4 Awe-Inspiring Netflix Whodunits to Consider Streaming in 2021

Whodunits can be hard to watch, as they keep testing your intelligence at every single frame. Considering you haven’t watched the best ones on Netflix during the extended indoor spells, we have enlisted 5 of the most binge-worthy options that you can get started on, right away.

  1. Hinterland

You would be disappointed if you are expecting a regular cop show in Hinterland. Clubbed with wreckage, blood, and occasional jump scares, this TV show treads on the lines of gore but carefully knits class with catastrophe. Better termed as a Welsh Noir, Hinterland is way different than a gritty tale of policing. Unlike some of the other shows that you have watched over other OTT platforms or IPTV services such as IPTV Smarters,, Hinterland doesn’t always paint an inspiring picture.

Instead, the episodes can get a bit long for your liking, if you are more into 30-minute sprints. Hinterland is often ugly and escorts you into those dingy interrogation dorms, tantalizing close to the reality. Clubbed with dusty attics, brooding locales, and sinister locations, this TV series has everything that can make you uncomfortable yet deeply satisfied at the end!

Produced by Ed Thomas and carefully segregated into three seasons, the idiosyncratic verve clubbed with a hardscrabble setting makes Hinterland gripping, formulaic, and a bit slow to our liking.

  1. Broadchurch

Unlike Hinterland, Broadchurch doesn’t voice a new case with each episode. Rather, it builds upon a single murder case with the entire town of Broadchurch grappling with the developments surrounding the same. Broadchurch, much like Hinterland, is less of a heroic ballad of the cop culture and more of a tragic crime story that cannot be singled out as one untoward incident.

Broadchurch is a puzzling yet dark thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with the nuanced characters keeping you engrossed right till the last frame. For us, the casting is one of the pretty sights painted by this thriller. Besides, the background score is often eerie and invokes every emotion there is.

Created by Chris Chibnall, Broadchurch is anything but subtle and doesn’t portray stylistic flourishes. Instead, it prefers being straightforward yet gripping; making it one of the best TV series to watch, if you haven’t already. 

  1. Sherlock

There is no denying the fact that even if you haven’t watched Sherlock, you must have heard about it. Before coming to the characters and how they have essayed their versions of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s brainchild, terrific is one word that we would like to associate Sherlock with. Unpredictable, smart, and engrossing, Sherlock takes the rustic tales and blends them with the stylish updates and scientific backdrops, albeit keeping the expert sleuthing intact. 

Furthermore, if you are fond of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, be ready to experience some electrical chemistry, which is baffling, inventive, and impressive, all at once. Watch it for the cleverness of the script and the visual wit that pairs perfectly with an amazing background score. 

  1. The Alienist

Our fondness of the gilded New York City and appetite for scary, seductive whodunits made us watch The Alienist. While the sordid underbelly of NYC did take some time to seep in, what transpired was our rendezvous with a lurid, opulent, and engaging thriller. Set in the 1890s, The Alienist isn’t for the fainthearted. Instead, the inherent theme focussed on the exploitation of poor children makes for a great background for the story to develop. 

Regardless of the occasional repugnant visuals and few potential misses, The Alienist, both the seasons, can be termed as an unpretentious TV series that does right by its thrilling signage. Besides, every character in this piece of art has a certain presence that develops with each scene and permeates almost every human emotion, at relevant times. 

Besides the Kreizler-Moore premise tries being a recumbent version of the Holmes/Watson precedent and achieves quite a bit of success. However, despite being a psychological thriller, the staid cliches have been kept at a fair distance. 

Each of the mentioned TV shows is binge-worthy but doesn’t bode well if you aren’t ready to face anguish, failure, and the basics of a procedural drama. Besides, every show is set in a different timeframe or location, thereby catering to a more diversified clientele.

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