Six Ways to Use Netflix More Effectively

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If you are anything like me and are into achieving greatness when it comes to entertainment, you must be using Netflix. Netflix is on its way to becoming the ultimate entertainment source and with its now more than 183 million paid subscribers all around the globe; the time is not far when Netflix would be synonymous with entertainment.

Certainly, a major reason for Netflix’s prominence comes from its broad catalog incorporating an ever-growing library of licensed as well as original content, unique to this platform. Nonetheless, Netflix’s capacity to draw in subscribers is on account of the convenience that it brings to the table, as well. Netflix is accessible on almost every mainstream platform and is equipped with huge loads of additional highlights that let you watch content the way you want to. 

Here are six ways that will improve your experience with Netflix drastically. 

Pick out the best Netflix plan 

Statistically, most Netflix users are paying for the Standard plan; however, the other two plans are great if they match your requirements. 

If you can recall the good old days of Netflix, when it was a mere DVD rental service, you will be thrilled to find out that the biggest streaming goliath is still working to provide those DVDs and Blu-rays. With three streaming plans, there are two Blu-ray and DVD plans as well and so you can still rent movies and TV shows if you like. 

If your preference changes at any time, you have the option to switch plans and payment methods at all times.

 Streaming Plans

Basic Standard Premium
Monthly Cost 8.99 USD 13.99 USD 17.99 USD
Number of devices you can stream on 01 02 04
Number of Screens 01 02 04
Resolution Standard High High, Ultra High

Blu-Ray and DVD Plans

Standard DVD Standard Blu-ray Premier DVD Premier Blu-ray
Monthly Cost 7.99 USD 9.99 USD 11.99 USD 14.99 USD
Number of discs 01 01 02 02
Time Limitation No No No No

Customize your account 

Netflix’s customized profile feature chooses the titles that show up on your Netflix screen. It is quite possibly the most exceptional in the whole industry. All of the suggested titles are coordinated and curated dependent on what you click on, watch, and search. 

Such a level of personalization is an excellent element in case you are the sole user; however, the entire purpose loses its authenticity in the event that you share your account with your family or friends. But don’t worry because Netflix has got you covered. Each Netflix account can have up to five unique profiles, which helps everybody to keep distinct preferences. 

Each profile comes with its own profile picture and settings, which can be altered in just a few minutes. Every time you sign in to Netflix, you will have the option to pick the profile you would like to open, and it is straightforward enough to switch between profiles — you can generally do it quickest by shutting Netflix and returning to it. Furthermore, in the event that you later conclude that you need not bother with a profile, you can erase a profile from any given device. 

Stream with the quality you pay for

Would it not be humiliating if you pay for a plan that includes HD or Ultra HD quality streaming and yet you did not know? Well, it is surprising but many Netflix users are unaware of this. So, here is what you do: simply go to to ensure that you are constantly set up for HD quality by choosing ‘High.’ 

Something that you need to know here is that HD quality takes up 3 GB of data per hour while Ultra HD takes up to 7 GB. Therefore, to keep this HD viewing routine up, make sure that you have the right type of internet connection. If you are subscribed to Spectrum plans then you are in a safe boat as it offers 100 Mbps as the starting internet speed, is reliable, and does not apply any data caps. All others need to check it out to enjoy Netflix the best way.

Discover the best titles with Netflix codes 

Netflix homepage shows a typical title collection that is based on your viewing preferences. Now you might not know this, but there are thousands of titles waiting to be discovered. These great pieces of art are somewhat so obscure that you might never find them on the main page. Nevertheless, what you can do is access them via Netflix codes. 

Netflix codes are short series of numbers that are referred to each and every kind of genre. At the point when you enter these codes into the URL bar of your browser, you will be taken to a page that rundowns each title around there. 

For instance, to explore all content in the anime genre (its code is 7424), you just need to type this in your address bar:

We have put together a list of Netflix codes and genres that will definitely be an exciting opportunity for you.

Main Genres

Action and Adventure 1365
Anime 7424
Children and Fantasy 783
Comedies 6548
Classics 31574
Dramas 5763
Documentaries 6839
Horror 8711
Music 1701
Romantic 8883
Sports 4370
Sci-Fi and Fantasy 1492
TV Shows 83
Thrillers 8933


Rare Genres

Biographical Dramas 3179
Campy Movies 1252
Cerebral Scandinavian Movies 995
Creature Features 6895
Cult TV shows 74652
Goofy Courtroom Movies 285
Korean Crime Thrillers 434
Satires 4922
Screwball Comedies 9702
Tearjerkers 6384
Westerns 7700
Wine and Beverage Appreciation 1458
Zombies 3719


Download content for offline viewing 

Being the biggest streaming platform that is supplemented with a great internet connection, you might think that Netflix is only enjoyable when connected to the internet. However, we take pleasure in advising that you do not need the internet to have great entertainment at all times. 

With the offline download feature, you can now watch Netflix movies and shows whenever you want. This particular feature applies to some titles and requires you to have a mobile device. 

Shortcuts aren’t always bad

Netflix brings you further ease with keyboard shortcuts making your binge-watching more efficient. 

  • Press F to enlarge your screen to full and Esc to exit it 
  • Press Enter or Space Bar to play or pause a video 
  • Press the left arrow key to rewind your video by ten seconds and the right arrow key to fast track your video by ten seconds
  • Press up arrow key to increase volume, down arrow key to decrease volume, and M to mute the audio 
  • Press S to skip the intro of any TV show
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