I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Season 2 Coming for More Sketchy Comedy!

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Season 2

Offbeat sketch comedy is not an easy job. Although, for some comedians out there, it is some art that they try to make with some of their content. Some comedians go so far in making good comedy that you cannot stop watching it again and again. And that is exactly the case with the man of the hour, Tim Robinson!

Tim Robinson’s show called I Think You Should Leave a show puts you in some of the most awkward yet hilarious situations and makes you question how the offbeat comedy gets interesting. Every episode presents different scenarios in which Tim is the common one. But, unfortunately, he’s usually the one who is causing all the chaos for everyone around him. The first season had episodes filled with some absurdly adult content but had a great flow of jokes to it! Let us go through a recap of the first season and discuss some details for the second season.

Episodes of the first season:

Has This Ever Happened to You?

In this episode, there are a few different scenarios. The first scenario is where Tim leaves a job interview, but while opening the door, he thinks it’s a push and pulls system of the door, where’s only push. But making the executive think it’s a pulling system as well, he breaks the door by opening it in the wrong direction purposefully. There’s also another scenario where a baby judging contest takes place.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson!
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Another scenario is created where there is a birthday party, and Tim gets a gift, but the person doesn’t like it. In case of this, he fakes liking it, and because of that, Tim asks for the receipt in case the person decides to return his gift. Steven Yeun makes a guest appearance in this episode.

Thanks for Thinking They are Cool

The episode’s title is based on the scenario based on a t-shirt that has a knob in it. The knob makes it easier to pull the shirt whenever it goes inside our naval. TC Tuggers make it.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson!
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Then there’s also a whoopie cushion prank where Tim sits on a whoopie cushion but does not take it as a joke. And the final scene is where an airline passenger gets creepy by talking out how he knew the child from the past crying in an airplane journey. And now the passenger is here to take revenge by doing the same.

It’s the Cigars you Smoke that are Gonna Give you Cancer

In this episode, Tim hosts a meeting where employees are discussing car designs and the kind of features that a modern car should have. But then suddenly, there is one man who sabotages the meeting by throwing inappropriate suggestions to the team.

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Another one of the scenarios is where an organist is filling in at a funeral. Unfortunately, he is not a professional and makes weird automated noises through his instruments and by breaking plates, causing massive chaos at the funeral

Oh Crap, A Bunch more Bad Stuff Just Happened

In this episode, a service dog from the future gets very friendly and tries to save Christmas in the present.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson!
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Then there is a scenario where Tim puts an inappropriate bumper sticker on his car, which reads, “Honk if you’re horny.” One of the guys on the road starts honking regularly and keeps following Tim around the city. He doesn’t stop until Tim provides the man with some pornography magazines, which he kept in the trunk of his car.

I’m Wearing One of their Belts Right Now

In this episode, Tim meets a man named Caleb Went, who owns a famous clothing line. He fanboys while sitting right next to him. But as soon as he starts to choke on some food, he looks at his friend but tries to let him not call the cops on him for help.

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Another scenario takes place where Tim crashes a car into a clothing auction, and then he is dressed as a hot dog. To slightly get away from the entire scenario, he tries to subtly take a few clothes and run away with them while being chased by the cops.

We Used to Watch This at my Old Work

In this episode, there is a game show mascot which creates a lot of confusion. A fun fact about this show is that one of the guest stars in the episode is none other than Andy Samberg.

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Then there is another scene in which people plan a baby shower, but Tim decides to sell off bad props from a movie that did not go successful. Turns out, it ends up becoming a weird scenario for all the guests.

And the best scenario of them all is when some work friends recommend watching funny videos in the workplace while they are on a break. But Tim does not know of any videos. So instead, what he does is that he makes a dub of this one compilation naming it Bozo dubbed videos and shows it to his colleagues the next day.

Season 2 comes out this week!

Now, as a recap, these were just some of the scenarios that we discussed that took place in the first season. Tim Robinson can be hilarious with making content that is offbeat and carries no relevance whatsoever to the entire conversation. But somehow, the jokes have a sort of flow to them. And then, down the line, the episode starts making sense as Tim starts creating fictitious stories on the spot.

What’s exciting is that the show is now coming back with the second season this upcoming week. You heard it correctly! Tim Robinson is coming back for some more offbeat humor which will take people for an awkward yet extremely hilarious joyride. Although the second season was supposed to much earlier, unfortunately, it had to face some delay due to the ongoing pandemic.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed whether there will be a third season to the show, Tim has hinted at it. Most critics say that they appreciate the sketchy comedy and want to see more of this for multiple seasons. Looks like we have another big entertainer in the mix. This show can only cease to amaze. If you haven’t watched it yet, then please do yourself a favor and watch the first season! It is adult content, but it looks like it’s going to go on for more! I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Season 2 premieres on July 6th, 2021, only on Netflix!