Animal Lover’ Joins ‘Dogs’ Season 2 on Netflix

Dogs premiered on Netflix on November 16, 2018. The first season of the documentary series consists of 6 episodes. These six episodes tell six different stories of pups and how their human friends live with them.

The docuseries was renewed for a second season in June 2019, and in June 2020, it was announced that Dogs would be back on July 7, 2021. Dog lovers can’t wait to witness more stories of dog owners and their dogs.

What is “Dogs” about?

The series showcases the amazing relationship between humans and dogs. The creators have tried to show us how the friendship of humans is different yet just as beautiful in different cultures and countries. Dogs are seen in different ways in different cultures. We can see that how some amazing people dedicate their lives to give animals, especially dogs, in this case, a good life. People help them get foster homes and shelter homes. Some even get permanent homes. We see that dogs are so intelligent that they can detect seizures even before they occur if they’re trained well. Trained or not trained Dogs, the TV show will show you just how beautiful these animals are.

Season 1 of Dogs

Animal Lover' Joins 'Dogs' Season 2 on Netflix
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The first episode of Dogs tells us the story of Corrine, an American girl. Corrine lives in Westchester Township, Ohio, and is suffering from Epilepsy. Her family struggled to cope with her disorder, so they applied to get a service dog. They got a Goldendoodle named Rory who could help Corrine detect her seizures before they occurred. The family then got adjusted to Rory living with them, and Rory helped Corrine with her struggle.

The second episode is about Ayham, a Syrian refugee who has come to live in Berlin, Germany and settled there. He reaches out to an animal welfare group to smuggle his dog from Damascus, Syria, to Berlin. His Siberian Husky Zeus has to be brought to Berlin without any problems.

Dogs Season 2 Trailer, cast and plotline
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Episode 3 of Dogs is a 10-year old Labrador Ice story that helps his friend, an Italian fisherman. The fisherman faces some setbacks in his business. Watch lovely Ice help him with the situation.

In the fourth episode, we got to see how people have a very different and beautiful relationship with their dogs in Japan. Dog grooming is widely popular in Japan. Grooming is considered an art form in Japan. Two popular groomers from Japan travel to California, USA, to participate in a grooming competition.

Episode 5 talks about a sanctuary in Costa Rican rainforest. The sanctuary gives shelter to thousands of dogs and saves them from living on the streets. The people who help run the sanctuary dedicate their lives to help those dogs and make their lives better than before. However, they face problems with Costa Rican animal welfare authorities and other animal attacks on the dogs.

Dogs Season 2 on Netflix
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The sixth episode goes through the city of New York and its relationship with dogs. The dog population of New York is more than many cities’ human population. Advocate Anna helps dogs out of danger of being euthanized in other shelters. She tries to shift them to better shelters or foster homes.

Season 2 of Dogs

Dogs Season 2 all episodes
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Season 2 of Dogs is going to bring us four more stories of dogs with their human friends. We might get to see more about support or service dogs and shelter homes doing their best to give dogs a good life. Small kids to older adults are spending their lives with dogs. We might even see more stories of rescue dogs. Unfortunately, we have to wait for a little more time to see the new season of Dogs.

More about the most wholesome TV show

Glen Zipper, the creator of the series, said that the fans’ feelings from the show’s first season will now enlarge into something much bigger in the second season. The creators talked about how Dogs can easily connect with human beings. They can make a human very comfortable and intimate around them. And it is because of the very factor that this show has touched the hearts of a million people. Now that many people have become a part of the extended family, it is only right to go on with this and raise the bar.

Dogs Season 2 best show
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We can say that this show is for dog lovers and for someone who is not that attached to dogs. The content and the stories of the series Dogs will make you a dog lover. It will show you how dogs a man’s best friend from rescuing dogs from abusive homes, shelters, and streets to dogs saving you from a sad and depressed life. Dogs TV show will show you how even if the dog is not trained to do so, he will make your day better and make you feel happy. The show will make you realize they we humans are responsible for helping them.

We will learn by watching the show that how underfunded some animal shelter homes are. The people working for the shelters give the animals their whole lives in exchange for many cuddles from all those animals. The show focuses on how adopting a dog will help with your physical and mental health.

Trailer and Release Dates

The trailer for Dogs Season 2 was released on YouTube by Netflix recently. The trailer confirms that we will get to see four more dog stories. 4 dog people and their beautiful and wholesome stories of how their dogs helped them in life. The story of an astronaut, a priest, a military contractor, and the handler of a Legendary University Mascot, a bulldog. These stories will prove that not only are we supposed to make better lives for dogs, but dogs also will make our lives better. Dogs will show us that these animals are in our hearts as pets and as a family. So watch the trailer and give yourselves and your fluffy friends a treat.

The second season has completed production and is all set to release on July 7th, 2021. We can’t wait to watch more dog stories and we know you can’t either.