‘Black Mirror’ Season 6: Netflix Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

Black Mirror
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Black Mirror, the psychological thriller that has won the hearts of so many people, has made many headlines over the years. The creator, Charlie Brooker, has made multiple episodes that have impressed the audience. The best part about the show is that none of the episodes has any general connection to each other. Each of the episodes has a unique storyline and they are all connected with some kind of psychological emotion that leaves the audience in suspense. Over the years, the show has only grown in numbers and has seen a major fan following. After 5 seasons and an interactive video game movie, what does the show have in store for us next?

Is There Going to be the Sixth Season?

Over the last 5 seasons, there have been episodes that have captured the attention of audiences and have made sure to leave the people in a major area of suspense. The sad part about every episode is that it is always a cliffhanger. There is no real satisfaction attained in the next episode to see what could happen next, as everything is left up to your interpretation. But other than the obvious, the real question that stands is that will there be another season coming up for the show?

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It has been announced officially that after 5 seasons and an official movie, ‘Bandersnatch’, the series will not produce any more episodes. Despite the massive success of the series and some episodes, in particular, Charlie Brooker does not have any thought of giving the show a reboot.

The Future of Black Mirror

For the record, Brooker said that he did have ideas for a sequel for some episodes such as “White Bear” and “Be Right Back”, but in reality, they would never be produced. He said that if the series had to recur itself, then there would be a few previous cast members that would come back for new episodes. Brooker stated that a few members from the episode, “Hated in The Nation” may reprise their roles if the series got a new wave.

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It has been no surprise that Brooker has cast some really big names over the years. Celebrities such as Anthony Mackie, Jon Hamm, Daniel Kaluuya, Hayley Atwell, Bryce Dallas Howard, and many others. As of today, some of these names are the most bankable stars in the Hollywood industry. It is fair to say that Black Mirror gave a head start to many people’s careers. As of today, the series has gained a lot of attention because of this!

The Best of the Show

Since the series has come to an end, it is only fair to mention some of the best episodes and discuss them. In particular, there have been different episodes from different seasons that have stood out in their creative flair. Some of these episodes are:

The National Anthem

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Arguably, the very first episode of the series gave us chills as the episode dived into political tension, causing the British government to collapse in terms of its reputation. When the Prime Minister is forced to do something utterly humiliating on national television to save an eminent personality, he goes through the emotional ringer as his entire career flashed before his eyes.

White Christmas

'Black Mirror' Season 6: Netflix Release Date & Everything We Know So Far
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Another episode featuring the beloved star, Jon Hamm, where Jon is an agent setting up online dating profiles. The episode explores the story told by Matt and Joe, two men who are in a remote cabin on Christmas Day. While the first one receives remote guidance to seduce a woman at a Christmas party, the other man is busy creating digital clones of people. An episode that will intellectually challenge you and make you think more about it.

Shut Up and Dance

When it comes to online blackmailing and internet brutality, this episode gives you a hypothetical insight into the threats that people get stuck in. There is a hacker who records a man named Kenny, who is caught while performing inappropriate behavior. He then blackmails Kenny into the fact that if he doesn’t follow a given set of instructions, then the video will be released online and to the cops.

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Based on internet blackmailing and the dark web, this show takes the real-life psychological twist to the next level.

USS Callister

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Regarded to be one of the best episodes of the series, this one explores the theme of online gaming and virtual reality technology. Callister Inc., a company that produces some of the best VR videogames in the world, creates a game named Infinity. The founder and CEO of the company, James Walton, make a personalized version of the game for himself based on a famous series. He then enters the game as the mastermind and controller and manipulates some of his workplace members to become members of the fictional universe that has been created by Walton. The workplace members try to escape the virtual reality system and try to jump out of the game. It is an episode worth watching over and over again.


Another episode, another masterpiece. This show deals with the life of people in the high suburbs and how social interaction leads to a more optimizing lifestyle. Keeping up with online platforms and track records, people make their way of living. Everybody is rated on a 5-star scale, which also results in their socioeconomic status.

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It is not until a woman named, Lacie goes sideways with her life events. Lacie is invited to a friend’s wedding to be the maid of honor, but as the journey from her place to a wedding becomes a disaster due to the kind of rash and unfit behavior, her ratings drop and she then becomes hated by the high-rise society and causes multiple disruptions to her life. To not give too much away, you should watch the episode to thrill yourself.

Farewell, Black Mirror

With all this news in mind, it is best to bid farewell to the show as there will never be any more coming seasons. Unless the series creator decides to reboot the show, it is best to say that Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror has reached its end. It is a psychological thriller that is recommended for mature audiences. Some scenes may be shockingly explicit as they leave long-lasting imprints and make you think more about every particular episode. Enjoy Black Mirror, everyone. This series is definitely worth the time!