Will The Magicians Season 6 Air?

The Magicians
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The Magicians premiered on Syfy on December 16, 2015. The show is based on the novel The Magicians by Lev Grossman. The show currently has five seasons. There is no official announcement about a potential sixth season, and it looks like that is it for The Magicians. The magicians might not come back for season 2.

Sera Gamble and John McNamara create the fantasy TV series. Mitch Engel produced the series. NBC Universal Television Distribution distributed the show with Syfy airing the episodes. Syfy announced season 6 for The Magicians in April 2020, but the fans were not so happy with the announcement.

Previous Seasons

Season one of The Magicians first aired on December 16, 2015. Season two came out first on January 25, 2017. On January 10, 2018, season three aired on Syfy. Season four came out on January 23, 2019, and the fifth and final season came out on January 15, 2020.

Season 1 and 2

The series The Magicians follows Quentin Coldwater, who gets selected in a Magic University. He goes to Brakebills University to learn magic and become a professional magician. He was happy that a world he read about since he was a child is accurate and can be a part of it. He gets excited to learn magic and perform it to people in need. However, he was not aware of the things this new journey of life was bringing to him.

Quentin Coldwater makes new friends, Alice, Eliot, Margo, and others in the first season. His childhood friend Julia wanted to learn magic, just like Quentin gets rejected by the university and finds other ways to discover the magic. She meets different kinds of people on her journey of learning the art of magic.

Quentin discovers that the magical world he dreamt of is not as great as he thought it was. He is told by a character Jane Chatwin from his favourite magic novels “Fillory and Further, that a beast will be unleashed upon the world soon and that he has to save people from the beast along with his friends.

The Magicians
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All of them learn different kinds of magical spells and tricks to save themselves and others from the beast. They learn about other worlds and travelling in time. Quentin and Alice date but break up due to an unfortunate event. They rescue the people who the beast had held captive and find out about the beast’s true identity, which leaves them shocked. The beast kills people at the end of the season.

In season 2, a new enemy comes to haunt the students of Brakebills. The trickster Reynard comes down to kill people to gain more power. Unfortunately, it gets more complicated than before for Quentin and his friends to defeat Reynard.

When Alice tried to stop the beast from doing more harm to them and the world, but in the process, she ends up killing herself and turning into a Niffin as a result of a failed magic. Quentin tries to bring her back when she takes control of his mind. He finds the better and kinder part of her soul and brings her back to life, but all this has made a change in her.

The Magicians
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Penny, one of Quentin’s friends, loses the ability to do magic when his hands are injured while performing a spell. The White Lady then heals his hands. However, he later finds out that some terrible thing is on the verge of happening to him and his friends.

On the other side, Eliot and Margo are left to rule over Fillory; Quentin steps in and saves. But at the cost of losing all the magic that was given to them. When two of the gods die in Fillory, another one stops all the spells as a punishment.

Season 3 and 4

In season 3, Quentin and friends try to bring back magic to their world and discover a book called The tales of the seven keys, which might be the key to getting magic back. Meanwhile, Elliot and Margo struggle to keep their rule intact in Fillory.

They go on an adventure to find out what the mystery behind the keys is and how it will help them bring back the magic. Then, they travel back in time to recover keys. They travel in different timelines, and other versions of these characters are seen in season 3.

The Magicians
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They succeed in bringing back the magic at the end of season 3, but it leaves them with alternate personalities, which they will have to deal with in the future.

In season 4, a monster has taken hold of Eliot, and all his friends are trying to get him back. The monster plans to collect body parts to form a new body for himself. They offer to help in exchange for Eliot’s life. They save his life by fighting different powers. At the end of the season, Quentin sacrifices himself to save others. Later the earth is filled with more magic than there should be.

The Last Season

Season 5, too, goes through the group’s adventures to save the earth from collapsing due to the overflow of magic. But in season 5, there is no Quentin, at least in the beginning. Instead, Alice makes a golem by taking Quentin’s soul.

The Magicians
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Quentin’s friends learn to save the world without him. They try to save Fillory from destruction by a dark king. The season ends with the group trying to find missing students on a new planet somewhere. The show ended on a different but good note for the fans. But they still expect to see another season and new enemies and monsters to fight. We noticed that the magicians built a new and safe place for the people of Fillory, but as the show has come to an end, we might not see more of the new Fillory.

Are the Magicians Coming Back for Season 6?

The Magicians is not coming back for Season 6. The fans are disappointed by the news. Syfy announced the cancellation and thanked all the cast and crew of the show. With one of the main characters dead, the fans expected more of the other characters in season 6.

The Magicians

Source – GoogleThe makers announced that the last episode of season 5, “Fillory and Further will also be the final episode for the series altogether. Falling ratings might have been one of the reasons for the show to be cancelled after the fifth season. The fans are upset and are trying to get another season, but it looks the decision is final.