Sam Gardener has More to Add to His “Atypical” Life Story

Atypical Season 4

What can be considered as one of the best family shows of all time, this show has emotionally really won the hearts of millions and millions of fans across the world. Sam Gardener has become such a unique character while dealing with his daily life in the light of being diagnosed with autism. There are some qualities of his that make him a character who tends to break the normal stereotypes of society.

A show like this is making headlines all over. The whole Gardener family has always created such a relatable situation that audiences all around have been impatiently waiting for the next season. Although it has been announced that the next, i.e. 4th, will be aired as the final season of the show. After his time, Netflix has decided to discontinue the story of the Gardener family and its adventures.

Atypical season 4

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Now, when it comes to the good news, it is with a happy heart that Netflix has announced the 4th season of Atypical, where we are back with the entire family. But the sad news is that this season will not be airing this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Just like many other productions, this show also got caught in the same wind and had to stop shooting. Sam goes off to college and faces a new life altogether. A lot has been going in the storyline as there have been plot twists and whatnot. Let us look into some of the details.

Catching you up to speed

In the third season, we saw that Sam now has stepped up and gotten a hold of himself. He now tries to deal with his autism in places where there are large crowds. His college has now kicked off, which takes a lot of time for him to adjust. Meanwhile, a lot has been going on with the other family members as well.

Atypical season 4 Netflix release date

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Casey, who is Sam’s sister, has now grown a new love interest in the show. Her name is Izzie and they started seeing each other in the last season. The bonding has only grown stronger. And with that, Casey plans to give more time to her athletics career and practice for several races.

On the other hand, there are also Sam’s parents that are trying to work out their marriage problems. As it so happened, Doug found out that his wife, Elsa, was cheating on him with another man. And for that, she has been trying to apologize to him for so long now. But Doug has been really forgiving of the entire situation and is trying to bring more stability into their marriage.

The original cast returns for sure!

It is pretty obvious now that the original cast is now returning for the show. As we know, that there are four family members, namely, Sam, Elsa, Doug, and Casey. This makes up the Gardener family. Jennifer Jason Leigh comes back as Elsa Gardener. Keir Gilchrist comes back as Sam Gardener, the man who has been playing the main role who is dealing with the autism spectrum.

Atypical Season 3 Release

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Michael Rapaport also comes back as Doug Gardener. Brigette Lundy-Paine also comes back as Casey Gardener, Sam’s sister and the athlete of the show. Along with the Gardener family, there were also a few more regular that are coming back into the show such as Julia Sasaki, who plays the role of Sam’s therapist. That role is being reprised by Amy Okuda. Nik Dodani also comes back for his role as Zahid Raja, who plays Sam’s best friend in the show.

Jenna Boyd, who plays the role of Paige Hardaway, also comes back for her role as Sam’s high-achieving girlfriend. All in all, it is definitely going to be all hands on deck once again, as Sam’s life story takes on another season.

Atypical and other shows dealing with autism and mental issues

It’s actually interesting to see that a lot of TV shows today have been focusing on the problem of mental health and wellness. Different production houses and shows have been taking initiatives to make characters that are central to the show, that can execute some kind of mental problem and provide viable solutions.

Along with Atypical, there are other shows that have been added to the list. One of the very famous examples has to be The Good Doctor. The main role of Dr. Shaun Murphy which is portrayed by Freddie Highmore is more or less of the same highlight. In the show, Shaun also deals with handling daily life and different personal and professional situations as he has also been diagnosed with autism. Such shows have been informing the public not just about autism, but other mental instabilities as well. And this is what is important for cinema and television to do these days. In the modern-day, the biggest influence coming from anywhere has definitely got to be the visual arts. This is why TV shows and movies are now being catered to audiences in such a sensitive manner.


Another show that deals with the issue of mental illness and wellness is This Is Us. The highly acclaimed family drama has now gained mass attention from several viewers across the world. It goes on to talk about familial relations and how mental health is the most important aspect to take care of.

The last season of the show!

What many fans may not be aware of, that sadly, Season 4 has been announced as the final season for the show. After this, Netflix has decided to discontinue the show as the storyline may not progress any further than that. But through a journey of 4 seasons, there have been a lot of emotional aspects of this show which we can take away. Sam has possessed such a personality that makes him stand apart from the rest of the crowd. He’s not one to be in the ordinary. Mostly, being a part of the autism spectrum can be treated as a blessing for him. People around him definitely understand his situation and would help him out in the best of ways and that is something that this show aspires everyone to do.

Atypical Expected Release Date

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If you really have someone around you that needs the same kind of help, then you should really take inspiration from all the characters and the entire show and try to help people as much as possible.

Until then, all we can say is that you have to patiently wait for the final season to come alive. Till then, you can best catch up with this show if you haven’t yet and get to some binge-watching! Sam will definitely be back with an even bigger love for penguins! The family will see you soon!