Never Have I Ever: Devi Returns With the Typical Teenage-Drama!

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That’s right. The life of a young Indian teenager, Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), has been through a lot as there have been a lot of turning points in her story. She now tries to put herself among one of the cool and popular kids to get all the attention she ever wanted. But in doing so, she jeopardizes her relations with her friends and her family. What started as a season filled with tears of joy and regular teenage-life drama has now turned into quite the show. But let’s talk about some of the interesting twists that have taken place so far in the story.

Devi and her Relationship with her Mother

Throughout the first season, there has been a clear indication that Devi is not on the best terms with her mother, Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan). While growing up, it was evident that Devi was more attached to her father. But after the sudden death of her father, she carried a kind of burden that she could not explain. Although her mother has been trying to seal the knots, she still cannot get much close to Devi, as they are completely different. Even with the help of her sister, Kamala (Richa Moorjani), she can still not feel comfortable around the family circle.

Never Have I Ever Season 2
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But ever since the finale of the episode, Devi has been hit with a certain epiphany. When she gets a reasonable explanation from her dad’s favourite player of all time, John McEnroe, she then decides to throw away the negativity only to face the glass-half-full and resolve her issues with her mother. When Kamala, Devi, and Nalini, drive down to the beach to drown the ashes of her father, Mohan (Sendhil Ramamurthy), they then reach a point of mutuality and start to find some love in each other once again, as a family.

Devi, Fabiola, and Eleanor: The Loving Trio

Devi has a very selfish attitude when it comes to dealing with situations. Because of trying to get together with the famous college jock, Paxton Hall Yoshida (Darren Barnet) that has had a crush on him for so long now, she jeopardizes her friendship with her two best friends, Eleanor (Ramona Young) and Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez). She only thinks about what’s best for her and does not consider the consequences that she would have to bear further.

Everything you Need to Know About Never Have I Ever Season 2
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When it came time to help her friends, such as when Eleanor’s mother came to town, Devi could not help her because she chose Paxton over her friends and decided to help him instead. The same went on with Fabiola as she had to face a lot of humiliation at the party hosted by Ben at his place. But eventually, they all got back together at the end, where Devi realised that she was selfish and over her head. Hence, she would never try to destroy what she had with her two best friends and move on with her life, keeping Paxton out of the frame.

The Question of the Hour: Devi and Ben? Are they a Thing Now?

As the season kicked off, the fans saw that Devi always viewed Ben as a rival, a funny nemesis of a kind. Both of them mostly went head-to-head against each other and had a lot of unresolved feelings. Whether it was academics or co-curricular, both of them never came to terms with each other. Eventually, they grew envious of one another’s lifestyles.

Everything you Need to Know About Never Have I Ever Season 2
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Devi was always jealous of the kind of lavish lifestyle Ben was surrounded by and how he had parents who would hardly notice what he does and not do. On the other hand, Ben did not take this in the same spirit, as he felt like a lost cause when even his parents weren’t there for him. Ben always came home to a saddening, lonely vibe where he could not share his feeling with anyone.

But now, at the end of the season finale, we saw that when Ben drove Devi to the beach just in time so that she could drown her father’s ashes along with her mother, she realized a new beginning. She then kissed Ben in his car, starting a new chapter for herself and Ben. Ben now felt that he finally had someone beside her. Although Ben and Devi started as rivals, they are now an inseparable duo. The fans can only wait to see what happens next as their relationship progresses in the second season.

Kamala and her Life Problems

Now, of all the show’s people, we could not forget one of the fascinating characters of the show, and that is none other than Devi’s cousin sister, Kamala. Kamala had a very interesting story of her own.

Everything you Need to Know About Never Have I Ever Season 2
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She met a boy in her college named Steve (Eddie Liu), whom she loved and now had a secret relationship with him. But the problem was that as she was from a traditional Indian household, her family decided that she would have an arranged marriage. When the time came, there came a marriage proposal for Kamala, which her family arranged. In light of all these events, Steve tried to figure out the truth about her life, and after knowing all this, Kamala decided that she would break up with Steve as she could not go against her family. Her life took a turn, one which she did not desire, but it was better than facing many complications.

Ready for Season 2!

The show is now all set and ready for the next season! It is now time for Devi to come back and excite her fans with the things going on in her life. A lot of characters in the show have to share all their new connections and revelations. And as fans, we cannot wait and see what happens to every one of them. It’s time for Never Have I Ever Season 2 to hit Netflix! Let’s get the party started! To one of the best teen drama shows in town.