Everything to Expect From Unforgotten Season 4 Finale

Unforgotten Season 4 is live on the OTT platforms. It is one of the best news for the fans of the series. Unforgotten 4 is a BAFTA-winning series and is considered the best and the most dramatic season. By far, five episodes of the season have already gotten a release. However, the episodes are filled with drama, thrill and chills that will leave the fans on the edge of their seats.

Unforgotten, the series itself is a masterpiece. It serves the right amount of high-octane drama, crime, action and suspense. Furthermore, the plot has many twists and turns that will leave its fans scratching their heads. The latest episodes of season 4 have set the expectation bar of fans a little higher than before.

The show is all about fighting for justice while preserving an individual’s sanity. However, with all that drama and suspense, the upcoming episodes will unveil the truth and secrets from the past. Unforgotten Season 4 final episode will air soon. It is believed that the season’s finale will uncover all secrets of the past murders.

Fans have a keen instinct that the finale will be filled with innumerable cases and a dilemma to provide justice. The season’s finale is going to be a banger indeed.

Episode Recap

Unforgotten Season 4; Source- Google
Unforgotten Season 4; Source- Google

In the recent episode of Unforgotten season 4, things seemed quite heated up. One of the characters named Cassie was forbidden to enter her father’s home. So, she left and went to John’s place.

Apart from all this family drama, Ram’s mind is clear that he might go to jail. This is because the police department conspired against him even though he didn’t commit Walsh’s murder. However, it was a conspiracy as Ram was present in the bar where Mathew Walsh was seen last before disappearing. Walsh also sexually assaulted a woman before he disappeared.

According to the information, when the body was dragged out that evening, Liz was present there too. This gave Eugenia a lead and a chance to blackmail Liz. However, in an interview, Liz denies all the acquisitions. She said she was not involved in that murder.

Dean also reveals his involvement in smuggling and why did he do it. It is because he wanted to repay the loan he took up. On the other hand, Cassie and Sunny went up to Dean’s mother to gather more information about Dean. However, they ended up reuniting Dean and his mother.

Apart from that, Fiona also confronts the police and tells every detail about what happened on the night of Walsh’s murder.

The season’s finale will pick up the story from where it left. The sixth and final episode will reveal all the hidden secrets of the show.

Expected Cast and Release Date

Unforgotten Season 4; Source- Google
Unforgotten Season 4; Source- Google

The season’s finale will be released on August 15, 2021, at 9 PM ET on PBS and Amazon Prime. The sixth episode is the most awaited one. Hopefully, it lives up to fans’ expectations.

The star cast of the final episode will remain the same. We will see Sheila Hancock as Eileen Baildon, Andy Nyman as Dean Barton and Susan Lynch as Liz Baildon. Liz White, Phaldut Sharma, Lucy Speed and Clare Calbraith will also feature in the finale.

The episode will continue with Mathew’s murder mystery. It will also include the unveiling of other crime-related secrets. Stay tuned to PBS so that you do not miss the premiere.

Expected Fan Plotline

Unforgotten Season 4; Source- Google
Unforgotten Season 4; Source- Google

In the finale of Season 4, Sunny and his colleagues will try to trace the pen and give it back to its owner. If the pen belongs to someone related to Mathew, then the police will declare it as murder. However, if not, they will be shutting down the case. Moreover, the case will be declared as an accident.

The sixth episode will also show the last meeting of Sunny with Fiona. However, the names in the list of suspects have decreased. Hopefully, the police department will catch the culprit rather than putting the wrong person behind bars. Fans will be able to find out who is behind Mathew’s murder.

The expectations from the season’s finale are high. The finale will have a tragic turn of events which will be a shocker for the fans. However, fans are pretty sure that their expectations will be fulfilled.


Unforgotten Season 4; Source- Google
Unforgotten Season 4; Source- Google

The fourth season of Unforgotten is currently live on the OTT platforms. The season is a BAFTA-winning one and is considered to be the most dramatic season yet. With five episodes down the line, fans are waiting for the sixth episode, aka the finale.

The episodes are filled with thrill and will surely leave the fans on their toes. The adrenaline rich series has a lot of twists and turns. Fans have been expecting a lot from this season, given the five episodes have been absolute bangers.

Talking about the fight for justice, the show revolves around a murder mystery yet to be resolved. The unforgotten fandom is guessing that the finale will be filled with numerous cases. The finale might deal with a confusion of the identity of the murderer. With high expectations, the finale will be hitting PBS and Amazon Prime on the 15th of August, 2021, at 9 PM ET.