Fiery Anticipations & Theories One Should Know Before Watching Money Heist Season 5

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As Creators conveyed, Money Heist Season 5 will be the final season saying, “smartest thing to do is to leave with a bang” since then, Fans have been eagerly waiting for the first look. But before that, you need to know the sensational anticipation and Fan-Made Theories on Money Heist Season 5.

La Casa De Papel- Money Heist

Created by Alex Pina, Money Heist (La Casa De Papel: House of Paper) is the famous Spanish Heist starring Àlvaro Morte as The Professor, Úrsula Corberó, Pedro Alonso, and more.

Coming under the Genre of Crime Drama, Thriller, and Heist, this series has won many hearts and many more viewers who are continuously intact because the storyline is so suspenseful and engaging.

The Premise of Money Heist

The plot is all about eight people in Red Jumpsuits and Dali Masks. The series starts with a mysterious man called by his eight fellow mates “The Professor”. The story is set in Madrid, where The Professor plans the biggest Heist of all Heists, where they would enter the Royal Mint of Spain and escape with £2.4 billion. The team of 9, including the Professor, deals with Hostages and Police Forces to conduct the Heist. During their 1st Heist at the Royal Mint of Spain, they took 67 people hostage inside the Heist Spot and decided to stay inside the spot for 11 days and print the notes (money) as per the deal with the elite police forces.

While all the events ensuing during the initial Heist, the team is forced out of hiding and is seen planning for their Second Heist at the Bank of Spain, again dealing with Hostages and Elite Police Forces.

Buzz About “La Casa De Papel Season 5” Release

Last Month Netflix unveiled the Release date of the Final Heist with a spine-tingling teaser. As we first look at the teaser, it seems Robbery is Over; Now it’s a War. This time the gang is back with a bang, with more zeal, fury, energy, might, passion, and potency, all set to compensate for Nairobi’s sacrifice.

The teaser shows a lot of aggression and is filled with action-packed manoeuvres. A powerful scene is depicted in the teaser where the Army puts their blood and sweat together so that the gang surrenders and our favourite gang is all set to spoof and dodge every attack with action.

Fan-Made Theories & Anticipations One Should Know 

Buffs are relentlessly waiting for “Money-Heist Season 5”. Money Heist Fanatics have made theories that every viewer should know before watching the movie. Enthusiasts and their anticipations prove very helpful to everyone, as they analyze the film properly and predict. Now let’s see what the Simmering Predictions Fans have Made.

Will Tokyo Be The Only One To Survive?

Fiery Anticipations and Theories One should Know Before Watching Money Heist Season 5
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The character Tokyo is played by Úrsula Corberó, who narrates the whole series from the beginning. Let’s go back in time and analyze the first scene of Money Heist. It is shown that a voice from behind is heard, which is of Silene Oliveira. Silene Oliveira was the old version of Tokyo. As we all know, Tokyo is the only one who narrates the story and keeps in mind; she tells it in Past Tense. Fans anticipate that since the creators have chosen Tokyo as the narrator, it is believed that all the gang members would die, and Tokyo will be the only one getting arrested by the cops. Therefore, fans think that Tokyo is doing the narration shown throughout the series to the Judge or the Police Officers.

Will Both The Professor and The Gang Escape?

Most interesting fan-made theory. We’ve got an idea that till now, the Gang has no Escape Plan. But they have Gold Nuggets. Fans believe that The Gang may shoot the Gold Nuggets outside the Bank of Spain. The Bank of Spain is the current destination of the last heist.

There would be two outcomes when the Gold Nuggets would be fired. It will create a lot of chaos within the General Public, which would bind the citizens to break law and order. Second, to maintain law and order, Police Officials will run behind the public, and they will get distracted from the Gang. This will help the Gang to escape from the Bank easily.
As we all know, the motive isn’t “Money”; this time, Gang wants to Free Rio and teach a lesson to the Government.

How would Professor escape from the clutches of Alicia? Professor always has a master plan ready for escape. This time too, his mastermind will play the cards. If we brush through the Season Finale of Season 2, we can see Sergio addressing someone as ” Captain”. If we again recollect, then in Season 4 Episode 7, Sergio discussed a man again as “Captain” when he was asking Manila’s father Benjamin and his team to enforce the Paris Plan. Fans believe that this mysterious character named ” Captain” will help in the Rescue and Escape mission of The Professor.

Are Tatiana and Alicia the same Person?

Fiery Anticipations and Theories One should Know Before Watching Money Heist Season 5
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It won’t be technically wrong if Fans anticipate that Tatiana and Alicia are one woman. During the negotiations with The Professor, Alicia was so confident and ahead of herself as if she knew everything related to the Bank of Spain. The minute thing possible. Suppose we go back a little bit and recollect. Apart from Sergio, Palermo, and Berlin, Berlin’s wife Tatiana also knew the secret of the Bank of Spain. Sergio warned Berlin not to utter a word in front of Tatiana, but Berlin vomited everything as he trusted her. If we connect with Tatiana knowing the plan and Alicia’s negotiations, it won’t be wrong to say they both are the same.

Another important cue to consider is that Alicia opened up about her deceased Husband, “Germany,” in one of the conversations between Alicia and Raquel. And as per Static General Knowledge, “Berlin” is the capital of “Germany”. So if you think about it with precision, then you may get my logic.

Will Lisbon die due to the Gunshot of the Police?

Fiery Anticipations and Theories One should Know Before Watching Money Heist Season 5
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Raquel Murillo joined hands with The Professor as “Lisbon” at the end of the robbery in the Royal Mint of Spain. Sergio Marquina, aka The Professor, is the weirdest and lonely person in Money Heist. He lost his father as his father was shot by the Police Officials while exiting the Robbery Destination. Sergio also lost his brother Berlin at the end of the Heist in The Royal Mint of Spain. Now, Sergio is romantically driven by his love interest Lisbon. According to Sergio’s character graph, we’ve seen losing his dear ones all through the Heist.

So if makers choose to end Lisbon’s character by making her die, she is the only one close to Sergio, aka The Professor. Then the whole story would nearly come to an end for Sergio.

Will Police Official Alicia Sierra join The Gang of The Professor?

Fiery Anticipations and Theories One should Know Before Watching Money Heist Season 5
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We all know Alicia Sierra as the bravest Police Cop. To maintain the sanctity of the Police Officials in front of the whole public, she took the onus of Rio’s torture and illegal custody. She didn’t take this onus voluntarily. Instead, the department forced her to do so. According to both the teasers, it is shown, The Professor is in the clutches of Alicia Sierra. The Professor is helpless. But maybe the bully is to incite the public rather than Alicia may offer The Professor. Alicia might change sides and join hands with the Professor to teach a lesson to the Police Officials. Najma Nimri is seen playing the role of Alicia Sierra.

Indeed, these spoilers and some real Truth Bombs and Money Heist Fans should be aware of these Truth Bombs. These were some Fan-made theories about Money Heist Season 5. If we missed something, do let us know in the comments section below.

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