You Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Many More Updates

Adapted from the book named “You • Hidden Bodies” by Caroline Kepnes, the Thriller Series has completed both of its seasons. You is an American Psychological Thriller series which is developed by the showrunners Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti.

This Psychological Crime Thriller has been indexed with an IMDB rating of 7.7/10, receiving 90% of Rotten Tomatoes. Additionally, 87% of Google Users Loved this Series. The Crime TV series stars Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, Victoria Pedretti, Ambyr Childers, Jenna Ortega, Carmela Zumbado, Shay Mitchell, and many more in the lead roles. The series was first released on 9th September 2018.

Sneak Peek into Season 1

You Season 3
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What’s Obsession for you? Generally, people are obsessed with themselves, their work, their belongings, and their beloved ones. Although obsession is good to some extent, there are limitations, boundaries. Crossing them can be the cause of something catastrophic.

The series is all about Obsession which has been masked with the name “Love”. Joe Goldberg works as a Manager in the New York Bookstore who develops an insane obsession with a female writer Guinevere Beck. An insane obsession that is toxic, dangerous, and deadly. The Manager leaves no stone unturned to conquer Beck. Joe used every social media platform to go closer to Guinevere. Goldberg even removes every hurdle that comes forth in the way to get closer to Beck, be it people.

How Far Will You Go For Love? General Question to Everyone.

Sneak Peek into Season 2

You Season 3
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Season 2 shows a different side of Goldberg when he shifts from New York to Los Angeles. Joe, to get rid of the past events with Beck, starts a new journey. When Joe crosses paths with Passionate Chef Love Quinn, he starts developing the old syndrome of Obsession who he names Love. Joe starts to develop new Love in the City of Angles. Joe wants to make his relationship with Love successful at any cost to avert the doom of his past relationship.

Will Season 3 stream on Netflix this year?

You Season 3
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After leaving Season 2 with a cliffhanger, fans are waiting with an ardent desire to see if Joe’s psychopath nature will turn into extreme or he’ll be returning to his normal phase. Many questions, one solution: Release of You: Season 3.

Amidst this pandemic, the Production of You Sequel 3 was halted after its renewal in January 2020. Then the news followed about the Production started in November 2020, where Netflix announced that the cast is back on sets. Finally, in April 2021, the Production wrapped up with the shoot for Sequel 3.

If we go with the timescale of Netflix releasing dates, it is anticipated that You: Season 3 will air in October-December 2021. So it’s a Big Yes to all the fans that Season 3 will be releasing this year.

The Hypothesis of You: Season 3

You Season 3
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Season 3 is quite the opposite to the Caroline Kepnes Novel’s third sequel. The New Book tells about how Joe is tired of Love Quinn and leaves the City of Angles to wander around the lap of nature. Afterwards, he meets a librarian named Mary Kay DiMarco, who turns the new obsession on Joe.

The Actual Plot of Season 3 shows that Joe’s new obsession is his upper-class neighbour. The series will also focus on Love’s Pregnancy and her mother’s promotion. Love’s pregnancy will play a significant role in Joe’s changing feelings for her. Unfortunately, love has already proven herself a manipulative and erratic companion, and she isn’t that naive enough to whom Joe will throw away and start a new romance with her upper-class neighbour.

New York – Los Angeles -? Will the Place be changed?

You Season 3
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Season 2 showed how Joe shifted to Los Angeles and found her new obsession Love Quinn, and after their steamy make-out session, Love became pregnant.

Showrunner Sera Gamble had already hinted that Joe’s destination and location would change in every season. This time I feel Season 3 might be set in a suburban area and that Joe’s location has also changed, as Gamble hinted by saying, “fish out of the water”.

Season 3: Which Characters Are Returning?

You Season 3
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Apart from the sure sort two people who’ll be present in Season 3, that is Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti), few members would be returning. Season 2 ended with Love and Joe deciding to stay together and invite their first child, but every one of us knows that they aren’t parenting material.

Dottie (Saffron Burrows), who plays the role of Love’s mother, will try her level best to keep her daughter and grandchild safe, secure, and healthy. So she’ll be seen in few scenes of Season 3.

Ellie (Jenna Ortega), who plays the role of Joe’s sister, will also be seen in few scenes as Joe is monetarily supporting her. Joe feels pity for Ellie after what happened to her in Season 2.

Apart from these characters, Sara Gamble said that there would be few friends of Love who’ll be returning.

Any New Face to be Seen in Season 3?

As we know, Joe has found his new love interest in his upper-class neighbour. It is anticipated that Michaela McManus will play the role of Natalie, who’ll be the wealthy, upper-class neighbour with luxurious and high-end stuff with a privileged lifestyle.

It has been confirmed that Dylan Arnold will be playing Theo’s role, a college student. Tati Gabrielle is also confirmed for the role of Marianne, who’d be a vigilant and attentive librarian.

Shalita Grant has bagged the role for Sherry, who’ll be an influencer who’d pretend to be friendly and generous to Love but is revealed to be the meanest of all. Travis Van Winkle will play the role of Cary, who is a rich, wealthy supplement corporation owner.

Scott Speedman bagged the role for Matthew, who’d be the CEO of a successful company and a very loving husband who generally doesn’t confess his feelings. Instead, he may play the role of Natalie’s counterpart. Jack Fisher will play Junior Joe’s role in a few scenes where Goldberg rethinks and recalls his past.

There hasn’t been any official trailer released for YOU: SEASON 3, but as soon as the Release Date is revealed (anticipated between October-December,), the trailer will also stream simultaneously. Once the trailer releases, we can predict the actual story of Season 3.

There’s a quote that says, “Cure for an Obsession, get another one”. I think Joe also believes in this quote. Every season unveils yet another obsession that turns toxic and dangerous at the end. After all, Without Obsession, Life is Nothing.