Your Favorite K-Drama is Round the Corner: All You Need to Know About Nevertheless Season 2

Kim Ga-ram and Jung Won produced the South Korean serial ‘Nevertheless.’ The romance drama is based on Naver’s Webtoon if the same name. It follows two young people who are attracted to one another yet have misgivings about love and relationships.

They each have their reasons for not committing to their relationship, based on their respective pasts. The sitcom first aired on JTBC in South Korea in June 2021 and subsequently on Netflix.

The primary and supporting actors’ performances have received a lot of applause from the audience. Many people said that the characters were easy to relate to. Intriguingly, the show looks at relationships from a different perspective than most K-drama fans are used to this. This unique feature has drawn in a large number of viewers.

The show’s languid pace, on the other hand, isn’t for everyone. As the first season draws to a close, you must be wondering if the show will be renewed for a second season. So, here’s everything we know so far about the sequel!

Season 1 of ‘Nevertheless’ premiered on Netflix on June 19, 2021. With the season-ending on August 21, 2021. The episodes were first broadcasted on JTBC the day before they were released on Netflix. The first installment consists of ten segments, each lasting between 62 and 75 minutes.

Here’s what the situation looks like for the show’s second season. The series’ continuation beyond the freshman season has yet to be confirmed by an official statement. Although the show’s ratings have been steadily declining in South Korea, it appears that it has a reasonable possibility of being recommissioned. It stars Song Kang (Park Jae-eon), a well-known actor who has gained international acclaim for his roles in Netflix episodes such as “Sweet Home” and “Love Alarm.”

Nevertheless, Season 1: Recap

Nevertheless Season 2
Nevertheless, Season 2; Source- Google

In the final episode of the first season of Nevertheless, Jae-eon, and Na-Bi are still suffering from the previous night when the climax begins. However, with the rain pouring down, Na-Bi’s declaration to the boy that she will never see him again had a significant impact on them. Na-Bi is remorseful for her crimes, unable to shake Jae-eon’s sympathetic eyes despite his numerous red flags.

Na-Bi informs Jin-Soo that she no longer requires his assistance and intends to complete her assignment independently. Jae-eon appears and takes her hand, so she isn’t alone for long. After giving him a dirty look, she pulls away and walks away. Both of them languish in their misery, and Jae-eon is continually checking his phone. Na-Bi stands in her apartment, staring out the window.

Meanwhile, Ji-Wan and Sol sit and flirt, hopelessly peering into one other’s eyes. Bit-Na, on the other hand, dials Se-number Hun to gain access to her laptop. Her password, however, is “super-hot Kyu-Hyun,” which she uses to log in and access her files. Kyu-Hyun hears what she’s saying and teases her.

Tragic events occur in school. Na-Bi’s entire endeavour has been ruined because the clay figurine she was working on tatters on the floor. Was this a deliberate act on your part?

Whether it was intentional or not, her entire module’s labour has vanished in an instant. The Professor is equally irritated, aware that she’ll almost certainly fail by default with Na-show Bi’s approaching. So, after the heartache and drama throughout ten episodes, Na-Bi decides to follow her heart rather than her brain.

“I know that it will bring me pain,” she even confesses at the end of the episode. This statement appears to offer the contradictory message that if you’re in a bad relationship, you should disregard the warning signs and keep going.

I realize that’s probably not the show’s point, but that’s the message I’m getting. “I know it will cause me agony again” is an appropriate remark to close the series with, mirroring the viewer’s precise reaction after watching it.

Expected Cast and Release Date of Season 2

Nevertheless Season 2; Source- Google
Nevertheless, Season 2; Source- Google

Most cast members are likely to reprise their roles if the program returns with a new season. Han So-hee (Yoon Seol-ah), Song Kang (Park Jae-eon), Chae Jong-hyeop (Yang Do-hyeok), Lee Yul-eum (Yoon Seol-ah), and Yang Hye-ji are among the cast members (Oh Bit-na).

Yoon Seo-ah (Seo Ji-wan), Lee Ho-Jung (Yoon Sol), and Jung Jae-Kwang (Ahn Kyung-Joon) could all return to reprise their roles. However, we assume that if the shoe comes with a new edition.

Kim Min-gwi (Nam Gyu-Hyun) will no longer be a part of it. The actor’s personal life sparked a storm of controversy in July 2021, prompting JTBC to edit him out of the remaining episodes of season 1.

Filming for season 1 is said to have begun in March 2021, barely three months before the first event. It is relatively common for Korean shows that have a weekly release schedule to film the occurrences a few weeks or even months ahead of time. If the series is renewed in 2021, fans might expect season 2 to air sometime in Q2 or even Q3 2022.

Expected Plotline of Nevertheless Season 2

Nevertheless Season 2; Source- Google
Nevertheless, Season 2; Source- Google

By the end of the first season, Na-bi and Jae-eon have grown apart, but they feel like they are still connected. While Na- bi is putting together her display, she can’t seem to get her mind off Jae ages. Do- hyeok. On the other hand, she is a single individual who waits for her edge through everything.

As the season draws close, Do-hyeok realises that Na-bi, like Jae-eon, is still insane. However, he lets her know that, despite everything, he is content with the time they have spent together. As the situation comes to a close, Na-bi notices Jae-eon alone in the display site, admiring her work. After realising that Jae-eon has feelings for her, she decides to give him another chance, reuniting.

If there is a season 2, we will see what the future holds for Na-bi and Jae-eon. Is there a way for Na-bi to be artistically motivated without feelings for someone getting in the way? Will Jae-eon be able to keep Na-bi happy at all times, even though it appears that he has reformed? All of this and more could be revealed if the program is resurrected.


Nevertheless Season 2; Source- Google
Nevertheless, Season 2; Source- Google

Park Jae-eon considers dating to be a waste of time, yet he enjoys flirting. He is an expert at “push-and-pull” who is unaffected by emotions. Jae-eon maintains clear boundaries between himself and others, never revealing his true feelings. On the other hand, Park Jae-eon wants to blur the borders when he meets Yoo Na-Bi. Yoo Na Bi wants to date, but she is skeptical of love. She no longer believes in fate after a traumatic incident with her first love. When she meets Park Jae-eon, however, he has a mystical influence on her that calls into question Na Bi’s determination to keep her distance.

Korean Dramas have been a popular genre, and with shows like Nevertheless, we can surely expect it to rise higher!