Sex Education 3: Otis, Maeve, and Eric are not done just yet!

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One of the shows breaking the stereotypes and normalizing some new trends is Sex Education. With two seasons full of ultimate madness, the show has gone through love, hate, confusion, and many other unprocessed emotions. Otis (Asa Butterfield), Maeve (Emma Mackey), and Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) have been winning hearts all over. As a trio, they have put up quite the name for themselves. As Otis’s sex therapy clinic progresses with its services, he is now stuck up with a bag of mixed emotions, for which he needs a therapist. The kind of help that Otis tries to pass on is quite helpful to many, and now, he has created a reputation of some sort in his school.

What comes off as even better news is that Sex Education is now coming back for a third season. This show has been dominating the charts when it comes to sexual comedy and stereotypical breakouts. In addition, many of the characters in the show have their own story of sorts, which makes them uniquely fascinating. With all that has happened in the past two seasons, fans can only expect more as to what they want and when they’ll get it.

What we’ve seen so far

So far, a lot has taken place in the events of the show. After the finale of the first season, we’ve seen that Otis’s sex therapy clinic has been doing wonders for many people at the school. Because of this, his partner, Maeve, has been making good money off of his clients. Now, while Otis looks to help others in their time of need, he doesn’t realize that he has some problems of his own.

Sex Education 3: Otis, Maeve, and Eric are not Done just Yet!
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Otis’ mom, Dr. Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson), a well-known sex therapist, has been trying to offer her advice to her son, which makes it awkward for him to deal with his family at home. But even after that, Jean has not made life any easy for him. She now joined Otis’ school as a therapist, which turns out did cause a riot. A lot of people came out with their sexual problems. When Jean came to advise the students about their issues, the school system found it entirely inappropriate and decided to let her go. More so, Jean gets to know about Otis’ sex clinic and is infuriated at Otis for starting such an initiative without even letting his mother know.

Maeve and Otis? Will it finally happen?

The biggest love story we’ve been waiting for the entire show is none other than Otis and Maeve. Ever since Otis opened up the sex therapy clinic and Maeve, he has tried to control his feelings in front of Maeve. On the other hand, Maeve was first not interested, but now, even she has been trying to address her feelings about Otis. At the end of the first season, we saw a misunderstanding between both of them, which is why they never got together.

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When Otis got together with Ola (Patricia Allison) by the end of the season, Maeve decided to repress her feelings. Later on, Otis now broke up with Ola during the second season’s finale and had been searching for Maeve. He now wants to confess his feelings to her. This is the love interest that the fans have been eagerly waiting for. Unfortunately, what tragically happened is that Otis sent a voice message to Maeve confessing his feelings for her, but one of Maeve’s neighbors named Isaac (George Robinson), who has a supposed crush on her, deleted the message, leaving Otis’ feelings out of the question.

Adam and Eric: A new beginning

When it first happened, it was completely unexpected by all the fans. Eric and Adam (Connor Swindells) were always two people who would sit on different sides of the table. Adam was also frightened by the fact that his father was the principal of the school. Because of this, whenever Adam committed any transgressions, Mr. Groff would expel him from the school and directly send him to military school. Now that did happen.

Sex Education 3: everything we know so far
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When Adam came back to the city, Eric was taken aback when he saw him working at a small convenience store. When a boy asked out Eric, it infuriated Adam, causing him to burst out. As it was in the first season, Eric and Adam hooked up in the first season. Now, in the finale of Season 2, when Adam’s father was not present in the school, Adam took his chances of addressing his feelings in front of a mas crowd. At the end of the school musical, Adam confesses his feelings, and Eric reciprocates the same feelings in front of the whole crowd.

Endless possibilities for the coming seasons

There are now endless possibilities as to what could happen to each character in the coming seasons. Some of the shockers we saw were hard to digest. For example, it was found at the end of the season that Jean was now pregnant. She might have to sit herself down for this season as her sex therapy business may take a break.

Sex Education 3 trailer: Otis, Maeve, and Eric are not Done just Yet!
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Other than that, Maeve finds out with the help of her neighbor, Isaac, that her mother is using drugs again. Because of this behavior, Maeve calls the social services to report her case. Will they ever see each other again? And if that is a yes, on what terms will they face each other?

For Eric and Adam, things seem to be in a good place right now, but as it goes, Adam’s father is a very strict and conservative man. If he finds out the truth about Adam, he might forcefully send him back to military school. This leaves their relationship in the balance, and Eric might sort to getting a new boyfriend while he tries to move on.

And the biggest question of all time is that Maeve will finally get together Otis. After Isaac has come into the picture, he can only act as a hindrance between them. As Isaac gives off the feeling of liking Maeve, he still hasn’t told her anything yet. After Otis’s deleted message, he is unsure what will happen and what will not. After this, does the sex therapy clinic continue? All of these questions are now the suspense of the coming season. Sex Education Season 3 drops on September 17th. Buckle up. It’s going to be one emotional ride.