Edens Zero Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Everything We Need to Know

Edens Zero Season 2
Edens Zero Season 2

The anime industry is flourishing day by day. Japanese anime has almost taken over the entertainment industry with a new anime series releasing every week on different OTT platforms. In Japan, Manga series have their craze.

Edens Zero is also among those Japanese manga series. It comes from Kodansha’s magazine every week. Hero Mashima is the author of Edens Zero Manga, and the series gets published in 6 different languages. However, Edens Zero’s manga has been animated. Most episodes of season 1 of the series are on various OTT platforms, and the fans love it.

Furthermore, on the 26th of August, Edens Zero season 1 will also premiere on Netflix. This is good news for Edens Zero’s manga readers. Edens Zero’s story is all about humans, robots, aliens and how they co-exist. The show is filled with next-gen devices, dramatic plotlines and people and creatures’ space-travelling.

Edens Zero is a Sci-fi that will be satisfying your love for anime as well as thrilling plotlines. However, season 1 is not entirely launched, which might bug the weebs. Still, it’s worth the wait. The first cour of the series got its official release in March 2021. Once the first cour of the manga gets completely animated, the second cour will get a green flag. So, we might get to see the second season as well. However, it will come out a little later than expected. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait.

Edens Zero Season 1: Recap

 Edens Zero Season 2
Edens Zero Season 2; Source- Google

The series talks about a young boy Shiki, who is the protagonist of the story. Shiki lived his entire life in a cocoon filled with machines and animatronics. Shiki lives in a kingdom named Granbell inside an amusement park.

The starts with how a character named Rebecca and her companion cat Happy unknowingly entered Shiki’s territory. They went there to explore the amusement park. That is the very first time when Shiki gets in touch with a human. He has not come in contact with any human for the past 100 years. And that was astounding for Rebecca.

However, things escalated when a robotic conflict and rebellion began. In-between the war, Shiki’s house got devastated and turned into a hazard. Shiki was heartbroken. He wanted to fly away somewhere farther from this devastation. The story continues with Shiki joining Rebecca and her cat, Happy. He travelled with them to the cosmos in a spaceship. Shiki finally went out on a journey to explore and meet new people on the way.

Edens Zero Season 2: Expected Release Date and Cast

 Edens Zero Season 2; Source- Google
Edens Zero Season 2; Source- Google

The star cast of Season 2 might remain the same except for the new additions. Takuma Terashima and Mikako Komatsu will voice Shiki Granbell and Rebecca Bluegarden, respectively.

Other prominent voice actors who will play their respective roles are Rie Kugimiya, Hiromichi Tezuka, Shiro Izawa and Shiki Aoki. Hochu Otsuka, Sayaka Ohara, Kiyono Yasuno, Daisuke Namikawa, Yuki Shin, Ayumi Ayano, Mitsuo Iwata, Yukiyo Fuji, Kanon Takao will also be seen.

However, there has not been any official announcements regarding the release of the 2nd season. But we can presume that Edens Zero’s 2nd season might get a disclaimer at the beginning of 2022. According to JC Staff, they are broadcasting 25 scenes that are in the split cour. The series is accessible lawfully for Japanese watchers via Nippon Tv and via Netflix universally.

Fans have to wait for the second cour till 2022. Hopefully, the second season of the series will be at par with the first season’s popularity. However, good sci-fi series are always on demand and Edens Zero is one of them.

Edens Zero Season 2: Plotline

 Edens Zero Season 2; Source- Google
Edens Zero Season 2; Source- Google

Edens Zero’s second cour will begin from where the 1st split ended. The story continues with Shiki and his team arriving on the planet Sun Jewel. The crew is in search of Valkyrie, a shining star.

With the landing on the planet, the see a calm and peaceful place. However, Homura and Shiki learn that the site is silent because of Madam Kurenai’s reign. Shiki and his mates are forced to mine metal from the alien monster called stones. They were punished for hindering the robbery attempt in the casino.

However, after all this, Shiki and Homura reunited with Rebecca and her group. They together defeated the giant Stone. Furthermore, a B-Cube recording unveiled that Valkyrie left the planet to find Homura’s lost mother.

Valkyrie finds out about Homura’s mother. However, the reunion of Homura and her mother doesn’t go as planned. As Homura knows that her mother, Madame Kurenai wants to destroy the area with a satellite blaze. A rebellion starts against the tyrant. However, the warriors outnumbered the rebels as per the command of Kurenai.

A new hero rose to power using a power-armoured suit; his name was Arsenal. Arsenal will be helping the rebels to carry their fight against Kurenai. Unfortunately, the fans have to wait for a little while to see what happens next. However, it is sure that Edens Zero 2 will be nail-biting and thrilling. So, stay tuned for more updates.


 Edens Zero Season 2; Source- Google
Edens Zero Season 2; Source- Google

The creator of Fairy tale and Rave Master, Hiro Mashima, created a mesmerizing sci-fi universe. Edens Zero is a manga series based on space travelling and next-gen gadgets. Shiki Grandell is the main protagonist of the story. He is a person who is more acquainted with machines than humans.

On the other side of the story, Rebecca and her cat, Happy, are two space travellers who enjoy travelling the cosmos. Rebecca and Happy went on to Shiki’s planet for an expedition. However, they bumped into each other and became friends.

On one fine day, a robotic war was declared. This destroyed Shiki’s home as well as the planet. Shiki was depressed. However, Shiki accompanied Rebecca on her journey to explore the cosmos. And they explored different worlds with different people. Their adventurous journeys are what made them keep exploring.

The series is filled with power-pack action, drama and fantastic expedition journeys. This series will indeed leave the weebs in awe. Season 2 might get a release in 2022. However, no official announcements have been made so far. So, stay tuned for more anime related updates.