When Will Season 7 of ‘Chicago Med’ be on Netflix?

The third part of Wolf Entertainment’s Chicago franchise, Chicago Med, is a medical drama television show created by Matt Olmstead and Dick Wolf. The first season was released On November 17, 2015, on NBC.

When Will Season 6 of ‘Chicago Med’ be on Netflix?
Chicago Med Season 7

With the departure of many original crew members Yaya DaCosta and Torrey DeVitto, Chicago Med is entering its seventh season on NBC. However, the seventh season will have Brian Tee returning with Nick Gehlfuss, Oliver Platt, Marlyne Barrett, Dominic Rains, and Steven Weber to tackle the serious cases that arrive at Chicago Gaffney’s ED.

Keep reading to know about everything about Chicago Med Season 7. With the addition in the cast, premiere date, plot, and more:

Release Date And Expected Cast

As we know, the first season of Chicago med was released on 17th November 2015 on NBC. After its successful run, the show was renewed for the next three seasons. And accordingly, the sixth season was released on 11th November 2020. And now the fans of the show are getting ready for the seventh season that is scheduled to be premiered on NBC on 22nd September 2021.

Both DeVitto and DaCosta are quitting the program after six seasons and more than a hundred episodes and will not be a part of the main role for the forthcoming season seven. It’s difficult to imagine the program without April and Natalie, who has been a part of it since the beginning. However, the happy news is that the rest of the group will return for the future season.

When Will Season 6 of ‘Chicago Med’ be on Netflix?
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Oliver Platt, Nick Gehlfuss, Brian Tee, and S. Epatha Merkerson have all inked new deals to stay on the program. Marlyne Barrett and Dominic Rains are also slated to return, as previously reported.

NBC will also be aiming to replace the vacuum left by DaCosta’s and DeVetto’s exits with some new arrivals, as well as a better role for one of the show’s newest members.

When Will Season 6 of ‘Chicago Med’ be on Netflix?
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However, there is good news for the fans of the show. That is after his first appearance in the sixth season of the series. Fan-favourite Steven Weber will be returning for the seventh season. But this time, fans will see more of his character as it is reported that Steven Weber’s character “Dean Archer” has been rightfully promoted. In the sixth season, we have seen his character joining the team as interim chief of the ED.

There is a couple of new addition to the team as well with Guy Lockard and Kristen Hager. Guy will be playing the role of Dr. Dylan Scott. A Chicago police officer left his job to become a doctor. At the same time, Kristen will be taking up the role of Dr. Stevie Hammer. A scrappy and brilliant emergency room attending physician. These two new additions will be filling up the gap made due to the exit of DeVitto and DaCosta.

Top 3 Best And Worst Episodes Of Chicago Med, According To Fans

Top 3 Best Episodes

On the top of our list is

Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings

Dr. Choi and Dr. Charles are forced to treat a patient who believes he is a vampire, an unusual turn of events for the doctors. Aside from the vampire narrative, Dr. Choi’s care of a military amputee is cut short when high-ranking military officers arrive to take the amputee out of the hospital. Apart from the drama in the hospital, Maggie also meets a new friend in Chemotherapy and later hosts a crawfish party.

This episode is rated 9.3 on IMDB.

Never Let You Go

This episode is number 2 on our list with an IMDB rating of 9.0. Never Let You Go is the most dramatic episode of Chicago Med so far. The hospital is virtually under siege, with numerous individuals being held hostage by a kid with a gun. The adolescent does this because he has learned that his pregnant girlfriend has decided to place their kid for adoption, and he wants to adopt the child. Dr. Choi cannot operate on the young child due to adolescence and must instead train April to do so.

When Will Season 6 of ‘Chicago Med’ be on Netflix?
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Infection Part 2

With an IMDB approval rating of 8.8. Another crossover incident involving both Chicago PD and Chicago Fire is Infection Part 2. This episode is about a violent flesh-eating bacterial infection swept over Chicago, as the title suggests. Because the sickness has only been recorded in the two most densely populated regions of Chicago, investigators assume that the epidemic is the product of terrorist action. This episode has a running time that of a movie. But does an excellent job in building the tension and excitement.

Here are the top 3 worst episodes so far

1. “Nothing To Fear.”

So far, this is the worst-performing episode of the entire series. With only a score of 4.5, this episode has the lowest approval rating among fans. This episode shows how Dr. Rhodes is having a hard time balancing his work life and home life. As a result, he is sidelined from surgeries. At the same time, Dr. Reese and Dr. Charles’s argument over a patient’s treatment leads the patient to slash Dr. Reese’s car tires. Which let the fans of thinking the episode is bizarre.

2. “Naughty or Nice.”

This episode is fairly average, with an IMDB rating of only 4.6. This episode shows us how Dr. Charles’s performance is affected. By the news of his shooter getting killed in prison. A husband is tested with Zika Virus who doesn’t want his wife to know. And Dr. Stanley charges the family of a man dressed as Santa who dies in the waiting room without receiving any treatment.

When Will Season 6 of ‘Chicago Med’ be on Netflix?
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3. “Over Troubled Water.”

Over Troubled Water is also rated 4.6. But received fairly positive reviews from fans. This episode showed a dynamic shift of the show. As from here, we can see that characters are finally developing. With Doctors having their own opinions about how a patient needs to be treated.


Chicago Medical Center, where the play takes place, is more healing and restoration than brokenness. It’s a skit about life, with all of its triumphs and heartbreaks. It dives right into fans’ hearts from the first episode itself. Chicago Med has had a successful run so far. With six seasons running, this show has a special place in the hearts of its fans. The seventh season will be releasing on September 22, 2021, on NBC. The upcoming season will see some old faces leaving and some new joining with Guy Lockard and Kristen Hager.

When Will Season 6 of ‘Chicago Med’ be on Netflix?
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With the promotion of Steven Weber. The Upcoming season is going to be a season to watch. With an eight-episode still on the way, the seventh season will be full of more hospital excitements.