Lucifer Season 6: The Devil is Now the God!

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The popular fantasy television series Lucifer has completed 5 seasons to date and the makers surprised the fans with another but the final season, though they haven’t yet announced the dates. The fans are eagerly waiting for even the smallest hint as to when the final season will be released.

The sixth and the final season of the fan-favorite Lucifer was announced in June 2020. The fans are both upset and excited about the final season. The show was supposed to end after the fifth season but due to the strong demand of the fans, the show was set to have another season. The makers have said that the viewers will like what the final season has in store. Warning! Major spoilers ahead!

Lucifer Season 6: The Devil is Now the God
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What got us the Last Season?

Streaming platform Netflix picked up the show from Fox after the third season. Netflix had the intention of making only two Seasons after season 3 but the fans are happy to know that there will be another season. The show wrapped up filming the sixth season, which is only adding to the excitement of Lucifans. All they are waiting for now is the release date of the last 10 episodes. Which the makers and Netflix have yet to announce.

The season 5B now streaming on Netflix has once again made a place in the hearts of the people by giving several mixed elements. The season started with God (Dennis Haysbert) coming down to earth to repair his relations with his children, Lucifer and Amenadiel. In this season we got to watch God lose his powers, worrying his children and the major announcement of God retiring from his position, which opened up the questions of “Who will be the next God?”.

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The season ended with a battle between Lucifer and Michael and a heaven-shaking cliff-hanger, where our favorite Lucifer became the new God. The fans are very excited to see how The Devil is going to take up the job of God and how is it going to affect humans, the angels, and the whole Universe.

The makers confirmed that no changes were made in Season 5 after Season 6 was announced, which indicates that if there was no 6th Season, we would have had to live with that huge cliff-hanger. But now that we are getting one, we can assume that the season is going to have some exciting peek into Lucifer’s journey of becoming the God and a shift in his career.

What Plot do we Desire?

We may even get to see how the Deckerstar (Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar) relationship will evolve, now that Lucifer will the God’s responsibilities and be busier than ever. The fans have already started making theories as to how Chloe might become the Goddess along with Lucifer as the God. God, Lucifer’s father was shown to have very little time for his wife (Goddess) and children (Angels), which Lucifer decides doesn’t want to be the same in his case and that he will have time for Chloe who resigned from her LAPD job and his other friends. Season 6 might just give us the best version of our beloved Devil so far. Though he has always been the best Devil we have seen on screen.

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In Season 5B, the Lucifans even to got to witness the re-kindled love between Maze and Eve. Next season might do justice for their relationship and give us more of Maze-Eve romance. There will surely be more of Amenadiel and Linda raising their mortal son Charlie. There was even a hint towards a new love interest for Amenadiel, which we will only have to wait to watch.

As our characters are all almost happy at the end of Season 5B, we are going to find out what happens after that. We may surely get some surprises and shocks as we did in season 5B. Altogether the final FINAL season has a lot to feed its fans.

Who is Coming Back for the Last Time?

Lucifer played by the handsome Tom Ellis will obviously be in the leading role as always for Season 6, along with the amazing and smart actress Lauren German as Detective Chole Decker. Scarlett Estevez who plays Chloe and Dan’s mischievous daughter Trixie is also expected to be seen in the final season. The kindest angel Amenadiel, who D. B. Woodside plays with such grace will return to show us how to be good. Amenadiel, from the beginning, has always been the favorite Angel, obviously after the Fallen Angel.

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Lesley-Ann Brandt is going to bring the fun and action-filled demon Maze(Mazikeen), with Rachael Harris as her best friend and everyone’s therapist. Of course, Aimee Garcia will also be there with her positivity-filled Ella Lopez, the forensic expert. Kevin Alejandro whose character Dan Espinoza tragically died in Season 5B, is the most expected character to be seen in Season 6. At least in the afterlife. Other cast members such as Dennis Haysbert and Tricia Helfer might come back as the retired God and Goddess.

Season 6: All Episodes

The show’s writer’s room on Twitter released the episode titles for all 10 episodes for the final season of Lucifer. The fans are trying to understand the significance of each title and what story lies behind the amazing titles. Fans who have followed Lucifer from the beginning will know that every episode title is always said by a character in the respective episode. So there is no doubt it goes the same with Season 6 episodes too. The Titles having a huge significance in defining the episodes.

Episode One:    “Nothing Ever Changes Around Here”

Episode Two:    “Buckets of Baggage”

Episode Three:  “Yabba Dabba Do Me”

Episode Four:     “Pin The Tail on the Baddie”

Episode Five:      “The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar”

Episode Six:        “A Lot Dirtier Than That”

Episode Seven:  “My Best Friend”

Episode Eight:    “Save The Devil, Save The World”

Episode Nine:    “Goodbye, Lucifer”

Episode Ten:     “Partners ‘Till The End”

Release Dates

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Season 5A of the show Lucifer was released on 21st August 2020, which was late when compared to previous Seasons as they all released in May in the respective years. Nevertheless, the first half of the fifth season received the same amount of love as it has been receiving since it started. The second half of season 5 released on 28th May 2021 matching the previous release dates which raise the point, of the final season will be coming anywhere in the month of May 2022. However, as the filming of the final episodes is completed we might even expect the final showdown of Lucifer Morningstar way before May 2022. The fans hope to get the last season sooner, though it can from anywhere around the end of the year 2021 to early 2022.