The Witcher 2: Geralt of Rivia is back after the attack of the Nilfgaards!

The Witcher 2

What may be considered as one of the best actions shows of all time, The Witcher is a show that has been winning hearts for so long. It was so exhilarating to see Henry Cavill hang the cape of the son of Krypton for a while and take on this role! To see him as the magically-enhanced fighting beat known as The Witcher is a sight that can’t be forgotten! But with all the excitement, it is now time for Season 2 to hit Netflix! That is right. The show’s creators have announced that Geralt is coming back for another season, as Henry Cavill reprises his role as the titular character!

Geralt’s life so far

Geralt, as we have seen, has fought in different years and faced several battles. From the first battle with the kikimora in 1231, up till fighting with the invaders from Nilfgaard, his journey has come very far. The one person causing Geralt a lot of problems is the antagonizing wizard known as Stregobor. He has been causing Geralt problems ever since he refused his request for Renfri to be killed. Ever since then, Stregobor has been sending his bandits and goons after him. Now, he has teamed up with Yennefer of Vengerberg, a quarter-elf sorceress dealing with magic.

The Witcher 2 Release Date, Cast and All Recent Updates
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Now, one more pivotal character that strikes our minds is none other than Ciri, who the loving Freya Allan plays. In the show, she is the granddaughter of Queen Calanthe, and by destiny, she was linked to the Witcher before she was even born.

The first season, however, ended on a very cold and suspenseful note. The attack launched by the Nilfgaardians caused a lot of casualties. Even so, it happened that Geralt was injured, and he loses consciousness. So, in the second season, it would start after the aftermath of the attack. Whatever events now take place will now occur despite the recovery that takes place after the Nilfgaardian attack.

Netflix’s Witchercon

Netflix started a new project called Witchercon in association with CD Projekt Red. A trailer was even dropped for the same. As it was in the trailer, the Wtichercon will be hosted in light of the coming soon. Fans can expect some saucy details from the second season. A live interview will be held with the main case, i.e., Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, and Freya Allan. And to top all of this off, the showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, will also be present for the event.

The event has promised to go into some deep dives about how The Witcher games were made and how the storyline is being properly adapted into the show. There will even be some exclusive footage from the second season that could take the fans back by shock. On top of all of this, there is also some breaking news about the coming season that the fans will be ready to announce.

The event will take place on 9th July on CD Projekt Red’s YouTube channel and all Twitch channels and as well. So do tune in to the Witchercon if you’d like to get some great details about the coming season!

A spin-off of The Witcher

It was recently announced that The Witcher would have some other spin-off projects. In January 2020, the creators announced that the show would be getting an animation movie called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. The movie will solely focus on Geralt’s mentor Vesemir. The creators of the show are now working in sync with the production house of Studio Mir. It has been stated that the movie is bound to release this year. The exact dates remain unannounced.

The Witcher 2 Release Date, Cast
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Other than the animated movie, there is more to the party. A live-action prequel series has also been planned ahead of the coming season. Although the second season is the show’s highlight right now, there will also be the prequel series giving a backdrop to the show. Netflix announced it in July 2020. It is set 1200 years before Geralt’s time, where it talks about the origin of the Witchers. It focuses on how the magically empowered race came to life to fight as ruthless sword killers. It is safe to say that much good content is coming down from the creators to the fans. And this whole franchise of The Witcher is only going to get better.

Shows that are related to the same concept

While the fans have been patiently been waiting for the second season, there are some more shows that people can look forward to. Some of these shows have had a brilliant response and an amazing cast and crew to look forward to.

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One of the shows that have been taking people by the storm is Netflix’s Cursed. It is a show which stars none other than 13 Reasons Why’s Hannah Baker, Katherine Langford.

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Another show which has raised the bar for dystopian drama is the Amazon Prime Original series, Carnival Row. It is a show which stars Orlando Bloom in the main role and as a surprise, Cara Delevingne. This show has given Cara the chance to enter into the filmmaking arena as she is transitioning herself from her life as a model to now also being an actress. She has started off well along with her co-actor, giving it a powerful first season.

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And one more show which now has multiple seasons to its name is none other than the famous war drama, Vikings. This show is one of the most critically appraised for the past few years and has been looking to several TV shows the competition when it comes to absolutely gold content! So while we are waiting for the second season to return with Geralt, we can certainly binge on these shows and not leave ourselves waiting.

Season 2 is coming up!

The only thing to look forward to now is that the new season might have many surprises for us! There has been no confirmation yet as to when or if there will be a third season of the show. So far, as much as the fans know, the production process for Season 2 is now finished! The second season has a lot to give to the fans. With Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri returning, it can only be unimaginable to see how the story evolves. When it comes to the videogames, a lot of the plot has been given away, but we have to wait and see if the show brings in any particular dramatic twists. Until then, play the video games, watch the first season, and patiently wait for the next one! Witcher Season 2 hits your screens very soon this year!