Ultra City Smiths Season 2: Is it Renewed or Cancelled?

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Ultra City Smiths is the American Black Comedy, Crime Drama neo-noir with Stop-motion and Mystery Animated Series, which premiered recently on AMC Plus dated July 22, 2021.

Created, Written, and Directed by Steven Conrad, the Series Ultra City Smiths has an IMDB rating of 7.3/10 and received 83% of Rotten Tomatoes. Alongside Steven Smith, the series is written by Peter Moxley and Stephen Hoey and directed by David H.Brooks.

The series is a compilation of only one Season with six episodes each of 20-25 minutes running time. Staring Bebe Neuwirth, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, John C. Reilly, Jimmi Simpson, Kurtwood Smith, Tom Waits, Tim Heidecker, Terry O’Quinn, Julian Barratt, Chris Conrad, Hana Mae Lee, Damon Herriman, Jason Mantzoukas, Alia Shawkat, Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Melissa Villasenor, and Debra Winger in their respective roles as the voice-over of the characters.

The Premise of Ultra Smith City 

The Story is set in Ultra City and revolves around the two detectives Gail Johnson and David Mills. The Story deals with the mysterious investigation and searches mission of Carpenter K. Smith, one of the most influential and powerful citizens who disappears unexpectedly. Carpenter K. Smith is the only honest politician known in the dark city. He mysteriously disappears when he goes to buy a pack of cigarettes. Carpenter K. Smith’s only plan was to make the Ultra City the best and safest place to reside. Still, Gail Johnson and David Mills discover that Smith is associated with corrupt police officials and mighty vicious Crime Lord.

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After finding out, an unexpected thing occurs when Gail Johnson faces demotion, and Trish’s secret all goes public. After Gail’s demotion, Mills finds a new partner named Nico to look for some simmering hot clues. They find some clues, and they start connecting the dots. However, something dangerous happened which Nico and Mills faced dire consequences, and they got hospitalized. Thus, we saw the Ultra City going through the darkest times in the Season Finale, and David Mills is the only one left alone to handle all the devastating catastrophes.

When would Ultra City Smiths Season 2 Get Released?

Though various critics felt that something about the Ultra City Smiths animated crime drama series does not hit the right notes, they appreciated the animation work and adventurous spirit of the entire cast and crew. It has also garnered acclaim for the emotional profoundness of the characters. The Show is reasonable and funny, but it might take some time to find its feet. Fortunately, people are more than pleased and delighted to give it some freedom and margin to grow.

The Ultra City Smiths Season 1 was initially released on July 22, 2021, having six episodes each of 24 minutes running time. The Season had its Season Finale on August 19, 2021.

As of now, there hasn’t been any official release in regards to Season 2. Neither it has been renewed nor cancelled. But, there are hard feelings and anticipations of the Show returning with the Second Season as there is no logical reason to cancel it. The viewer’s response is commendable. The animated series takes less time to film as there is no actual set or location. The whole thing is computerized, and the voice-over cast only had to deliver their dialogues.

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The Ultra City Smiths Season 1 was officially announced on September 14, 2020, and it had hit the screens by July 22, 2021, in only ten months. However, if we consider ten months as a reference to the production of an entire season, then we might expect Ultra City Smiths Season 2 to premiere by the Third Quarter of 2022.

Does Ultra City Smiths Season 2 have an Official Teaser Trailer? 

Absolutely and Unequivocally No. Why? Because the second season hasn’t yet been renewed, nor it’s cancelled. But fans expect it to be released by the third quarter of 2022, between May and August 2022. If this is the case, we may expect an official teaser trailer to drop by April to July 2022.

Who all Would Be Returning as the Voice-Over Cast in Ultra City Smiths Season 2?

As of now, I don’t feel that any of the previous characters would exit the series. And the main leads are confirmed to return with the recurring cast as well. So if we consider the points mentioned above, these are the Voice-Over Cast who would be returning.

Kristen Bell (Donella Pecker), Dax Shepard (Congressman Chris Pecker), Jimmi Simpson (Detective David Mills), Kurtwood Smith (Carpenter K. Smith), Da’Vine Joy Randolph (Detective Gail Johnson), and Alia Shawkat (Little Grace). These all cast are the main leads of the Show and are confirmed to make a comeback.

If we consider the other characters, we can expect Tim Heidecker (Mayor Kevin De Maximum), Tim Meadows (Deputy Mayor Jeff Thumb), John C. Reilly (Donovan Smith), Melissa Villaseñor (Sister Mary Margaret), Jason Mantzoukas (Tim Snodgrass), and Chris Conrad (Detective Nico Onasis), among many others. In addition, if the Show returns, we may expect new characters with a new voice-over cast.

As of now, as we aren’t confirmed about the renewal, we can’t say anything with utmost surety and confirmation.

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What can we expect from the Plot of Ultra City Smiths Season 2?

In the Season Finale, we saw Gail Johnson and David Mills discover that Smith is associated with corrupt police officials and mighty vicious Crime Lord. We saw the Ultra City going through the darkest times in the Season Finale, and David Mills is the only one left alone to handle all the devastating catastrophes. If there is a season 2, we can expect the detective Gail Johnson and David Mills of Ultra City to deal with another catastrophe troubling the citizens and find a solution to get rid of it.

This was Everything We Know About Ultra City Smiths Season 2. If in case we missed something, do let us know in the comments section below. Also, do reach out to Popculturetimes for more related updates.