The Horror Marvel: All You Need to Know About Don’t Breathe 3

Don’t Breathe is considered one of the best American horror-thriller franchises. The Franchise’s first movie got its release in 2016. Fede Alvarez is the creator and director of the movie. Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, and Stephen Lang appear in the film, following three friends who sneak into a blind man’s house and become imprisoned within. Ghost House Pictures and Good Universe produced the picture, which Sony Pictures Releasing released.

Unlike his previous work on Evil Dead, director Alvarez determined the film would have less violence, a unique plot, more suspense, and no reliance on supernatural themes, which he believed were overused. Alvarez will direct, Sayagues will write, Raimi and Tapert will produce, and Levy will appear in the film, previously named A Man in the Dark. In Detroit, principal photography started on June 29, 2015, and ended in July 2015.

Screen Gems and Stage 6 Films released Don’t Breathe in theatres on August 26, 2016, following its premiere at South by Southwest on March 12, 2016. Critics appreciated the film’s performances (especially Levy, Minnette, and Lang), as well as Alvarez’s directing, script, and tight atmosphere. Lang reprised his role in a sequel that was released on August 13, 2021.

Both movies of the Franchise were a complete powerhouse. Fans have more expectations from the 3rd movie as the previous movies have perfect horror timing. The audience has experienced the jump-scares, thrill, and chills that have left a mark on fans’ memory. Though Don’t Breathe 3’s release date hasn’t been finalized. However, the movie is getting all the hype and attention that it deserves.

Fans are excited to have some thrilling moments of shrieking, jump-scares, and action. Hopefully, the Don’t Breathe three will be worth the hype as the Franchise is a bench-mark in itself. All you got to do is a little wait to experience the spine-chilling horror-thriller.

Don’t Breathe: A Recap

The Horror Marvel: All You Need to Know About Don't Breathe 3
Don’t Breathe 3; Source- Google

Now that Don’t Breathe has become a franchise, what to anticipate from a Don’t Breathe three if one is made. Fede Alvarez’s original horror film, released in 2016, was a huge hit. Despite varied reactions to the film’s unexpected finale, Don’t Breathe got positive reviews and fared well at the box office.

As a result, Don’t Breathe two was produced, with Rodo Sayagues, the first film’s writer. He then took up directorial responsibilities for the sequel. Don’t Breathe two moves the emphasis of the franchise to Norman Nordstrom, sometimes known as The Blind Man (Stephen Lang). It takes place eight years after the events of the first film. Norman is now the father of a girl called Phoenix (Madelyn Grace).

In Detroit, Norman and Phoenix mostly stay to themselves, but their privacy is jeopardized when a group of guys seeks to kidnap Phoenix. He must embark on a quest to rescue Phoenix after entering The Blind Man’s house and capturing her. This leads to the bloody and surprising conclusion of Don’t Breathe 2.

Don’t Breathe two has received a much more mixed response than its predecessor. One of the main reasons for the sequel’s polarisation is making The Blind Man the “hero.” After seeing his despicable actions in the first film. Don’t Breathe 2’s box office potential was also substantially altered by its release during a pandemic. However, the film does leave the door open for a sequel. So, expectations are a little higher from the upcoming Don’t Breathe movie.

Don’t Breathe 3: Expected Star Cast and Release Date

The Horror Marvel: All You Need to Know About Don't Breathe 3
Don’t Breathe 3; Source- Google

It’s uncertain when Don’t Breathe three will be published if it is ever revealed. Don’t Breathe 2 took Alvarez and Sayagues five years to come around, but studios may not want to wait that long for a third installment. If the intention is to retain the franchise in its August release schedule, the earliest Don’t Breathe three may arrive in 2023.

Don’t Breathe 3’s cast may potentially include actors from both films. It’s challenging to imagine Lang not reprising his role as The Blind Man in the sequel, and the post-credits sequence in Don’t Breathe two suggests how that may be feasible. Alvarez and Sayagues have also explored the possibility of a third Rocky picture starring Jane Levy. Grace’s reappearance as Phoenix appears to be a possibility as well. The remainder of Don’t Breathe 3’s cast, on the other hand, should be fresh to the franchise.

Don’t Breathe 3: Expected Plotline

The Horror Marvel: All You Need to Know About Don't Breathe 3
Don’t Breathe 3; Source- Google

The plot of Don’t Breathe three might go in various ways, but the details of a potential sequel are unknown. After learning about The Blind Man’s latest activities, Rocky may return to Detroit to murder him once and for all in the film. It may potentially shift the spotlight back to The Blind Man, who is dealing with another house invasion on his own, or to Phoenix and her new living circumstances.

Don’t Breathe three is yet to be announced by Screen Gems and Stage 6 Films. On the other hand, Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues have indicated an interest in continuing the narrative. The financial success of the present sequel will most likely determine the fate of Don’t Breathe 3. It has a projected budget of about $15 million, so the anticipated $30-$45 million box office haul it needs to break even isn’t a huge number to reach.

Don’t Breathe two will need to repeat the original film’s success for the studios to give it another chance.


Don't Breathe 3; Source- Google
Don’t Breathe 3; Source- Google

Don’t Breathe franchise is one of the most successful horror franchises in Hollywood. With every upcoming movie, the Don’t Breathe series has proven its mettle in the horror genre. Fans are left astounded as the Don’t Breathe movies are filled with drama and spine-chilling horror.

Don’t Breathe one and Don’t Breathe two have set the bar high in the horror genre. Fans are expecting to surpass the fame and popularity of its predecessor. However, the movie’s release date is not yet finalized. Still, it is believed that the sequel might get a release in 2023. However, the expected release of the movie is a little later than expected. But fans are super hyped up about the movie.

With a good star cast and their perfect dialogue delivery and actions, the movie franchise has earned its name in the hall of fame of horror movies. Don’t Breathe three will be a banger indeed as the movie’s plotline can go in various directions. However, it is for sure that the movie will satisfy the hunger for horror.

Even though the plot is not confirmed, the audience is excited to see what the movie offers. Fans are pepped up to watch the movie in theatres to experience the horror and chills. However, the fans have to wait a little longer for its release. But it seems the movie will serve its purpose marvellously. Hopefully, the movie will not disappoint. Stay tuned for more such updates!