Netflix Series “Echoes” Release Date, Cast & Everything You Need to Know

Michelle Monaghan and Matt Bomar in Echoes

The imminent Australian Drama Series “Echoes” is all set to stream on Netflix and make its initial release. The show is created and written by Vanessa Gazy. Vanessa will also work alongside the Executive Producer of Quinton Peeples, Brian Yorkey- the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for “Next To Normal”, and Imogen Banks of Endemol Shines Bank of Australia. Quinton Peeples and Brian Yorkey will work as the showrunners.

The Plot of the Australian Drama “Echoes”

Michelle Monaghan and Matt Bomar in Echoes

Echoes is an Australian Drama Series falling into the category of Mystery-Thriller. The story revolves around identical twins. Michelle Monaghan bagged the role to play Leni and Gina, the twin sisters. Gina and Leni both have a dark and deepest secret buried deep inside their heart. Leni and Gina secretly switched their lives in their childhood, which means Leni lives as Gina and vice versa. The swapping leads to an extreme consequence where they both had to live double lives in their adult phase.

Interestingly, both Leni and Gina are married, sharing two husbands, living in two houses, and having one child. So how interesting does it sound? Very, to me!!

In most cases, twins not only look similar but act similarly as well. However, a peculiar fact in this series is Leni and Gini; though both are identical, they have unique characteristics and persona. On the one hand, Leni is a family woman, wishes to stay with her family, her husband, and child, taking care of their horse farm, and wishes to lead a happy and prosperous life. On the Other hand, Gini is a rebel. She leaves everyone and moves to Los Angeles, California, to make a creative and content writing career. Her rebellious and passion for doing anything attitude gives her fame, money, and a luxurious livelihood. Gini’s breakthrough in her career was when she published an article narrating about the dark past she and her sister possess in Southern.

The bitter phase comes, and their happy-go-lucky life is thrown into disarray as one of them goes missing and couldn’t be found. Now technically, apart from the sisters, no one knows who went missing because they culminated in double lives. Holy Jesus!! What a wonderful story. Even now, I’m confused.

What do Showrunners and Creator think?

Brian Yorker
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Brian Yorkey speaks about him, embarking on a new journey alongside the entire crew, including Creator Vanessa Gazy, Executive Producer and Showrunner Quinton Peeples, and Imogen Banks. His eagerness shows how much he wants to make cooler stuff in collaboration with Netflix. Further, he shares the adrenaline rush he feels when he thinks that the series will move across the world, touching everyone’s hearts. He thanks everyone for giving him this remarkable opportunity.

The very talented woman behind “Echoes”, Vanessa Gazy, speaks about how Imogen Banks helped her nurture her young talent. She feels the excitement when the series will reach to numerous audiences both nationally and internationally.

Who’s Acting in What Roles?

The story revolves around identical twins Leni and Gina, played by Michelle Lynn Monaghan. She is the lead woman in the story. Mathew Staton Bomer will be seen as the male lead Jack Beck, playing the role of Leni’s husband. Jack’s role will surely win a lot of women’s hearts. Jack will be the neighbor turned husband of Leni. He would be perfect husband material. He is kind, gentle, loving. Jack is the superhero for his child. He has a successful career in the veterinary profession. When Leni goes missing, Jack will be the most vulnerable and devastated by the secrets that will unfold.

Brian Yorkey’s previous series, “13 Reasons Why” was an adaptation to the novel “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher. The best part of “Echoes” is it isn’t any adaptation; it’s all raw and original. So it will be interesting to see many unfolded spine-tingling mysteries coming on our way. Netflix any Episodes Will Season 1 have?

Creator Vanessa Gazy and showrunners Brian and Quinton talk about the grand opening of this series with its first season- a compilation of seven episodes streaming on popular giant Netflix.

Michelle Lynn Monaghan
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Michelle Lynn Monaghan is an American Actress. She has won accolades for her roles in Gone Baby Gone, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Made of Honor, Eagle Eye, Source Code, Trucker, Patriots Day, and Pixels.

Mathew Staton Bomer (Matt Bomer)
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Mathew Staton Bomer is an American Actor who received many accolades such as the Critic’s Choice of Television Award, Golden Globe Award, and he was also nominated for Prime Time Emmy Awards. However, he is best known for his role in White Collar, Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, The Sinner, The Bad Boys in a Band, The Normal Heart, etc.

Release Date for “Echoes”

Here’s the deal. The Echoes series hasn’t yet started its Production. It is anticipated that the series will start its Production next month in August 2021. As I’ve said, it will be 7 episode series, shooting the hepta-episode series with COVID hovering over our heads; we might hear the news of the wrap-up by the end of this year or by January 2022. So we can expect the series to release by August-November 2022. As I said, it’s just a prophecy. Netflix has declared nothing official dates as of now.

Official Trailer or Teaser of “Echoes”

Presently, there hasn’t been any official release of the trailer. The Team hasn’t started the Production. The Production will start in August 2021. According to my calculations, getting done with the Production of 7 episodes, we might expect the release of the official trailer of the teaser by December 2021.

Honestly, Netflix loves to play with viewers’ minds. Producing psychological thrillers is the new business of Netflix. Just kidding. I love to watch Psychological Thrillers because I feel it makes oneself strong-minded and intelligent. Netflix loves to tackle series which play with the mind, psychology, have some mystery, and are full of a thriller. But this time, it’s all raw, nothing adapted, no transcribing, nothing. This time viewers will feel the heart thump.

This was all about the latest news on the upcoming American Drama “Echoes”. If we missed something, do let us know in the comments section below.