What You Need To Know Before Watching Netflix’s Q-Force

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Q-Force is an upcoming adult comedy series on Netflix. Q-Force is an animated LGBTQ-based TV Series. The release of the series is scheduled for September 2, 2021.

The show will be distributed by NBC Universal Television Distribution and the release Network will be Netflix. Q-Force is being produced by Universal Television, Hazy Mills Productions, Fremulon, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Titmouse, Inc.

Sean Hayes and Michael Schur created the comedy series. Gabe Liedman, who also wrote the series, will be the executive producer of Q-Force along with Todd Milliner, David Miner, Michael Schur, and Sean Hayes. All these experienced creators coming together to create another remarkable TV show.

The Plot of Q-Force

The series follows a group of underestimated LGBT superspies. It centers on a secret agent Steve Marywhether, who is also known as Agent Mary. Agent Mary who worked with AIA, American Intelligence Agency. He was even their most efficient agent. But when Agent Mary came out as Gay, unable to fire him directly AIA sends him off to West Hollywood to be in hiding or disappear completely. Agent Mary instead gathers a group of LGBTQ+ smart brains, constituting the Q-Force. Agent Mary is being compared to the legendary James Bond, we might just see some of Bond in Mary.

What You Need To Know Before Watching Netflix's Q-Force
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The Q-Force includes Agent Mary along with Twink, Deb, and Stat. Twink is a master in drag disguises. Deb is a skilled mechanic, a lesbian. Deb has a wife. Stay is a hacker with a secret. They all come together with Agent Mary and try to convince them that they are capable enough to be a part of AIA.

Netflix's Q-Force release date, cast and plot
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The Q-Force wait for almost a decade to get an official mission from the AIA. Mary who is hellbent on proving himself to AIA decides to go on his own to solve cases with the Q-Force. They finally find a case and solve it on their own. The AIA is forced to approve them and upgrade them to Active Secret Agents in the field. But along with that approval came a major challenge. The Q-Force had to work along with a new member of their group, a straight guy, Agent Buck.

The Voice Cast and Other Characters

The show Q-Force will take us through the journey of a young and queer group of people. Their personal and Professional adventures will be exciting to watch. Steve Marywhether is also known as Agen Mary will be voiced by Sean Hayes. We have previously seen Sean Hayes in several films and TV series, he was especially seen in Will & Grace. Gary Cole is going to be the voice of Director Dirk Chunley, The director of AIA a hard-nosed straight man.

Q-Force Cast and plotline
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Patti Harrison will be the voice of Stat. Twink and Deb will be given voiceover by Matt Rogers and Wanda Sykes respectively. Benji, the primary love interest of Agent Mary will be voiced by Gabe Liedman. Agent Rick Buck, the straight guy in a queer group will have the voice of David Harbour. The Deputy Director of AIA, V is a high-ranking woman of the agency and Laurie Metcalf will give her voice.

The Creators of Q-Force

The show not only being a queer representation, has a cast that represents the LGBTQ community. Sean Hayes, Matt Rogers, and Gabe Liedman the creator of the show all identify themselves as gay. Wanda Sykes identifies as a lesbian and Patti Harrison is a transgender woman.

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The creators of Q-Force who have individually worked on several known TV series have also worked together before. The creator Michael Schur had a big hand in the creation of The Good Place a show liked by many. He also worked on Brooklyn Nine-Nine along with Gabe Liedman. All these creators have previously worked together, making a very experienced squad of queer creators.

More On Q-Force

According to the trailer and Agent Mary, Q-Force is going to be the first-ever queer squad of secret agents, we surely know that is breaking a lot of stereotypes. The creator’s Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner had plans to create a spy series focusing on the LGBTQ characters in the show. They wanted to make a show that also had some parts like the James Bond films. It looked difficult to make in the beginning and make it animated.

The creators thought that making the show Q-Force animated will allow them the freedom to add more effectively than making a live-action series. They were not sure in the beginning if the studios would agree for a gay leading character in a spy action genre for TV series. They joined hands with Michael Schur to create the show. The show was ordered for 10 episodes by Netflix, each episode being an average of 30 minutes. One of the companies producing the show, Hazy Mills Productions is led by Sean Hayes himself. The animation for the show Q-Force will be taking place in Titmouse, Inc’s Canadian studio.

What You Need To Know Before Watching Netflix's Q-Force
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Trailer Release

After the release of the trailer on June 23, 2021, the show received a lot of mixed responses. Some of them heavily negative and criticizing. Users on Twitter responded that the trailer showed a lot of stereotypes around the gay community. They speculated if the show will be good considering the sense of humor it is going to bring. But knowing that the very people who created the show belong to the LGBTQ+ community makes it considerable. Some users even backed the show’s creators saying the show itself might not be as the trailer is shown and interpreted.

What You Need To Know Before Watching Netflix's Q-Force
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While some of the users said that the show is going to break stereotypes of spies and secret agents being all straight, some said the opposite. Several people criticized the show’s trailer saying it actually focused on gay and queer stereotypes, deemed it cringeworthy. Comparing it some of the previously made sitcoms viewers claimed that Q-Force might just be like any other show that stereotyped queer people. Even the dialogues of the characters were highly criticized to be typical and too common for the community.

The Official Teaser

Netflix released an Official teaser for Q-Force on June 23, 2021. It gives us a look at how the show is going to be. It shows us how the Q-Force looks and how they are going to stand up for themselves. We saw that there is also a pride parade in the teaser, which looks exciting. It follows some car chases, Agent Mary climbing the wall, and a lot of fighting and action.

All the critical reviews aside, the series might just be different from what the trailer was interpreted to be. It might break the traditional stereotypes for the queer and the spies. The Q-Force is releasing on September 2, 2021, on Netflix and will surely be binge-worthy. Be ready for some fun and action by the queer spies.