8 Biggest eSports Events You can bet on in 2021

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In the prevailing condition of COVID-19, the sports department also suffered a lot. By keeping in view the cancellation of championships and sports activities in the previous year, all the events are going to be held online. Though some of these events will be physical on grounds or on stage but for you, all of these will be online. Because your safety is the topmost priority.

Everyone is happy after knowing the eSports recreation by maintaining social distance except a few ones. You might be worried by thinking you are unable to make a handsome bank balance this year like every year. Take a deep breath and relax. You can enjoy your thrilling conventional gambling activity as well. Yes! There are various e-platforms where you can bet on eSports activities.

Biggest eSports Events You can bet on in 2021

Here are some of the biggest eSports Events for which you can bet in the year 2021.

1- Capcom Cup 2021

Capcom Cup is a highly anticipated sports event in which 18 players qualify for the final competition after defeating their regional players. In 2021, this three-day tournament will be held in the Dominican Republic in late February. The top street fighters of the world square off to achieve the ultimate brawl. The fascinating Capcom Cup comes with $120,000 up for the excellent moves of participants. If you also love to be a part of sports gambling, you can even bet on any player in this through online gambling forums.

2- FIFA World Cup 2021

You will be amazed to know that it’s not the first edition of the FIFA eWorld Cup. Because this event was held in eSports record in 2004 for the first time. The most popular, largest, and awaited sports event features $500,000 and $3million in the prize pool for distribution. Every year this event takes place in two different countries of the world. Besides enjoying online streaming of the FIFA World cup 2021, you can enjoy sports gambling and betting while living in the house due to the pandemic of Covid-19.

3- Call of Duty World Championship

Call of Duty World Championship is a 4-day tournament in which you will be able to see 32 teams from Asia, Brazil, and North America. This time teams will square off each other through the PS4 console as the event is going to be online due to the coronavirus epidemic. It has been observed that enthusiasts and supporters invest their properties every year for their team. No doubt you are unable to attend the event physically but you will be able to enjoy all the perks including betting and gambling even in the year 2021.

4- Pokémon World Championship Series 2021


As everyone is bound to live at home, your kids will surely be excited to know about the Pokémon world championship series. Its 17th edition will be held in August of this year. Just like every year, the series will continue for four days in the previous pattern of divisions. From kids to adults, everyone loves this championship series due to its junior, senior, and master division. You will surely take interest in this series after knowing that it is one of the highly betted series in the world.

5- GT Challenge and GT Pro Series

People often feel energetic while watching a thrilling racing game. Not only racers and gamers become enthusiastic but also gamblers start gathering their savings for betting in the marvelous series. You will be amazed to know that GT Challenge and GT Pro Series are going to be held as eSports events in March 2021. 30 racers are going to participate in the series. The amazing prizes of $3500 and $2000 will be rewarded to first and second winners.

6- M2 World Championship 2021

Everyone is excited and waiting for the M2 World Premiere this year due to coronavirus. You will be amazed to know that the premier is expected to reach 400 million viewers across the globe. This event is organized by the Chinese gaming giant every year. This year, an e-championship will be held with the collaboration of the Online Gaming Association, Moontoon, and Cyber sports. The winner of the battle will be awarded a cash prize of $300,000. What else can be the best opportunity for gamblers to double their money by betting for their favorite team!

7- Evolution Championship Series

Evolution Championship series is one of the conventional eSports events founded in 1996. This championship series was canceled in 2020 due to covid-19 but this year, it is again going to be held in July 2021. You will surely enjoy the live premiere of fighting games among 5 teams. Gamers often bet with each other for their favorite team in the final round as this competition follows a format of double-elimination.

8- Fortnite World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup is one of the highly played fair sports of the world. Due to the prevailing condition of Covid-19, this event will take place as eSports in the year 2021. It’s a great opportunity for those who were not able to attend it physically. Now you will be able to enjoy the meticulous on-merit gaming of different teams for the $30 million pool prize. Landlords and shareholders often bet for their shares and assets to support their team.

In short, you can bet in eSports similarly as you bet for your favorite team in the physical championship. The only difference is you have to bet through the online gambling platforms for the team of most excellent performance.


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