All About The Upcoming Season 3 of Control Z

Control Z is a teenage drama show. The show is filled with engaging scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seats. The show is about to make a return with its third season on Netflix. But, unfortunately, control Z glorifies an entirely different verse of hacking with a tinge of teenage ruckus.

Control Z also talks about how an innocent person can hold onto terrible secrets. The show is based on a gang of high school students from a national school in Mexico.

However, these students carry unimaginable secrets and are threatened for the same. A hacker threatens every student for hiding some of their ugly secrets. Finally, one of the students named Sofia Herrera gathers confidence to confront the hacker. Sofia tries to unmask them.

With a terrific debut on Netflix in the summer of 2020, the show released its 2nd season in August 2021. As the show grew in popularity, Netflix had to bring it back. Netflix has announced the release date of the third season as well. Let’s see what the third season has in it for fans?

Control Z: A Recap

Control Z Season 3; Source- Google
Control Z Season 3; Source- Google

Control Z’s Season 2 was incredibly filled with suspense. The season left the viewers bamboozled. In the second season of the show, the students try to unveil the identity of the hacker. However, with that problem remaining unsolved, another problem surfaces, known as Avenger.

The Avenger is a stranger. The character created a lot of chaos in the life of the students. Sofia and their friends were still unable to find out about the Avenger. Meanwhile, the Avenger tries to set Ernesto and Dario on fire. However, most of the students believe that all of this commotion was created by Raul. The students suspect it to be Raul, as he was the hacker from the first season.

However, he had a lot of evidence that could prove him innocent. Raul is a brat who blackmailed the teachers and the headmaster into staying in the school. On the other side of season 2, Luis dies, and her death is so uncertain. Gerry’s character then comes out of the closet, and it is indeed emotional. As Gerry has suffered through a lot, coming out as a gay is liberating to him. Via Control Z Netflix voiced in favor of the LGBTQ+ community.

Expected Cast and Release Date

Control Z Season 3; Source- Google
Control Z Season 3; Source- Google

After the latest release of season 2, Netflix has not made any official announcements regarding season 3. As of now, it can only be hoped that once season 3 gets a green flag, the filming will start. If Netflix decides early, then third season might hit the OTT platform by August or October 2022.

The end of season 2 left the fans scratching their heads. The fans have to deal with a cliffhanger on the death of Susana, the school’s new principal. It is for sure that things will be picked off from the demise of Susana and how the students handle it. So the cast lineup of season 3 might remain the same. However, a few new faces might join the cast, and changes will be made accordingly. We have to wait till an official announcement is made.

Expected Fan Plotline

Control Z Season 3; Source- Google
Control Z Season 3; Source- Google

In the final episode of season 2, Avenger’s identity gets unveiled. It was found that Alex was the Avenger all along. Alex is a character who has been through a lot in season 1. He has seen the death of his best friend, which forced him to take horrible actions against his schoolmates. He was determined to make the life of the students a living hell. Hence, he turned into the Avenger that students feared.

In the last scene of season 2, the school principal dies due to falling off of the building. Furthermore, the students made a stir for a bag filled with money. So, season 2 ends on a cliffhanger which will be continued in the upcoming season. Season 3 will kick start where the story ended in the finale of season 2. We can only hope that the creators of Control Z will put a full stop to certain conflicts in the show. With season 3 of Control Z, the creators can bring up a new villain in the story.

However, if any of such things happen, this will bring serious problems and changes in the storyline. The previous seasons of Control Z also teased Sofia’s father. This arc of Control Z is one of the major cliffhangers since season 1. Hopefully, we will be able to see what exactly happens and how things settle down. The upcoming season will also shed some light on how Raul tries to hunt down his partner Pablo.

Furthermore, we could expect that the students will get threatened by a stranger or even a classmate for the hideous secret they keep. It can also be assumed that the school’s previous principal, Quintanilla, will make a comeback as an evil character. She will turn the lives of students upside down for her selfish desires.

With that being said, we still have to wait for an official announcement about Control Z’s upcoming season. However, season 2 was not a great hit in terms of viewership, so nothing can be said until Netflix announces the third season’s release.


Control Z Season 3; Source- Google
Control Z Season 3; Source- Google

In the age of teenage drama shows hitting the headlines and OTT platforms running the entertainment world, Netflix might be coming up with the third season of its nail-biting series Control Z. The show revolves around a group of friends with hacking abilities, tell the story as a teenage drama. The show made a terrific debut on Netflix last year.

The second season hit the screens in August 2021. The last season of the show was filled with suspense. The appearance of the mysterious character named Avenger has left the fans bamboozled. The students had their doubts about Raul but, he came out with a clean chit. Later on, Alex is revealed to be the Avenger who is on a quest for revenge for the death of Luis.

The fans are hoping to blast in the third season with several characters coming back and new faces who are expected to join the cast. Even though season 2 was not a great hit in terms of views, the show hopes to come back with the third season. So fans are advised to wait and hang on for Control Z season 3. Fans have high hopes for the upcoming season. Furthermore, the fan theories made it just more exciting.