Everything We Know About Netflix’s Gone For Good

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Harlan Coben’s mystery thriller novel Gone For Good has been adapted by Netflix for a TV series. Gone For Good is currently in production and is set to release in late 2021. Netflix released a trailer teaser giving the first look at Gone For Good. Gone For Good in the French language and is set in Paris, France.

Along with the numerous films and TV series Netflix has and is yet to bring, Gone For Good is ready to join the list. Harlan Coben has given Netflix more than 3 of his stories to be adapted into TV series. The Stranger, The Woods, and Safe are some of his top-rated thriller series. Netflix mystery series fans have loved Stranger, Safe, and The Woods; we can say that Gone For Goodwill receive the same love Coben’s other creations have.

The Plot of Gone For Good

Gone for Good is going to have five parts. The story follows Guillaume Lucchesi, a man in his thirties. Guillaume had thought that he had seen an end to the tragedies in his life after he had lost two of the most loved people in his life. His first love Sonia and his brother Fred had died, leaving him devastated.

Everything We Know About Netflix's Gone For Good
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Ten years after the two terrible incidents, he had met Judith. She made him feel that life was worth living again. Judith suddenly disappears during his mother’s funeral. He is shocked by that and is struggling to find her. In the path of finding Judith, he has to face all the good and bad truths that his family and friends had hidden from him. Some of the truths that were going to come out were the ones he had chosen to ignore. For better, but mostly for worse.

Cast and Crew

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Finnegan Oldfield plays the role of Guillaume Lucchesi along with Nailia Harzoune as Judith, his missing girlfriend. Garance Marillier plays the role of Sonia, Guillaume’s late wife. Nicolas Duvauchelle will be seen as Guillaume’s brother Fred. Other cast members include Grégoire Colin and Carlos Medina. The character names of the series are different from the novel. Juan Carlos directs the miniseries. The creative and Writing team includes David Elkaïm and Vincent Poymiro and Pauline Guinea, Nacin Mehtar, and Marion Festraëts. Cat Studio produces the series.

Other Works of Coben on Netflix

The Stranger is an eight-episode mystery thriller series on Netflix, released on January 30, 2020. It is adapted from Coben’s novel of the same name. The series follows a woman in her twenties who goes around to several people and funds out about their secrets. She threatens their family or close friends about disclosing the said secrets and demands money. It also revolves around Adam Price, a man threatened by The Stranger against his wife, who later disappears. Detective Sergeant Johanna Griffin is a police officer assigned to the primary cases of the series. The Stranger was created in the UK and is in the English language. It received a positive response from the Coben fans.

Everything We Know About Netflix's Gone For Good
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The Innocent or El Inocente is a Spanish language TV series based on Coben’s novel. Mario Casas plays the role of Mateo “Mat” Vidal Rivera. Mat decides to start a new life after getting stuck in a quarrel and an accidental murder. But more problems await when he starts over with his wife, Olivia. This series, too, gained a lot of positive reviews. It released on June 12, 2020, on Netflix.

The Woods is a Polish mystery-thriller miniseries on Netflix. Coben’s The Woods novel has been adapted into this TV series. The story of the series is set in two different periods, August 1994 and September 2019. A Murder case in the future is found to connect with an incident of murder and disappearance in the past. The nonlinear storytelling format is engaging in this series. The Woods has six episodes, released on June 12, 2020.

More About Gone For Good

If you have watched even one of the above series, you have an idea of what Gone for Goodwill brings to you. Mysteriously missing people is a dominant theme in Coben’s stories and has kept the audience interested even after the repetition. The themes of twists in the stories have also been shared. They keep up the element of suspense. Unresolved cases and misunderstood past events, too, are a massive part of Coben’s stories.


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The themes of Coben’s stories leave no room for predictions. The same goes for Gone For Good. Even though we know what the story is going to be, we don’t know how it will end. All we have to do is wait for the TV series to release and know for ourselves.

Harlan Coben and Netflix

“Netflix has been a wonderful partner in adapting my novels in a variety of countries – and it’s a particular thrill to be making Gone For Good in France. I’m honoured to be working with this incredibly talented French cast and crew.” – said writer Harlan Coben about his deal with Netflix and the upcoming series Gone For Good.

Head of original french series at Netflix, Damien Couvreur, said: “We are so excited that Harlan Coben and Calt Studio are bringing this gripping story to France. Gone for Good has all the ingredients of his great thrillers that have consistently sparked joy with our members.”


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Harlan Coben has given many remarkable novels, and his novels are published in several different languages. Unfortunately, few of his other works have been adapted for TV miniseries and films even outside of Netflix, such as Tell No One, No Second Chance, and Just One Look. Harlan Coben’s primary language for his Novels has been English, but they have been made into TV series of different languages. Most of the novels adapted into TV series and films are standalone novels, though he has also written a series of novels.

Coben signed a deal with Netflix to develop 14 of his novels into Netflix original films and series. He is also the executive producer for all of the adaptations. Out of the 14 novels Coben has agreed to produce with Netflix, 3 of them have already come out. Stay Close is one of Coben’s novel adapted series currently in production and Gone For Good.

Gone For Good, Trailer and Release Dates

Gone For Good is still in production, and we can expect it to reach our Netflix screens before the end of the year. The five-part series will bring all the excitement it can. Fans of Harlan Coben’s novels and his adaptations will love this adaptation. Netflix released a trailer teaser for Gone For Good on June 24, 2021. It already has created curiosity among the fans as to what this has in store.