Supergirl Season 6 to be Released on Netflix: The Final Season

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Everyone is obsessed with Superman, but have you ever thought of Superwoman or Supergirl? In this era, we need to broaden our minds and think about being gender-neutral. Ever since I’ve been into DC Series and DC Comics, I’ve always wondered why it is Superman, not Superwoman, because, in real life, we do come across some women who are par excellence. Think of your Mom; she is a superwoman.

Okay, so everything else apart, let’s jump into Supergirl Television Series. The Series is an adaptation to a DC Comic Series, Supergirl: Kal Zor-El, created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino alongside Melissa Benoist, the leading lady in the Series. Supergirl is the American Superhero series developed and created by Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti, and Ali Adler.

The Supergirl Series was initially premiered on 26th October 2015 and had an IMDB rating of 6.2/10 and received 90% of Rotten Tomatoes. The Series revolves around Kara Denver, who is a Supergirl and the biological cousin of Superman.

Starring Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan, David Harewood, Calista Flockhart, Chris Wood, Floriana Lima, Katie McGrath, Odette Annable, Jesse Rath, Sam Witwer, Nicole Maines, April Parker Jones, Azie Tesfai, Andrea Brooks, Julie Gonzalo, Staz Nair, LaMonica Garrett, and Peta Sergeant.

The Overview of the Series Supergirl 

Supergirl Season 6
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Kara Zor-El was sent to Earth from Krypton as a thirteen-year-old teenager by her parents Alura and Zor-El. Kara was sent to protect her infant cousin, Kal-El, but her spacecraft was knocked over, and she was sent into the Phantom Zone, where she dwelled for 24 years. When the spacecraft crash-landed on Earth, Kal-El, the biological cousin brother of Kara Zor-El, had grown up and had become Superman. The series commences twelve years later when Kara learns to embrace her superhuman powers as a Kryptonian and has embraced the superheroine epithet “Supergirl.”

In the first season, Kara is forced to reveal her powers and become the National City’s guardian. However, in due process, she finds out that hundreds of the criminals, including her mother, her aunt Astra and Astra’s husband Non, are imprisoned and are hiding on Earth. Kara struggles with her adoptive sister Alex Danvers to fight against these criminals, alongside the Green Martian J’onn J’onzz, tech genius Winn Schott, and her cousin’s friend James Olsen.

In the Second Season, it is seen that Kara and her comrades deal with disputes between Earth’s native people and the extraterrestrial population and carry out an investigation dealing with the overshadowed organization Project Cadmus, where the mastermind is Lillian Luthor, mother of Lex Luthor. Meanwhile, Kara befriends Lillian’s adoptive daughter, Lena Luthor, the new CEO of LuthorCorp. In addition, Kara has some romantic feelings for Mon-El, who has recently arrived on Earth who’s a majestic survivor from Krypton’s neighbouring planet Daxam.


In the third season, it is seen, Kara is disheartened as she couldn’t deal with the loss of Mon-El after he is forced to leave Earth. When Mon-El returns, he discloses that he has time-travelled to the 31st century, established the Legion, and married Imra Ardeen. J’onn finds out his father M’yrnn J’onzz is still alive, and Alex deals with her anguish and heartbreak after parting ways with Maggie. Kara and Alex’s new friend, Samantha Arias, learns that she too is a Kryptonian survivor and begins transforming from being a loving and caring single mother to a world-killing weapon known as Reign.

In the fourth season, it is seen Kara dealing with a new wave of anti-extraterrestrial intolerance and prejudice secretly provoked by Lex Luthor from the walls of the prison, forcing her to fight for political and civil rights aliens. Ben Lockwood, is a former college professor who suffered a series of personal tragedies at the hands of extraterrestrials, establishes a human-first group called the Children of Liberty to terminate all the aliens.

In the meantime, in the nation of Kasnia, a clone of Kara named “Red Daughter” is trained by its military to battle against Supergirl upon Lex’s request. Kara and Alex clash with the DEO’s new addition, Col. Lauren Haley, who was sent to analyze, regulate and monitor the DEO’s progress under Alex’s guidance. Col. Haley and the President try to force Supergirl to reveal her identity, causing the dispute to escalate when she denies doing so.

In the fifth season, Kara and her allies face a new threat called Leviathan, who sends their agent, a centuries-old immortal human who can bend the Earth, to assassinate Kara named Rama Khan. Following a multiverse-destroying Catastrophe, Kara adapts to her new life on the newly created “Earth-Prime.” At the same time, she is still being forced to work under Lex, where Leviathan continues its undercover operations and undertakings under Gamemnae.

Spoiler Alert! Synopsis of Season 6 

Supergirl Season 6
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In the last and final sixth season, Lex strives to finish what the Anti-Monitor began after Anti-Monitor failed in conquering the multiverse. He successfully imprisons Kara in the Phantom Zone and keeps her in his captive while, on the other hand, Kara’s comrades have started a mission to get her out of Phantom’s capture. However, Kara discovers something out of the world; she finds her father Zor-El trapped and imprisoned in the Phantom Zone by Lex.

When Would Supergirl Season 6 Get Released on Netflix?

Supergirl Season 6
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Supergirl Season 5 was streamed on Netflix over a year ago, on 25th May 2020. Up till now, Netflix hasn’t made any official announcement of the release of the Sixth Edition of Supergirl. However, rest assured, the last season would probably be released soon as Netflix has had the license of the parent network for a long duration.

The fifth season of ‘Supergirl premiered on Netflix on 25th May 2020, after the season finale streamed on 17th May 2020, on the parent network CW. If we go by the release pattern of the previous season, it is logical and prudent to say that the sixth season will arrive on Netflix approximately eight days after the season finale broadcast on The CW.

The Supergirl Season 6 was expected to stream around October 2020, but production delays were due to the COVID pandemic. Result of which, the production was started around October 2020 and was declared wrap-up in April 2021. The series premiered on The CW on 30th March 2020. However, after seven episodes, it went off the air in May 2021 and came after a hiatus of 3 months in August 2021. It is expected that the season would end broadcasting on The CW by November 2021, and we could enjoy the series on Netflix by December 2021.

As of now, you may enjoy the last five seasons of Supergirl on Netflix.

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