Is Cursed Season 2 Worth The Wait?

Cursed Season 2
Cursed Season 2

Cursed is a fantasy Television series on Netflix. The series has one season, and Netflix recently canceled the show after only one season. Sworn was among those TV shows Netflix canceled after only one season in 2021 for several reasons.

The Series is created by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, who wrote the graphic novel of the same name. Both of the creators served as the executive producers for the series. It was released on Netflix ok July 17, 2020.

They received a lot of popularity among the viewers. Katherine Langford gained more positive feedback for her performance in Cursed after the 13 Reasons already loved her Why fans. It is said to be extraordinary as it talks about a queen wielding a mighty sword when King Arthur was said to have it.

What is Cursed About?

The Chapter follows Nimue, a fay in the Arthurian era. Her village cast her out for being cursed, and the villagers believed that she brought destruction. When Red Paladins attack her village, she escapes the village, but after finding her mother dead.

She is told by her mother to find Merlin the Magician and give him a sword of an enormous amount of power. She sets on the path to find Merlin. She faces a group of wolves right after getting out of the village. Moreover, she gathers the courage and kills those wolves with the same sword.

Is Cursed Season 2 Worth The Wait?
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One of the small kids of the village, Squirrel, gets kidnapped by the weeping monk as bait to kill others. Nimue tries to find Squirrel. But instead finds one of the red paladins. He attacks her, but she fights him with the help of the hidden people.

Nimue meets Arthur in the village she had previously met him. She tells him about the sword and that she has to deliver the sword to Merlin. He tells her that he will help her in the journey and steals the sword himself to return it to Merlin. But it is later revealed that he wants to participate in a tournament to prove himself.

Cursed Season 2 release date and cast


Nimue ends up in a shelter for the Red Paladins, and when the weeping monk suspects the presence of a fey, everyone is summoned to be searched. But with the help of Igraine, Arthur’s sister, Nimue escapes and leaves to look for Arthur and the sword.

The sword is now in the hands of the Red Paladins. Nimue, who reunites with Arthur, looks for the blade and gets help from other people. When one of the people who helped her is found dead, Nimue kills many Red Paladins in a lake. She is now called the Wolf-Blood-Witch.

On the other hand, the Ice King Cumber talks about a war against King Uther. Nimue and Arthur go to a fay rescue shelter called Nemos. She finds Squirrel too safe in Nemos. Igraine too follows them and helps Nimue with her sword situation. She suggests she write Merlin a letter which later saves his life.

Nimue goes with Kaze and Morgana to an old castle to meet with Merlin, soon after realizing Merlin is her birth father. The story behind Merlin and Nimue’s mother is shown. Nimue learns from Merlin how to control her powers and how to use them.

Is Cursed Season 2 Worth The Wait?
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Everyone under the rule of the red paladins and king Uther and wanted freedom for themselves believed that Nimue would bring them that freedom. On the one hand, she was feared and hated as the wolf-blood-witch, the fay, and even some humans supported her and declared her as their queen.

Arthur and Nimue arrange for the fey to be taken to a safer place by agreeing with King Uther. But, on the other hand, Merlin goes in and out of danger many times, trying to save himself and Nimue from danger.

The series ends with Nimue getting killed by a sister of the Red Paladins. Merlin shoots a lightening towards her in anger and grief of losing Nimue. The fans are expecting to watch more stories of Nimue and Merlin, the magician. Arthur and other fay kind get ambushed on the beach, and many of them get killed.

The plot of Season 2

As the story is set in the Arthurian era, we expected to see Arthur from Cursed become a king and rule and win kingdoms. We would have loved to watch the complete end of the Red Paladins and the church’s influence. More of Morgana, who in the end gets a significant character change. Though Nimue fell off a bridge at the end of season one, fans expected her to come back to life in season two somehow.

Cursed Season 2
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At the end of the first season, the weeping Monk is revealed to be one of the fay kind and recuses Squirrel from the red paladins and takes him somewhere far on his horse. The fans were expecting to see a good side of the weeping Monk. We even expected him to fight the war alongside Arthur, but I guess we’ll never know.

The cast of Cursed

Katherine Langford plays Nimue, a fay teenager abandoned by her villagers because they thought she was cursed. Devon Terrell played the role of Arthur, the character based on the legend of King Arthur. Gustaf Skarsgard plays the role of Merlin, the magician. Shalom Brune-Franklin plays the of Igraine.

Cursed Season 2 release date out
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Daniel Sharman plays the role of Lancelot, AKA the weeping Monk. He was the most influential person who worked for the Red Paladins. Lily Newmark played the role of Pym, Nimue’s Best friend, who later becomes a healer to stay alive. Peter Mullan plays the role of Father Carden, the leader of the red paladins. Different actors play other significant characters.

Season 2 Renewal Status

In April 2021, the news was out that Cursed might be renewed for season 2. But later, through several factors, it was known that the series has ended. Some of the fans speculated that the second season might come in 2021, but it looks like Netlfix already wrote the fate of the series.

Cursed Season 2

The creators of the show Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler might have more storylines for the show’s characters, but as Netflix has made the final decision, it looks like we will never know what happens next. Netflix canceled several shows only in July 2021. Cursed was, unfortunately, one of them.

There have been no release dates for the second season of Cursed. Netflix released no trailer as it has already announced the cancellation of the series. The fans were disappointed to hear the news as they expected season 2 to release this year.