Black Monday Season 4 Expected Release Date, Cast & Everything to Know

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Black Monday is based upon an actual event depicted comically. Black Monday describes the worst crash in the stock market in the history of Wall Street. The worst unconventional crash in the history of Wall Street is depicted as “Black Monday.” David Caspe and Jordan Cahan have directed the Black Monday series.

About the Series Black Monday

Black Monday Season 4
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Created and Written by David Caspe and Jordan Cahan, falling under the category of Historical Dark Comedy illustrates the Dark History of the Stock Market at Wall Street, which is reputedly known as “Black Monday.” With an IMDB rating of 7.5/10, receiving 69% of Rotten Tomatoes, about 89% of viewers appreciated the series. The series was first released on 20th January 2019.

Starring Don Cheadle, Regina Hall, Andrew Rannells, Paul Scheer, and Casey Wilson in the lead roles as the employees of the second-tier Wall Street, the famous trading firm. The story revolves around the dark Monday of 1987, wherein the International Stock Markets crashed.

Overview of Black Monday (Season 1-3)

The compilation of 3 Seasons with 30 episodes has a running time of 29-35 minutes. In September 2018, the official first teaser trailer was released, following the second teaser trailer released in December 2018.

The premise of Black Monday

Black Monday Season 4
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Set in late 1987, Black Monday is referred to as the Dark History of Wall Street, where the International Stock Market imploded and led to a collapse. Until now, no one knows who was the reason behind this implosion. The story is about a group of outsiders who took on a blue-blood, old-men of Wall Street who witnessed the collapse of the World’s most powerful financial system.

Blair Pfaff, a stockbroker enthusiast, joins Wall Street as an employee. A series of ludicrous events lead him to work for Maurice Monroe, who is a veteran stockbroker. As Blair is a young stockbroker, he does a lot of hard work to prove that he is challenging for high stakes. Meanwhile, he takes care of his careless, ruthless, and spoiled wife, Tiffany Georgina. Monroe has a wicked plan to take over Tiffany’s family business Georgina Jeans through Blair.

Dawn Darcy craves attention from Maurice Monroe and becomes impatient. Her main reason for being impatient was Monroe’s unwillingness to recognize Darcy’s work. Darcy’s husband wants her to conceive with children as he wants to enter parenthood. Due to his wish, their married life rests at stake. Keith, an employee alongside, is a bully who takes pride in bullying Blair Pfaff. Keith is a homosexual who has an affair with a Broadway Performer. On the other hand, Maurice Monroe struggles for two reasons: he has set very high standards, and now he finds It difficult to reach. The second one being they constantly live behind a false identity.

When Black Monday unexpectedly arrives, these characters find it difficult to deal with their internal, personal, and official matters, which resulted in the creation of a convoluted mess.

Expected Release Date

Every Season of Black Monday releases on the platform “Showtime”. Lastly, on March 23, 2021, Season 3 had arrived, which had ten episodes. In the Season finale, we’ve seen Dawn sacrificing himself in the Black Monday and Monroe becoming the head of The Mo.Co.

We’ve no certain official information regarding the renewal status, but we surely know that Season 4 will be renewed because of the upcoming interesting terrific plot. The Cast says that it takes nearly 10-12 weeks to complete the Production of 10 episodes. So if we consider the situation, we expect Season 4 to make a release by Early 2022- mid-2022.

What will be the Plot for Season 4?

Black Monday Season 4
Andrew Ranells as Blair Pfaff and Don Cheadle as Maurice Monroe in BLACK MONDAY
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Season 3 showed how Dawn Darcy sacrificed in Black Monday and Maurice Monroe becoming the Head of Mo.Co, in my opinion, and the sources. Season 4 might show how Monroe would deal with his new position and people trying to take him down through bad politics. We know for sure Monroe has a lot of enemies waiting to trap him and destroy his career. But we’ve also seen that Monroe was fired from Wall Street because of his illegal schemes. He now desperately wants to create and establish his brand, and executing this plan, he ends up fighting with Tracy leading to a huge argument.

Blair Pfaff is in his struggling periods in his new job as Junior Congressman at Washington D.C. Major twist will be seen when Larry will attack Maurice Monroe and his friends to take him down and destroy him in his new career.

Who is Returning in Season 4?

Black Monday Season 4
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The Cast who’d be returning in the Black Monday Season 4 is Avengers fame Don Cheadle, who plays Maurice Monroe, an entrepreneur in the Jammer Group, a Wall Street trading firm. In addition, Andrew Rannells, who plays the role of Blair Pfaff, will also make a comeback. Blair is a Wharton Graduate who works for Maurice Monroe, who is also mocked as ” Chop Shop” of Monroe.

Regina Hall plays the role of Dawn Darcy, the woman who craves attention which becomes impatient if Monroe doesn’t acknowledge her hard work. Her sacrifice for Monroe in Season 3 was impressive. Paul Scheer playing the role of Keith Shankar, who embraces his homosexuality, is an exceptionally talented trader and loves his near to perfect life.

Casey Wilson plays the role of Tiffany Georgina, who’s the mistress of Blair Pfaaf, and her family owns the reputed company Georgina Jeans. Her company is the main target of Maurice Monroe. Other Cast are expected to continue as it is, which comprises of Yaseer Lester playing the role of Yaseer X, Ken Marino playing the role of both Larry and Lenny Leishman, Michael Hitchcock plays the role of Pastor Newel, and June Diane Raphael is playing the role of Corky Harr.

When would the Official Teaser Trailer Release?

Black Monday Season 4
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As of now, there has been no specific official news of the renewal. Only anticipations are made regarding the release date, which is supposed to be in early 2022 to mid-2022. If we follow this schedule, then the official teaser trailer might be released by October- December 2021 or primarily by January 2022.

Black Monday is undoubtedly one of those darkest historical days which would be remembered throughout. The most significant financial collapse in the history of Wall Street. This was everything we know about Black Monday season 4. If in case we have missed something, do let us know in the comments section below.