The Crown Season 5: Update On Release Date & What’s New

One of the top historical dramas, The Crown, is set to have two more seasons to complete the story of the British Royal Family. The series premiered on Netflix on November 4, 2016. It currently has four seasons, and the creator has hinted that this drama series will have a fifth and sixth season, season 6 being the final season.

Peter Morgan wrote and created the series for Netflix based on his film The Queen (2006). Peter Morgan is known for several other of his remarkable works. He also serves as the executive producer for the series, along with several others. Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television produced the show.

The first season of The Crown was released on November 4, 2016. Season 2 came out on December 8, 2017. The third season was on Netflix on November 17, 2019. Season four was released on November 15, 2020. All four seasons came out with ten episodes each. Season five and six might bring ten episodes each as well.

The Story of The Royal Family So Far

The series follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II. It follows her life since the time of her wedding to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Queen Elizabeth returns to London after learning about the terminal diagnosis of Kind George VI. While Elizabeth and Philip were sent to Kenya, King George passes away, causing the couple to return.

Elizabeth, who was next in the line of succession, assumes the sovereign role. In season one, the series goes through Elizabeth’s coronation and difficulties in the path. Elizabeth and Philip face problems in their marriage life due to the Royal position Elizabeth held and acquired. 

The Crown Season 5: Update On Release Date & What's New
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During this period, there was a lot of opposition for Winston Churchill and his role as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He was asked to step down but kept refusing the idea. Finally, at the end of season one, he does step down from the position of Prime Minister of The United Kingdom and allows Anthony Eden to replace him.

During the funeral of King George II, his elder brother Edward VIII returns to England after leaving the Royal throne several years ago. Edward had abdicated the throne for the reasons of marrying Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced American socialite. Several people, including Queen Mary and The Church, had opposed his marriage to Wallis.

Margaret, the youngest daughter of King George VI and Elizabeth’s sister, becomes controversial when her relationship with George’s equerry becomes known to everyone. As a result, Queen Mother and Elizabeth oppose the idea of Margaret marrying Peter Townsend, who Margaret never marries.

The Crown Season 5: Update On Release Date & What's New
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In season two, the series goes through more of Elizabeth’s marriage life with Philip. There are instances where she doubts that he might be having an extramarital affair. But they finally decide not to divorce.

The United Kingdom goes through another change in the position of Prime Minister after Anthony Eden resigns. He struggles to solve the disputes of the Suez Canal, but due to the lack of support from his cabinet, the whole plan falls apart. As a result, he resigns from the position, and Harold Macmillan takes over as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

In season two, Princess Margaret meets Tony Armstrong Jones, who she later marries in the season. Unfortunately, they face some opposition due to the past life that Tony had. Margaret, however, waits for the approval of Queen Elizabeth, who was then carrying her third child. Later in the season, The Queen gives birth to a fourth child, while Prince Philp goes through serious allegations.

In season three, Harold Wilson becomes the new Prime Minister. Queen Elizabeth hears rumors about him working for the Soviet Union. But later find out that there is a different mole in Buckingham Palace.

The Crown Season 5: Update On Release Date & What's New
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Prince Philip goes through a series of crises following the death of his mother, Princess Alice. She was previously brought to the palace by Elizabeth. He meets the astronauts who first landed on the moon and were on a world tour after. He seeks help from the Church.

Margaret goes through a failed marriage and is caught in controversy again when photographed with another man on vacation. She even attempts suicide but is later consoled by Queen Elizabeth. Queen has now completed 25 years as sovereign.

Season four starts with Prince Charles meeting Lady Diana Spencer. They start dating after Charles asks permission from Diana’s sister Sarah. He later proposes to her, and they get married, and a lot of celebration takes place. Margaret Thatcher of the Conservative party becomes the first woman Prime Minister of Britain.

The Crown Season 5: Update On Release Date & What's New
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Elizabeth tries to build her relationship with all her children. She meets with all of them and learns new information. She also knows that Charles is cheating on Diana with his girlfriend Camilla while Diana is pregnant. Elizabeth starts to distance herself more due to her increasing popularity, and Diana is left behind.

At the end of the fourth season, Diana and Charles, both engaged in extramarital affairs, are advised by the Queen not to separate. Diana’s increasing popularity becomes a problem for Charles and Camilla, which takes out on Diana. But they’re both still asked not to fail their marriage.

Season 5 of The Crown

Season 5 will go through the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in the 20th and the 21st Century. It might focus more on the divorce of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Their children, Prince Harry and Prince William might be given more storylines in season 5. Now that we know that The Crown will have a sixth season, more of the events of coming years will be added to the episodes.

The Crown! Season 5 of the Royal Drama, Cast and Other Updates
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Season 5 might focus on Diana and Charles’s divorce. Fans are expecting The Crown to focus on the marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. But there have been no hints about the same yet. The upcoming season will go through the recent events, and that is for sure.

The Updated Cast Members 

The cast for the series has been changing course. For the first two seasons, different actors portrayed the roles of the characters of the series. The model changed for seasons three and four, considering the growing age of the characters. Olivia Colman played the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the third and fourth seasons. 

The Crown! Season 5 of the Royal Drama, Cast and Other Updates
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Imelda Staunton will play the role of Queen Elizabeth II in season 5. She expressed her joy and said it would be more challenging to play her older version, as it is more recent. Jonny Lee Miller will play the role of British Prime Minister John Mayor. Leslie Manville will play the role of Princess Margaret. Jonathan Pryce is going to play the role of Prince Philip. Elizabeth Debicki will be playing Princess Diana.

The Release Date for Season 5

The fifth season of The Crown will take some time to drop on Netflix. The filming of the series was on a break, not only due to the pandemic. The series just began production for season five. So, it is safe to assume that season five will come out no sooner than 2022.

The series took a similar break between seasons two and three when it changed in the cast. So, now that there will be a different cast after season 4, too, fans might have to wait a little longer for season five. As the production only began recently, there is no official trailer for the upcoming season.