Is The Great Season 2 Delayed Again?

The Great, a brilliantly scripted and cleverly played TV program from Hulu which airs on Stan in Australia, is a revisionist take on Russian history that meets somewhere at the intersection of comedy, drama, and romance. Catherine the Great and her immature and power-crazed husband, Peter, are followed through a turbulent Russian history period.

Hulu has released the first teaser video for The Great’s upcoming second season, revealing that the Elle Fanning-led comedy will premiere on November 19.

Is The Great returning for a second season?

According to Hulu, Season 2 of The Great will be renewed. On July 17, Hulu confirmed the story, announcing that filming for a new ten-episode season has wrapped. According to Deadline, The Great was one of the highest-rated original comedies on the site.

With an Instagram photo of Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning dressed as Peter and Catherine, respectively, the streamer announced the news openly. Unfortunately, Catherine’s gown is stained with blood and filth, which is a cause for concern.

Considering the state of chaos in which Peter’s Russia was left following his wife’s attempted elevation to power, it became evident in the final episodes that The Great was preparing for round two.

The Great Season 2 teaser

The Great Season 2 teaser Continues to follow Fanning’s Catherine’s ascent as she prepares to become a mother in the teaser below, which you can watch in the player below. It also depicts Catherine’s fierce adolescent struggle with her husband, Emperor Peter, for the Russian crown. A guest-starring role also gets us our first glimpse at Golden Globe winner Gillian Anderson, who plays Catherine’s gorgeous socialite mother, Joanna.

The Great Season 2
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Catherine the Great is a satirical comedy about Catherine the Great’s journey from stranger to Russia’s longest-reigning female queen in history during the 18th century. In command are Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult.

When will the second season of The Great be released?

The Great season 2 filming is now complete, and we can expect the show to return before the end of the year. As Decider pointed out in May, the first season will broadcast in May 2020, 15 months after Hulu announced its plans in February 2019.

We’re looking at a release date between September and November now that filming is finished with this schedule in mind. COVID delays, on the other hand, have been wreaking havoc on the business, so it’s uncertain whether the post will take longer than usual.

The plot 

The Plot Summary If you need a refresher, the first season ended with Peter III (Nicholas Hoult) learning of Catherine’s (Elle Fanning) plot to dethrone him. However, for the sake of their unborn child, Peter saved the pregnant Empress rather than have her executed.

An executive producer, Marian Macgowan, spoke with Decider about the outlines of the forthcoming seasons and the story arcs that would be connected to them.

“We pitched for six seasons at first. So we think there’s enough material to last us till she’s a senior citizen,” Macgowan said, adding that she’d like to focus more on the evolution of Russia’s socioeconomic groups in future episodes.

“If we’re lucky, we’ll delve deeper into that in season two,” she says. However, she said that it would be more relevant because she would become more involved.

Catherine’s affairs are likely to take centre stage after the birth of her child, intensifying the tension between her and her husband, Peter. Catherine reveals a pregnancy bump behind her corset in a first-look photo from The Great season 2, confirming this. “To Russia, Catherine becomes both a mother and a child,” Hulu later added in a statement.

The Great Season 2
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Collider chatted with Tony McNamara, who was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

“I mean, instead of four seasons, we could probably tell it in three. I’m not sure about that. I think it’s also because I’ve recognized how terrific the characters are all around – we have 12 fantastic actors portraying fantastic characters, and that’s just good television, so there’s a lot to get out of them. So I’m not sure [how many seasons it will have] right now; I’m just telling the story and seeing where it takes us.” The cast members are the cast Marial, Adam Godley, Charity Wakefield, Douglas Hodge, and Sacha Dhawan.

The Cast

The cast includes Phoebe Fox as Marial, Adam Godley as Grigor, Charity Wakefield, Douglas Hodge, and Sacha Dhawan.

Elle Fanning will play Catherine the Great, Peter played by Nicholas Hoult, Catherine’s maid Merial will be played by Phoebe Fox, Orlov played by Sacha Dhawan, and Grigor Dymov, the Emperor’s right-hand man, will be played by Gwilym Lee.

The Great Season 2
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Given his apparent fate at the end of the first season, it’s unclear whether Sebastian De Souza will reprise his role as Catherine’s lover Leo. Instead, Douglas Hodge will play General Velementov, and religious adviser Archie will be played by Adam Godley.

Showrunner Tony McNamara originally proposed The Great in the same vein as The Crown, which switches actors as the plot continues through generations. Still, in an interview with Collider, McNamara stated that he wasn’t ready to initially let go of the two main characters.

McNamara, nominated for an Oscar for his work on The Favourite, will direct Season 2 of The Great. Given his delicate satirical touch in the first two seasons, we can expect the humour to be equally as biting as we delve more into Catherine the Great’s life narrative.

The Season 2 Creator

The Great is directed by Matt Shakman, who also directed the popular Game of Thrones. Tony McNamara wrote, and executive produced the film. Fanning and Marian Macgowan also serve as executive producers.

For its first season, the sitcom got three Golden Globes nominations: Best Television Series Musical or Comedy, Best Actress and Best Actor for Fanning and Hoult, and Best Television Series Musical or Comedy. In addition, it received two Emmy nominations, one for Outstanding Directing and the other for Outstanding Writing.

The Great Season 2
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How many episodes does The Great have?

The great has ten episodes; the Great is a brief binge-watch, averaging 45-55 minutes each and only one season.

How many are more seasons of The Great in the works?

According to a recent interview with Deadline, McNamara envisions The Great as a multi-year epic drama. Given how many people have likened it to Netflix’s mega-hit, The Crown, it’s simple to see why. The showrunner also told Decider that the original pitch for the show had enough content for six seasons, hinting that the story had the guts to follow Catherine the Great to the finish.