5 Best Movies to Watch If You Liked The Canada

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Are you at home during this pandemic and thinking of something exciting and engaging to consider? Why not try some movies that will make your moment memorable? Movies have been part of us, and they have played a great role in making every moment special for us.

But you’d probably wonder about the best platform to find the movies you like. Don’t worry because Netflix Canada has got the top films waiting for you. Watching them will make you yearn for more time. Some of them are movies about Canada and will make you learn more about it. They are also ideal for both children and adults hence suitable for your family.

We linked up with one of our experts Kevin Cochran (read more about Kevin here), to enlighten you about some of the top movies to consider. Here are the best movies to consider:

The Wizard of OZ

It’s one of the top movies, having garnered a viewer rating of about 98%. It also ranks among the achievements ever made by Hollywood. The Wizard of Oz follows Dorothy (Judy Garland), A courageous character in the movie. 

She whisks away to a magical land and that happens after a Tornado rips through her Kansas house. It’s what makes OZ a popular movie that makes headlines to date even after the release of other top titles. 

Other characters in the movie include The Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Wicked witch of the west. Even though it was released 80 years ago, viewers across the new generations keep falling in love with it. The movie is home to many viewers of all ages.

The Hangover (2009)

It’s among the beautiful casino movies that will give you a thrilling and amazing experience if you are always on the lookout for real money casinos and you love everything related to gaming. It’s a casino comedy movie that focuses on three friends Allan, Phill, and Stu, who travels to Vegas for a bachelor party of Doug.

They sleep and wake up the following day only to realize the groom is missing. Watching the movie further will make you believe that everything has gone south until it dawns on you that you are watching a casino movie. It looks like a great misery if you imagine how the three friends solve the situation.

The Social Dilemma (2020)

It’s a documentary that aims to shed light to the viewers on the extent to which social media is harming us. That’s according to testimonies by people in the industry. Some of them include the ex-executives of Instagram, Facebook, ex-president of Pinterest, and Google.

They have all left their companies due to ethical reasons that they understand better, and they want the viewers to understand too. It also includes an interview of a family that has been distant because of social media. It allows you to have an insight into the real implications that social media users go through.

We the Animals (2018)

It’s a stunning 16mm film that displays the life of Three half-Puerto-Rican and half-white boys. They grow up in Suburban New York. If you have been looking for a movie about personal life, We the Animals, released in 2018, is among the fantastic titles to check out in the Netflix library.

The movie aims to display the life of the boys after their parents’ relationship goes through turmoil. What draws the cameras closer to the children is how they are left unattended and fend for themselves.

What amazes many viewers in the movie is how they survive the swinging character of their father and the lovely nature of their mother. It’s among the movies that still makes the headlines even after its release years ago.

The young offenders (2016)

It’s a fantastic comedy movie about two young Irish citizens who set out on a trip to find lost money. They intend to salvage 7 euros worth of lost cocaine. They then begin to imagine what to do with the money should they succeed in their mission.

The hill where they sit from as they overlook the city gives them several ideas. But they find building a house with lamps as an ideal option. The movie sounds silly and funny. The reality is that it’s based on real-life events.

The actual event involves cocaine capsized from a boat and washed up on the Irish coast. Funnily, the young offenders do not fear the consequences that might await them. The director in the movie is Peter Foot, who is a fantastic director in various legendary movies.

As you can see from the above titles, there are a lot of movies about Canadian players that you can watch today. Ensure that you enjoy the movies either alone or in the company of friends.

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