Young Justice Season 4 – Exclusive Schedule Date Details & More

Every Teen has an idol called Superhero. I grew up acting like Spiderman, doing hand moments in the hope that a spider web would come out of my palm and I would fly up above. It partly sounds funny, but yes, teens act like their dream heroes. Some might fantasize about Batman, Flash, Antman, Aquaman, etc. These are the DC Production superheroes.

Overview of Young Justice: Superhero Series

Young Justice Season 4 - Exclusive Schedule Date Details & More
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Apart from DC and Marvel Creations, Young Justice is yet another Television series focusing on superheroes and what they face in their lifetime. Struggles of showing their worth to the whole universe. Competition amongst themselves as to who is the supreme. Jealousy when you get shadowed by your own companions’ hegemony.

Young Justice streamed on the popular Cartoon and Animation channels “Cartoon Network” and “HBO Max.” The Series was initially released on 26th November 2010 and had its season finale on 21st April 2012. Program Creators Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, no doubt had made our childhood the best by making this excellent Series. With an IMDB rating of 8.6/10 and receiving 95% of Rotten Tomatoes, 88% of Viewers and Users liked this show.

An American Superhero Animated Series, adapted from the DC Universe, draws a pivot into the importance of Superheroes in Youth. Until now, this American Series has three parts: Young Justice, Young Justice-Invasion, Young Justice- Outsiders, and is now all set to release its 4th edition that would be Young Justice: Phantoms.

Let’s Recap (Young Justice Season 1-3)

We all know that the American Superhero Animated Series runs parallel to the DC Universe, but it has a very different plot. Till now, we’ve seen 3 Parts airing on the popular Animation Channel “Cartoon Network ”. The Young Justice, The Young Justice: Invasion, and the Young Justice: Outsiders. The Series is an adaptation of Todd Dezago, Todd Nauck, and Lary Stucker’s Young Justice.

The plot revolves around the lives of teen superheroes and chaperones named Robin Kid Flash, Superboy, Aqualad, Artemis, Red Arrow, and Miss Martian. This group of 6 is referred to as “The Team” but very often resembles Teen Titans.

Young Justice Season 1

Young Justice Season 4 - release date, cast
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Young Justice plays a pivotal role in the lives of teen superheroes and chaperones who struggle to prove themselves in the world of Superheroes, simultaneously dealing with teenage and adolescent issues. The series depicts the timeline as “a new age of heroes.”
The show starts when Robin, Aqualad, Speedy, and Kid Flash are invited to a meeting of Justice League by their mentors Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Flash. Unfortunately, their names are cut off from the list of attendees in the meeting on the last-minute call.


They agitated Speedy resigns from being a sidekick to Green Arrow. Others take this as an opportunity to prove themselves and set out on an investigation at Cadmus Lab. While investigating, they unmask the clone of Superman named Superboy, releasing him from the captive. They also expose the illegal activities of Cadmus.

Impressed by their courage and intelligence, Batman and other superheroes allow the chaperones to be a part of the secret mission. Batman then and there establishes Young Justice in an underground cave inside the Former Justice League Headquarters. The headquarters is named Mount Justice, where the sidekicks undergo intensive training tutored by Black Canary and supervised by Red Tornado. The Young Justice comes face to face with the evil gang The Light composed of Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage, Ocean Master, Queen Bee, Brain, Klarion the Witch Boy, and Ra’s a Ghul.

Young Justice deals with several issues, one of which is the major one. When they get to know that they are being deceived by Speedy, who’s joined hands with The Light. Speedy’s deception leads the entire Justice League team in the captivity of The Light. Nonetheless, the Young Justice Team was able to get out of the detention of The Light, but several members were transported to an anonymous place.

Young Justice: Invasion

Young Justice Season 4
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Series leaps of 5 years, and it’s shown Robin (Nightwing), Superboy, and Miss Martian have been provided with an offer to join Justice League, but these three choose to continue with the Young Justice. Robin (Nightwing) now administers as the League liaison, Team Leader, Guardian, and Trainer. Artemis and Kid Flash have resigned from the group, and Aqualad moved in with his evil father, Black Manta, a member of The Light. The team consists of Robin, Beast Boy, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Blue Beetle, Impulse, Lago, on Boy, and Wonder Girl.


It is revealed that within these four years, alien forces have invaded the Earth. It is also unveiled that some of the members of the Justice League, upon the orders of The Light, have attacked the planet Earth. Now they went missing to clear their name. Due to this horrible attack on the Universe, more and more alien groups are seen creating disasters.

Due to the Havoc created by these aliens, people started criticizing the Justice League and led their faith in Reach. This new alien force appeals for maintaining diplomatic relations and a peaceful planet. It is uncovered that Reach is an ally of The Light who is in a motive to take over Earth. Young Justice successfully defeated the Mongols. Aqualad is revealed to be the agent of Lex Luthor and The Light. He provided the information to Reach about betrayal by The Light, and with this, they defeated the Alien Forces together.

Young Justice: Outsiders

Young Justice Season 4 - Exclusive Schedule Date Details & More
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The Series again leaps to 2 years, where the Young Justice Team fights with metahuman trafficking as The Reach has to unveil the presence of MetaGene Dormant within the cells of humans. Result of which the government organizations started conducting research. Halo and Geo-Force are the experiments done by the Markovian Government. The plot revolves around Geo-Force searching for her sister Terra who has joined The Light, now called Deathstroke.

Expected Plot of Young Justice: Phantom

Young Justice Season 4 - Exclusive Schedule Date Details & More
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Young Justice has given a green signal to portray some obscure superhero plots. The Season 3 finale also ended with the creation of some significant opportunities. One of the possible plots which are anticipated is about the waitress wearing a peculiar ring, which resembles the Legion Of Superheroes. Legions of Superheroes are superheroes who can travel a long time and have lived for 3000 long years.

Buffs are also excited about Artemis’ new love interest, and it will be interesting to see love blossom. All in all, the next storyline is full of action-packed maneuvers, romance, emotions, etc.

When is Season 4 Releasing?

Young Justice Season 4 is yet to make a release, but it will be soon as the renewal and the production were a quickie. Creator tweeted that almost nine episodes have finished shooting, and the rest six are left but are in a Post-Production state. With this pace, we hope that Young Justice: Phantoms will be released by the end of this year or mid-2022.

Who is there in the Cast?

The New faces are yet to be unmasked, but there is a guarantee that leads are returning. Amongst them, Jesse McCartney playing the role of Robin and Dick Grayson is returning. Nolan North plays the role of Superboy and Connor Kent. Danica McKellar as Miss Martian, Khary Payton as Aqualad, and Stephanie Lemelin as Artemis.

This was all about the Young Justice Series. Suppose we missed something, do let us know in the comments section below.