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The fourth season of Lucifer, which was salvaged from Fox by Netflix, began in May 2019, approximately a year after the show’s final broadcast on traditional television. According to that timeline, Manifest season 4 would likely launch on Netflix in the spring or summer of 2022.

Fans shouldn’t expect to see the 828ers again until 2022, whether in the spring to coincide with its season 3 launch or in the summer, which would be the show’s most recent premiere. But, of course, until the official word verifies otherwise, that release date forecast is just that: a guess.

Isn’t there going to be a fourth season?

The chances of it happening to appear to be reasonably good NBC would never renew a show. However, according to Deadline, Warner Bros TV (the show’s production company) concludes negotiations with Netflix to get a Season 4 in the works. Cast and writers have also been approached with negotiations and “if-come” offers. However, nothing is known at this time.

Will Manifest Season 4 Return to Netflix?
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Source: GoogleEven though NBC cancelled the programme, and the network appeared to have a change of heart when it remained firmly in the Netflix Top 10, Manifest is unlikely to return to the broadcaster or even its streaming service Peacock if it is for sure renewed, according to Variety.

Hashtag #SaveManifest is regularly used on Twitter, and Manifest just concluded its fourth week at the top of Nielsen’s US streaming list. #SaveManifest has even piqued the interest of the cast of Manifest, including Josh Dallas (who plays Ben Stone), who tweeted his support:

If Manifest is renewed, it will not be the first time that such a choice has been made. Netflix also resurrected FOX’s Lucifer after it was cancelled, a project that included Warner Bros TV. 

The outpouring of support from the fans

The evidence that Manifest will be resurrected for the fourth season continues to mount up as fans become increasingly outspoken about it.

Will Manifest Season 4 Return to Netflix?
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Following NBC’s cancellation of Manifest this summer, fans began signing petitions, driving up the drama’s Netflix watching figures, and expressing their support for its continuation on another platform.

Now, it appears that the #SaveManifest movement’s efforts have paid off: not only are fans optimistic that the programme will return, but some even believe they know precisely when season 4 will be announced.

Even a cursory examination of the clues reveals that something is brewing behind the scenes. After all, we just learned that programme creator Jeff Rake was back in New York City, where NBC offices are located and where much of the show was filmed.

Then, on August 18, Deadline reported that Warner Bros. TV was talking with the cast and writers about the possibility of a fourth season. Meanwhile, Netflix is getting closer to agreeing with Warner Bros. TV to house season 4 on the streaming service. Furthermore, Netflix abruptly deleted season 3 of the popular show without warning.

To put it another way, the #SaveManifest team is on the mend! In terms of 828 days, we think it’s a good idea to keep a watch out this weekend for any special announcements. After all, this is an excellent opportunity to announce the happy renewal news.

A stumbling block

One point of contention between Netflix and Warner Bros. is how Manifest was disseminated in the United States and worldwide; Netflix wants foreign rights, but Warner Bros. has already sold them to other sources. Nonetheless, it is anticipated that a deal will be made.