Where to Watch Walking Dead Season 11? Zombie Vs Survivors Last Battle

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The eleventh season of Walking Dead is set to premiere on 22nd August 2021. The Eleventh Season will be regarded as the last and final season of the Walking Dead saga. The American Apocalyptic Horror Television Series is an adaptation of the Eponymous The Walking Dead Series of Comic Books written by Robert Kirkman, Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore.

Created by Robert Kirkman, the series shows how the survivors take risks and fight with zombies, famous with the name of walkers. But, unfortunately, the Roller Coaster Ride will finally come to an end, and Zombies will go back to their graves.

We can officially say that Zombies are back, and only we had to face them for the last time. So let’s give them a headshot. It’s time for the dead to go back to their graves and never come back.

The Series was initially released a decade back on 31st October 2020. With an IMDB rating of 8.2/10, the Series has received 80% of Rotten Tomatoes. Filmed in the beautiful place of Georgia, United States, the movie will freeze you to the spine. The Series is a compilation of 10 Seasons and 153 episodes which would soon become 11 Seasons and 177 episodes.

The Overview of Walking Dead Series

Walking Dead Season 11 release date
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The Series shows the beginning of a worldwide Zombie Apocalypse. The Zombies are called “Walkers,” chasing human beings and other creatures to devour and consume them. They catch the human beings via their noise, scent, walking steps, etc. In the beginning, it is unveiled that humans are eaten or scratched by the walkers, and they turn into their mutated zombies. But later, it was confirmed that it was a pathogen in which human beings are the reason for their mutation, and only after their demise, the mutation is activated after the host’s demise. The only way to stop all these is to destroy the body of the zombies and cremate them.

The Series is mostly the centre of attraction of Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, who is one of the survivors who woke up from a comatose state. Along with a few survivors, he takes an oath to end all these by destroying all the zombies and protecting other survivors. He then becomes the commander of a few other survivors from Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

After waking up from a coma, Rick Grimes befriends Morgan Jones after knowing that Zombies now overrun the world and people live in constant terror. He then sets on a voyage to find his wife Lori, his son Carl, his Police and Best Friend Shane Walsch, and some other survivors. But, unfortunately, they were attacked mid-way by the walkers, and they were bound to return to the Centers for Disease Control only to find no cure to this disease yet.

All the Ten Seasons have been a roller coaster ride of terror, undefined emotions, and not to forget the action-packed manoeuvres. Still, will the group be able to find the cure, or will they become mutated variant Walkers?

When Would Walking Dead Season 11 Get Released? 

Walking Dead Season 11
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The Last and Final Season of the Walking Dead Series is set to premiere on 22nd August 2021. It will stream on AMC. It will arrive on 23rd August 2021 in the United Kingdom through Disney Plus Hotstar. The New Episodes will stream every week on Disney Plus and AMC rather than FOX UK, where it was historically released.

The Filming was started back then in February 2021, and the series would be of 24 episodes, divided into two segments. Meanwhile, the buffs have already relished 10 Episodes that streamed in the UK, started in March and ended on Easter Monday.

Official Teaser Trailer Released

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The Official Teaser Trailer of 30 seconds was released in August 2021. The Teaser Trailer gave a brief idea about the confrontation of Eugene with the Commonwealth. After that, a Brief Promo was released in July 2021, which showed us some glimpses, and we had some idea who is on the cast list and who all are returning, and mainly what could be the expected plot.

Expected Storyline of Walking Dead Season 11

If we consider the bulk of episodes, we can guess that too much action and drama would get unfolded. The awaited Commonwealth Community seemingly has come, which we’ve also known from the clip.

Episode 1 streamed, and it was named ” Acheron, ” which, according to Greek Mythology, is meant by the rivers used to carry the dead souls and spirits to Hades. Maggie has a brilliant plan, and she wants to fight with the Reapers and take the Walkers to the Acheron instead of waiting for them to come and eat them. It’s a hell of a lot of danger as the path will be surrounded by the Zombies who are starving for humans, and the way Maggie describes the gang of murderers, it sounds as if death is waiting on the other side of the train line.

As the Producer said that they would set all from the beginning, which means starting from zero. Andrew Chambliss said that they are looking forward to resetting every character in terms of the Apocalypse Survival. The dire need is to redevelop and restore Alexandria as it has more capacity to store people as refugees. Because of this, there is now a search for food supplies to secure the town and ensure the town’s safety and survival.

Who Are All There in Walking Dead Season 11? (Main Cast & Supporting Cast)

Walking Dead Season 11
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As of now the only confirmed cast are:-

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee

Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa

Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter

Seth Gilliam as Gabriel Stokes

Ross Marquand as Aaron

Khary Payton as Ezekiel

Eleanor Matsuura as Yumiko

Michael James Shaw has been confirmed that he would be playing the role of Mercer.

In the Meantime, Alexandria, Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess are still being held captive by mysterious a.d and unidentified soldiers who are members of a larger and unforthcoming organization, which also means they are also confirmed to return.

There have been certain rumours that Andrew Lincoln might return as Rick Grimes as he is convinced to return in the last season.

This was Everything We Know About Walking Dead Season 11. If in case we missed something, do let us know in the comments section below.