Cooking With Paris season 2 Release Date, Expected Plot & Who is New Face in Cast?

Season 2 of Cooking With Paris. ‘Cooking With Paris‘ is a Netflix original series created by Paris Hilton, evidenced by her YouTube video. This follows Paris Hilton’s amusement in the kitchen as she learns to cook with the help of some of her celebrity friends. In August of 2021, the compilation was released.

Thanks to Paris Hilton’s wild cooking style, the show puts a distinct perspective on classic cooking shows. The selection of dressing gowns and accessories in the Paris kitchen is another reason you’re unlike any other cooking show.

Cooking With Paris Season 2 Netflix Renewal, Episodes, & More

With Netflix’s Food With Paris, Paris Hilton joins the world of celebrity cooking shows. Hilton enlists celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato to help her experiment with new recipes and ingredients in each episode. Hilton converses with her guests about their lives and fame while cutting and sautéing, and she shares her advice for “slaying” and “living” at an equal time.

Hilton was inspired by a viral YouTube video in which he prepares lasagna while wearing biker gloves. The show tries to resurrect Hilton’s early-aughts celebrity and expose her to a new generation of fans. Netflix hasn’t said whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season, but here’s what we know thus far.


This entirely true-to-self cooking show, which began on YouTube and quickly went popular, is hosted by Paris Hilton.

Cooking With Paris season 2 Release Date, Expected Plot & Who is New Face in Cast?
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Paris Hilton is a talented chef. She’s also casting the regular food show on its lead. She isn’t a qualified chef and has no motive of serving one. She drives new components, new procedures, and exotic kitchen types of equipment with the help of her celebrity compatriots. Paris will guide us from the grocery shop to the full table set, inspired by her viral YouTube video, and she could even learn her way around the kitchen.

Status of Renewal

Netflix has a history of renewing its productions after a specific period to see how well they do. Netflix seldom renews series for numerous reasons, but this is not the case with the bizarre Paris cookery show.

Cooking With Paris season 2 Release Date, Expected Plot & Who is New Face in Cast?
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It’s too soon for Netflix to announce the renewal of ‘Cooking With Paris’ season 2 because it’s only been a few days since the series premiered. So fans can only wait and hope for the best for now.

Release Date

It’s unknown when the second season will premiere, but Netflix shows typically take a year to develop after being renewed so that the earliest date would be late summer 2022.

Cooking With Paris season 2 Release Date
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Here’s all we know about the second instalment thus far. Netflix has yet to make an official statement about whether the show will be renewed for a second season. The popularity of Paris Hilton, on the other hand, appears to be enough for the streamer to order a second season of the show. Her YouTube culinary video has received over 5 million views.

Netflix takes 2-3 months to evaluate a show’s success before approving a new season, so we may have to wait a bit before hearing anything official. Although the Netflix series premiered in July 2021, Paris Hilton has shot the episodes in the first half of 2020.

So it wouldn’t surprise me if season 2 follows the same pattern. If that happens, season 2 of ‘Cooking With Paris’ is expected to be released in Q4 2022.


The trailer’s opening tone is reminiscent of a 1950s cooking show, and it does not attempt to hide its sarcastic nature. However, while we may not learn much about cooking, executive producers Aaron Saidman, Eli Holzman, Rebecca Hertz, and Hilton herself will provide us with a deliciously fun experience. This show will feature Hilton in a setting “as you’ve never seen her before,” according to the video.

An all-star lineup of guests, including Kim Kardashian West, Demi Lovato, Nikki Glaser, Saweetie, Lele Pons, Nicky and Kathy Hilton, will join Hilton as sous-chefs, adding flavour to an already explosive dish. The guests will accompany Hilton as she navigates through a culinary adventure, from grocery shopping to cooking the word in the kitchen to taste the result of their efforts. However, from the snippets of interaction Hilton and her guest actors share throughout the video, it appears that the ultimate result isn’t always a resounding success.

The cast of Season 2 of Cooking With Paris

Season 2 will most likely include a mix of celebrities, singers, and actors. In Season 1, Hilton featured Saweetie, comedian and FBoy Island presenter Nikki Glaser, and YouTuber Lele Pons alongside Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato.

Cooking With Paris season 2 Release Date, Expected Plot & Who is New Face in Cast?
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Hilton told BuzzFeed that she enjoys hanging out with her visitors as well as learning from them. Kardashian, for example, taught her how to “be more organized in the kitchen” because “when I cook, there are so many bowls everywhere that make a tremendous mess.” ‘Paris, we clean as we go!’ I’m so disorganized, and she’s so organized.’

Reviews of Cooking With Paris

In the early 2000s, Paris Hilton was a well-known heiress, socialite, and influencer, but Cooking with Paris may have to work hard to reach a younger audience and thus renew in 2021. According to Rachel Sugar of Grub Street, the show is partly satirical, following Hilton and Nicole Richie’s 2003 reality show The Simple Life. Then, they portrayed vacuous socialites befuddled by working-class employment.

In Cooking With Paris, though, it’s never apparent whether Hilton is genuinely perplexed or fake. “She has no issue caramelizing the tops of marshmallows with a little butane torch, but she appears concerned by the fundamental mechanism of toast,” Sugar writes.

Cooking with Paris season 2
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“When comic Nikki Glaser visits to prepare vegan burgers and fries in the third episode, Hilton is incapable of identifying a whisk but arises surprisingly at relief with a deep fryer.”

Hilton, according to Variety, needs to come up with something more original if she wants Cooking with Paris to succeed. “By the edge of the series, we’ve understood that Hilton likes to cook on the event; that she has a crew willing and able to whirl a room of her house into a theme restaurant at her command; that she enjoys accolades; and that she despises learning new things,” writes Daniel D’Addario. “Any of this is hurting no one. But if Hilton likes us to remain watching, she’ll have to come up with something bigger and more lasting than a pose.”

Episodes from Season 2

The first season was broadcast as a six-part cookery show with a diverse cast of guests. Though there is no official word on the reality show’s future, ‘Cooking With Paris’ season, two could follow a similar six-episode format with fresh guests on each episode.