It looks like this year Sounds Like Love!

It looks like this year Sounds Like Love!

Rom-coms, a place for movie lovers where the heart melts, and we end up bursting into tears of happiness. There have been many over the years that have had this kind of aftermath on us, but now there’s a new story in the lot that is waiting to be heard! Yes, you heard it right. Netflix is once again coming out with one of the best rom-com of the year, known as ‘Sounds Like Love.

Sounds Like Love is a Spanish film that is set to release this year on September 29th. It is based on a famous novel that goes by the name of ‘Songs and Memories’ by Elisabet Benavent. This novel has been created in the form of a duology.

A Little Bit About the Plot

Maca, who is considered a clumsy and confused 30-year-old, lives in the city of Madrid. She has been working there as an assistant for an authoritarian and flashy fashion designer, who she can’t stand by. During this time, she usually spends her time alone. But when she doesn’t, she tries to go out but wastes time on guys that are not worth her time. There have been boys that she’s dated, but she never really went far with any of them. It turns out that it is hard for her to create an emotional bond with someone, and frankly, she is getting sick and tired of trying so much all the time.

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She has two close friends in her life who go by the names Jimena and Adriana, who she considers herself an open book. Some of the best moments of her life have been with them as they have been friends since childhood. With all of this in mind, Maca now has two best friends, a job that is a certain waste of her talents, and a little bit of adventure and happiness on the side. Everything has been going supposedly well for her until one day, when her ex, Leo, decides to show up.

Who was Leo?

Leo, the ex-boyfriend, who is considered the biggest mistake of her life, has suddenly walked right up to her door again. He was not the man you’d normally expect to see. Leo would torment her, tear her life apart piece by piece and then obliterate all her feelings because he is a selfish and careless human being. Leo is one of the few reasons that Maca has lost many major trusts in many men.

For the men she goes out with, she can still not establish a good connection due to her past events. But now, with Leo back in her life, she suddenly has to face a plethora of emotions that she took so much time to repress and forget so that she could move on. And with him back in the picture, things can only get worse, or maybe he has come back to amends. But judging from Leo’s history with her looks like that will not be the case.

The Teaser

In the teaser that Netflix dropped, Maca and Leo cross paths with each other as Leo tends to take her by surprise as he returns to her. Then, Maca breaks the fourth wall and says that if this were a rom-com, then it would have started to rain. And then the next moment, you guessed it, it started raining. And then she defied that if this were a rom-com, then the girl would fall into the guy’s arms out of pure joy and hug her so tight.

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But here, for Maca, she looks cunning and tough enough to resist all of this petty romance. We can only see what happens to these two as they try to get back together. Will Maca live on with her two friends and a dead-end job? Or will she now face Leo again and bring him back into her life like nothing ever happened? For this, we have to wait and find out.

Meet the Actors, Director, and Screenwriter

Let us talk about some of the most important cast members involved in the project and the creators behind it. First, we will introduce you to Maria Valverde, who is taking on the role of Maca, the main protagonist. Then there is the very famous Alex Gonzalez, who will be wearing the suit of Leo, the toxic ex-boyfriend and supposedly the main antagonist. Also, let us not forget Adriana and Jimena! Adriana is played by Susana Abaitua and Jimena is played by Elisabet Casanovas. These are the only roles that have been officially disclosed to the public, while the rest of the cast remains in undisclosed roles.

The writer for this movie is Laura Sarmiento, who has some other movies as well to her name. She is known for works such as Matadera, The Zone, and Isabel, all movies that hold a lot of prominences when it comes to the Spanish language for film. With her as a writer, this movie is definitely going to have some flair like never before.

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And now, time to unleash the big gun. The director for the movie is going to be none other than the very famous Juana Macias Alba. She has a career that has spanned over the last few decades. And let us say that she has been bestowed with some of the greatest accolades. She has been presented with the Goya Award for Best Fictional Short Film and the Goya Award for Best New Director for her movie ‘Plans for Tomorrow’ and ‘Seven Coffees on a Week.’

With her as the director of the film, this project will certainly be a winner for all of us. As it goes, Spanish content offers some of the best of all content, and just like this one, we as fans can have a lot of expectations from the film. This one will raise the bar for romance comedy movies.

Release Dates? Where will it be?

The movie is still in the production process, as per several rumors, but it is expected to release in September, on the 29th. So, the timeline for this movie is still three months away, and we cannot be more patient about its arrival.

Right now, Netflix has already dropped a teaser of the movie, which shows a few glimpses as to what it will look like. It is a teaser that shows only Maca and Leo in the frame and shows how Leo has come back in his life, telling her that he has not stopped thinking about her ever since he left. It only creates more suspense as to what is about to happen in the story. There could be several plot twists for all we know. So, let’s sit back, wait, and see how the two progress with their lives. Sounds Like Love hits Netflix on September 29th! Mark the dates!