White Lotus Season 1 Ending Explained

White Lotus is a successful American satirical comedy TV series. Filled with comedy and power-packed drama, the series has left fans in awe. White Lotus was created and directed by Mike White. The first season of the show premiered on HBO on July 2021. The show focuses on the lives of the staff and guests residing in the hotel White Lotus. The White Lotus is a tropical Hawaiian resort. The story revolves around the feuds between the employees and wealthy guests.

The story also follows the vacation of various guests and their experiences over a week. However, with days passing by, things get complicated, and the resort turns into a crime hub. The six latest episodes of the first season gradually unveiled the hidden truths of so-called perfect travellers, the polite hotel staff and the idyllic locale. With fans going haywire with Armond’s death, the show’s plot has escalated, and fans are pretty excited for Season 2. Season 2 of White Lotus has already got a green flag. It will be hitting the screens on the 10th of August, 2021.

However, fans have to wait for a while to witness the satire that White Lotus offers. Season 1 of this show was a banger. Fans are expecting that the second season will reveal all the remaining darker secrets in the show. The upcoming season is indeed going to be filled with drama, comedy and twisted satires.

Ending of White Lotus Season 1 Explained

White Lotus Season 1 Ending Explained
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The first season’s opening showed a hazy glimpse of a dead body being loaded on an aircraft. With that, fans should have figured out that somebody’s vacation will end up in a coffin. According to Checkov’s rules of drama, one can’t show a coffin in the first act and not put someone into it by the end.

However, the inescapable threat of somebody’s demise loomed over from the very beginning of the show. But the show has proven to be filled with more complicated murder mysteries. All the machinations in the show appear at a lower level. The plot does not have any significant conspiracies and higher motivation for murder.

This series is filled with escalating microaggressions and minor crimes executed by the employees and the guests against each other. For example, the white Lotus showed how those guests with a vast bank balance behaved severely. And this aggravated the employees, and they stroked the ill-mannered guests back.


However, such minor criminal behaviour led to Armond’s untimely death. Armond’s death brought twists and turns to the plot of the show. Armond was one of the notable characters of the show. He seemed the best bet to crack under pressure. So, when Armond reached his breaking point, he didn’t burst out in anger but stayed silent. However, after his duel with Shane Patton, it ends with Shane getting successful in his termination.

Armond gets infuriated by Oliva and Paula’s drugs confiscation. Thus, taking revenge becomes a child’s play for him. He sneaks into Shane’s suite and defecates in his suitcase. However, Armond fails while escaping and falls into the hands of Shane. Armond is in a state of shock that Shane has returned this early.

Thus, Shane grabs a knife to protect himself from an unknown interloper and stabs Armond to save himself. However, when Shane can see Armond, he looks as surprised as his victim. With the death of Armond, he leaves the White Lotus and, thus, the moral sphere as well. Shane leaves the crime scene in panic, and the show ends. It is indeed a cliff-hanger, as we don’t know what exactly happened with Shane. And I guess we will never know.

Expected Release and Plotline of White Lotus Season 2

White Lotus Season 1 Ending Explained
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The White Lotus ended thrillingly on August 15 and immediately got a renewal for season 2. According to HBO, the show ran successfully on different OTT and streaming platforms. However, HBO also informed that there would be numerous changes in the upcoming season like the cast, location etc.

HBO clearly stated in a press release that the show would leave Hawaii behind, and the vacationers will be different too. So, the second season will not pick up from where the first season ended. Instead, Mike and HBO confirm that the vacationers will jet into White Lotus: San Tropez or something and not the last resort.

However, Mike White said that the show’s second season would follow many such similar beats as its predecessor. He further added that there might be another murder mystery looming around the corner. The plot of the second season is undoubtedly going to be different from the first one. The cast of the upcoming season will be completely different as the characters will be different too.

Furthermore, the upcoming season will also show the variation and distinction between the hotel’s guests and the employees. Hopefully, the upcoming season will get an early release due to the hype and response given to season 1. The director of the show assured me that the second season would be different and more gripping. Fans are hoping for the same as they have high hopes from the upcoming season of White Lotus.


White Lotus Season 1 Ending Explained
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Arising from the creative intellect of Mike White, who is known for The School of Rock and Chuck & Buck, The White Lotus is a power-packed, comedic satire. The show has been doing well amongst the fans and has garnered quick success since its release in July. Revolving around a resort of the same name as the title, the show is filled with twists and mystery moments that have stunned fans. The first season has proved to be a banger, and the second season is expected to be one.

The fans hope that the upcoming season answers all the cliffhangers. Moreover, after the death of Armond, things have to be revamped! The directors have stated that the show will be moving out of Hawaii, adding to the cast. We can’t wait to find out the answers to the cliffhangers!