Netflix’s How I Became A Superhero Release Date and Story Details
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How I became a Superhero is a new film ready to be released on Netflix. It is a part of Netflix’s amazing set of releases scheduled on July 9, 2021. The French Superhero film is scheduled to release with several other amazing films.

What is the Film?

How I became a Superhero is a French superhero movie about how some drugs gave superpowers to normal humans. Set in Paris, France, the film is about normal people who were not born with superpowers but got them with the help of an outside source. The movie is set in a universe unlike other superheroes, where Superheroes don’t just get powers from ancestors and are born with the responsibility to protect.

Netflix's How I Became A Superhero Release Date and Story Details
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The trailer released by Netflix on June 17, 2021, for the upcoming French superhero film, How I Became a Superhero, gives a glimpse of how the story will be. The trailer promises that there will be a lot of action, and we are up for it. By the look of the trailer, we know that there is a supervillain who has superheroes. In addition, there are kids getting superpowers by consuming drugs, which will be very interesting to watch for superhero fans.

The trailer has received a strong response. It shows that even though the Superhero genre is mostly coming from American film franchises, How I Became A Superhero will not be any less than that. The trailer is increasing the expectations of the superhero fans. European film industries have not given us many films in the superhero genre, but the film How I Became A Superhero might change that.

What is the Plot?

We see two detectives in the How I Became A Superhero trailer, Gary Moreau and Lieutenant Schaltzmann. They are both paired together to solve a super-criminality. They discover that drugs are being distributed around, drugs that give you superpowers. It is now their responsibility to save their city from the Super wrong hands. Moreau and Schaltzmann take the help of Monte Carlo and Callista, two former superheroes. But, first, they have to dismantle the growing drug empire.

We have to wait and see how our normal day superheroes will battle superheroes with some cool but dangerous superpowers. We might as well guess that detective Gary Moreau will get superpowers. Because what is a superhero film without one. We don’t know yet what powers Gary might get, but there was a hint that his superhero name might be Titan. We are not sure if Lieutenant Schaltzmann will have any powers, but by the look of it, even if she doesn’t, she will fight the bad guys with her wit and all her strength.

In many superhero films, we have seen that a normal comes out as a superhero, and the real cops are sent behind to stand and watch the fight. But in this film, we can see that even the real cops are superheroes; in fact, they are the real superheroes. And they save the world from normal human criminals. So we might wonder why can’t a real cop beat a real super-criminal.

How I Became A Superhero
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Supervillain Kaja

Supervillain Kaja is recruiting people who have superpowers in his army. He traffics superpowers into the crowd and especially the young ones. In the trailer, you can see that a kid could throw out Fire from his hands. Someone made a gun float in the air; someone made another person float in the air. Everyone fancies being able to fly, but that requires a superpower, and we will see what else it requires in How I Became a Superhero.

Superheroes and normal humans living in coexistence are something everyone would like. But some people with Superpowers are not always superheroes. So we will see how two detective stories with the help of two former superheroes will battle the new age of superheroes. The people who got their powers from pills and drugs want to be famous at any cost. They want to be known for their powers, but will they bear the responsibility of a real superhero? Will they save the world from evil things? We will see in How I Became A Superhero.

According to the trailer, the film combines some amazing superhero action and some interesting detective thrillers. Graphic scenes of Fire coming out of people’s hands and people are floating in the air, and the supervillain is projecting a laser beam out of his eyes. The film might explain how if people in today’s times are given superpowers, what will happen? We know it will be fun to watch, so get ready with some snacks to watch How I Became A Superhero. Though we know what the story might be, A regular cop beating a supervillain. But we might still get surprises from this film, and the public is waiting for it.

How I Became A Superhero is adapted from a novel by Gérald Bronner is directed by Douglas Attal. The film was first premiered at the Deauville Film Festival in September 2020. The film was later sold to Netflix. How I Became, A Superhero is globally releasing on Netflix on July, 9th 2021. It is one of the many high-profile superhero film/TV shows to Netflix from Europe in recent times.

The Super Cast

Netflix How I Became A Superhero Release date and trailer
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Pio Marmaï is playing the main lead of detective Gary Moreau and Titan. Callista, the former superhero, is played by Leïla Bekhti. Another one of the former superheroes, Monte Carlo, is played by Benoit Poelvoorde. Swann Arlaud plays the role of Kaja, the man behind the spread of superhero drugs. Along with Pio Marmaï, Vimala Pons plays Lieutenant Schaltzmann, a brave and intelligent detective. Other characters such as Alex, Un brûlé and Pompier will be played by Mehdi Boudina, Jobani Noupinbon and Farid Afifi respectively.

Release Dates

How I Became, A Superhero was recently released on October 14, 2020, in theatres. But due to the Covid 19 pandemic situation and the closing of theatres, it was postponed to December 16, 2020, and to April 21, 2021, and finally, it released on Netflix on July 9, 2021.