Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Every Important Update

Netflix offers several fantastic shows based on comic books in its huge catalogue, with some of the best original series topping the list. Daredevil, The Umbrella Academy, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, and Warrior Nun are just a few of the fantastic titles now accessible on the streaming service, which has recently launched its second chapter is in high demand among fans of the first.

The second season of The Warrior Nun has been confirmed. After a one-year run on Netflix, the first season is returning for a second episode. Warrior Nun is mostly a fantasy drama series based on Ben Dunn’s comic book series of the same name. Simon Barry is the director of this series. The original Game of Thrones team is in charge of the series production.

The series follows Ava, a quadriplegic orphan girl who wakes up in a morgue with a halo inserted in her back that grants her supernatural talents, which she uses as part of an ancient order of warrior nuns to fight demons. It’s been a while since the previous episode had fans on the edge of their seats as the credits rolled on the cliffhanger ending, and it’s no secret that fans of the show are eager to learn the status of Warrior Nun season 2 is.

Status of Renewal

Warrior Nun season 2
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After the series was released, it was learned that Warrior Nun had already been renewed for a second season. The writers revealed that they have already begun planning by maximum measures, and the show has also done exceptionally well. The showrunner for this series, Simon Barry, has stated that while they had completed the first season, the tale has many more twists and turns. As a result, they regrouped only to debate their ideas after the show was finished.

What is the total number of seasons of Warrior Nun?

Warrior Nun season 2
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Warrior Nun is currently available to watch on Netflix in one season. The supernatural superhero series centring on the occult investigator has ten episodes, each lasting approximately 37-50 minutes.

Will there be Warrior Nun season 2?

The show received a fair Rotten Tomatoes rating. However, it did exceptionally well in terms of viewership. According to Trinikid.com, it reached the number three slot for the most popular Netflix TV show in its first month. It also topped the ratings for the most popular TV programmes around the world in July 2020.

Warrior Nun season 2
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The Netflix original topped the charts in the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Brazil. Warrior Nun was also ranked fourth in the United Kingdom, and its rise to second place in the polls above Unsolved Mysteries demonstrates that this show is a must-see.

Those figures provided Netflix with all the information it needed to decide whether or not to greenlight a second season of the comic book adaptation. The streaming service officially confirmed Warrior Nun season 2 in August 2020.

How many episodes are there in the second season of Warrior Nun?

Warrior Nun season 2 will have an unknown number of episodes at this moment. However, when the series comes to Netflix for its highly anticipated second season, it’s safe to assume that there will be ten episodes available for users to watch.

When will the second season of Warrior Nun begin filming?

Warrior Nun season 2
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Warrior Nun season 2 does not appear to have begun production yet, and there are no indications as to when the next ordeal will begin. When the show begins filming its next round of episodes is anyone’s guess.

Release Date

At this time, there is no official release date for Warrior Nun season 2, and it may be some time before any fresh information regarding the next chapter is released. There’s a chance that if shooting begins later this year, a premiere date in 2022 or 2023 may be set, but that’s just speculation at this point.

Production of COVID-19 is expected to be halted.

Although Warrior Nun received the green light it deserved, a second season is unlikely to air before the second half of 2021. Filming will be sluggish to resume after Hollywood shut down production during the coronavirus pandemic.

Members of the cast are already dropping hints about the next chapter.

Several members of the cast have already spoken out about their future forecasts. “After you complete watching the series, you’ll be like, oh, they’re going to go further on this,” Toya Turner, who plays Shotgun Mary, told ComingSoon.net.

Warrior Nun season 2
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In an interview with Refinery 29, star Alba Baptista talked about the series’ potential for pushing boundaries in its examination of Adriel, a woman with a unique background. She revealed, “The writers have it all planned out for a possible season 2.” “Adriel’s character is one of my favourites. I think he’s dense, and his tale has a lot of layers, which we’ll learn more about as time goes on.”

She went on to say that the second season could be even crazier than the first. She confessed, “There’s going to be a major, big announcement for an eventual season 2.” “It was well-considered. It wasn’t just a fluke. For another year, the audience will have to guess what the plot twist will be. They’ll have to wait until the next season.

Season 2 Cast of Warrior Nun

The plurality of the cast is anticipated to return for season two, comprising the following:

• Toya Turner in the role of Sister Mary/Shotgun Mary

• Alba Baptista in the role of Ava Silva

• Lorena Andrea in the role of Sister Lilith

• Jillian Salvius is played by Thekla Reuten

• Father Vincent is played by Tristan Ulloa

• Mother Superion is played by Sylvia De Fanti

• Sister Beatrice by Kristina Tonteri-Young

Emilio Sakraya appeared heavily throughout the first part of season one before JC and Ava split up; thus, he could appear in future episodes in some capacity.

Expect William Miller to play Adriel, the fictitious angel who started it all, to have a bigger role this time. He was exposed as the mastermind behind everything in the season one finale, and it would be strange if he were to disappear in the future.

Warrior Nun: Netflix Performance

This series was discovered to be the third most popular TV series on Netflix in the world in the previous 30 days. Curse and Dark Desire took over the positions after that.

The series is also the most popular television series in the globe for July.

The series is currently ranked 6th in the United States and fourth in the United Kingdom. The series is in second place on the first weekend, and Unsolved Mysteries also beat it out.

It has also taken first place in Brazil, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Season 2 of Warrior Nun: Expectations

The first season’s conclusion left many fans with unsolved doubts. It has revealed the true goals of the Cruciform Sword order. After he has touched her, his true identity is revealed. After he defeated a Tarask monster that had followed him out of a demonic realm, the order’s true knights mistook him for an angel.

Warrior Nun season 2
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Adriel had placed the halo in the Original Warrior Nun after hiding himself in the Vatican Tomb and had formed the Order and provided him with divine protection. Adrial has endeavoured to reclaim the halo from the Order while also moving on with his malicious plans after his tomb was breached.

Shotgun Mary is said to have overpowered Adrial’s little army of Wrath Demons through the possessed abilities of Adrial, leaving Ava and her other sisters to seize Adrial with his small army of Wrath Demons. Ava and the Order are taking the conflict to Adriel and are scheduled to appear in the upcoming season. However, instead of being alone, the devil has now exposed himself to the entire globe, allowing the forces of heaven to descend upon the Vatican and support the Order.

For the time being, Ava’s efficacy as a warrior Nun is improving after becoming outmatched by the power. However, after some time has passed, Ava appears to be more than a match in the fight against Adriel and his demonic abilities.

It also had a minor issue with Father Vincent’s treason, which resulted in the death of sister Shanon. We want to point out that if the girls seek wrathful vengeance with their former tutor, they are welcome to attend cardinal sin. Simon Barry has also hinted that he believes they had to keep so many mysteries hidden in the first season. Like in the mythology series, the essential point is that the cat is now out of the bag. He feels it would be thrilling to embark on the voyage and then decipher what they had revealed.

The appearance of Adriel, his relationship with his Father Vincent, and the stakes that have shifted for Ava and the other sister warriors are all revealed in this season. For him, it’s all about enhancing what they did in the first season and doing even good in season two.