Is One Punch Man Coming Back for Another Big Punch?

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One-Punch Man, the anime based on the comics of the same name, has completed two seasons, and fans are eagerly waiting for even the slightest hint towards the third season. There have been no official announcements about the third season yet. The huge popularity of the show might give us another season.

The first season came out in 2015, and the second season in April 2019. The two seasons had a huge time gap, which raises the question if the third season will take a similar amount of time or is going to come sooner than expected. Although, like everything in the world, the production for One Punch Man Season three might have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Previous Seasons

The superhero anime series One Punch Man talks about the story of Saitama, a superhero who can defeat anyone with just one punch. Which is where the name comes from. He gets bored by easily defeating all his opponents, which leads him to look for a worthy one.

Upon becoming part of the Hero Association and Genos, Saitama has to show the other superheroes his powers. He needed to get the respect he deserved for the amount of power her had. He had trained himself to become so powerful, which he used to fight monsters and other opponents.

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Saitama defeats Boros, an alien who had invaded the planet. When every other superhero was busy fighting Boros’ soldiers outside of their ship, Saitama goes on the ship to fight Boros and defeats him with his One Punch power. After having beaten a powerful enemy, the other superheroes accept him to be with them. Heroes such as Bang, Blizzard, and King.

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Saitama also fights the Monster Association side by side with the Hero Association. The monster association is hellbent on bringing down the Hero Association. The monsters attacked cities and innocent people. They even kidnap the son of the Hero Association’s executive. The monsters of the Monster Association recruited humans to become Monsters by mutating, which Garou, the apprentice of a superhero, turns into a supervillain.

The second season ended with many cliffhangers, leaving the fans to expect a new season to answer all their questions. There have been no revelations about the plot either, but considering the previous seasons and the whole theme of the series, there will be many heroes coming back or even the introduction of new heroes. More superheroes fighting more monsters is all that the One Punch Man fans are waiting for! The action-filled episodes can be expected anytime.

The Plot of Season 3

The second season finished with a cliffhanger where Garou survived a fight against the superheroes, especially Bang, his previous teacher who taught him the art of Martial arts, with the help of Phoenix Man. Now, the fans are expecting a very intense fight between Saitama and Garou. Though Saitama has the power to defeat anyone, Garou might be the opponent he will have to fight a little harder to defeat.

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Although, Saitama does have the power to defeat any opponent with just the help of one punch. But this time, Garou might possess the energy of defeating Saitama, which makes him stay on a character for a longer period in the show. The question remains as to who will emerge victorious in the fight. Although, there is one news that the creators have confirmed. It appears that the character of Genos will not be present for any of the forthcoming seasons.

Fans aren’t aware of any details about the release of Season 3, But they are sure about one thing, the third season, when it comes, will bring the same amount, if not more, of fighting and action-filled scenes. The audience is going to enjoy it a lot.

When is Season 3 coming?

As the manga series creator, ONE has yet to release another set of volumes for his webcomic, One Punch Man. In the existing volumes of the mange that have been released already, some are yet to be adopted by the show. The first two seasons of the show were produced by different studios, making it uncertain as to which studio will take over the production process for the third season.

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Source- GoogleAs there was a huge gap in the release of the first two seasons, the third season might return in a similar timeline. The creators might go ahead with adapting more of the Volumes by the Manga artist. The fans have to wait for the studio to announce the dates themselves.